Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, September 8th, 2021

Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, September 8th, 2021

Memorial Sabbath

Book of Judgement Chapter 25


1. God said: In the cities and country places, I have innumerable Lords, apportioned to
districts and to the mortals and angels thereof.

2. And my Lords know the rates and grades of their people, their occupations, their
aspirations, their labor, their behavior, private and public.

3. Now, behold, I have said unto my Lords: The era of dictation is past; man hath
arrived at kosmon. Declare ye the light of my heavens unto man; but let man
judge himself, and labor to save himself, that he may have honor and glory thereby.

4. And I further said unto my Lords: Man hath prayed, saying: Thy kingdom come on
earth as it is in heaven. Now, this I give unto you: That, where men abnegate self, and
affiliate into a communal brotherhood, after the manner of my heavenly kingdoms, then
shall ye affiliate my organic angels with such mortals, and make them one with my
second resurrections.

5. And ye shall surround such communal brotherhoods with the light of my kingdoms,
thereby controlling the angelic intercourse with mortals, so that drujas and vampire spirits
cannot molest them.

6. And these brotherhoods shall be taught to question not the spirits and oracles on
personal matters, but for light and truth as to what will contribute to meliorating the
condition of man, and as to light and truth, regarding the higher and lower heavens; and
as to attaining spiritual gifts and great wisdom.

7. And such mortals shall have times and places for worshipful matters; and these times
shall be in concert with my Lord of that district; and the light of his throne shall be given
unto such a brotherhood.

8. The members of such a brotherhood shall not desire a leader; neither will any one of
them desire to be a leader. For, if one should so desire, he would not be of the Godhead,
but of himself.

9. Moreover, none of the members of such a brotherhood shall go off, of his own
accord, to minister as an individual to the inhabitants of Uz. But each and all in the
brotherhood shall concentrate their profits and force unto one end and object.

10. Even so, O man, are my organic heavens; all the members of each heaven being as a
unit with the whole, they waste not their strength and time in isolated endeavors.

11. Whereby, when a prophet foolishly boasteth to thee, as to having some high-raised
angel, with a loud-sounding name, as his special guardian and guide, know thou such
prophet is in the hands of drujas, who have not entered my heavenly kingdoms.

12. Neither hath it ever happened on the earth with any individual man, raised up by me
or my Lords for a specific work, like Moses, or Ka’yu, or Sakaya, or any other, that they
knew of or boasted of any especial angel over them; but all of them experienced the light,
which was as a pillar of fire.

13. Even such is the manifestation of the second resurrection through my Lord and his
Holy Council.

14. And the manifestations are not like those of a mere magician; but the
accomplishment of something that embraceth nations, empires and mighty peoples.

15. For this reason, O man, I declare unto thee that the Father’s kingdom is now
being founded on earth, and the mortal manifestation thereof is near at hand.

16. But it shall not come in this era, as in the past, through any one great leader-forth;
but it shall appear as a spontaneous light, permeating the soul of thousands; and they
shall come forth, establishing Jehovih in truth and fullness.

17. Now, therefore, O man, consider the judgment of God against all such as are
called the best of men, the wisest of men, the greatest of kings or queens or popes;
for none of these have even entered the first resurrection in their own practice.

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