Notes on the Book of Discipline Ch. 10

Notes on the Book of Discipline Ch. 10


In today’s Oahspe readings we learn about the need to be patient with our neighbors and brothers (1-4), confession to others, and to Jehovih (5-11); Faithists have a C’Chief (chief of chiefs, first priest) and Chiefs (priests) to whom we seek counsel for our wrongdoing and guilt. We do not confess our sins in the same manner as Christian Catholics, “but in all cases, confession shall be made in the name of Jehovih” (11); our confession is to seek counsel from those who have been entrusted with the treasures of Jehovih’s Voice (the Oahspe and Teachings of Light). It is from these that we are able to be guided to the right path of purification in Jehovih so that we may be pleasing to our Creator.

In this chapter, namely verses 13-15, we learn about sinning against the community and purification “that thy spirit become pure in the sight of Jehovih.”

Thanks to Chief Shamon for providing the daily Lectionary.


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