Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

Book of Es Chapter 6


1. When the Lords of the Holy Council of Kalla-Hored, the heaven of the false
Mohammed, had expressed their hopes and fears as to the fire-ship descending to
Paradise, Thoth, alias Gabriel, said:

2. Who here feareth, let him speak; who here feareth not, let him speak also. I will know
my Lords and Holy Council.

3. Behold, I am a warrior God. I profess not peace, like the Triunes, and practice war. I
profess war, and I practice it.

4. I made Looeamong. When he chose to have himself established as Kriste, I established
him. When he denied me justice, I exposed him in heaven and on the earth as the false
Kriste. When he refused me the heavenly kingdom which he promised, I took it, and
established myself.

5. I made ye Lords of my Holy Council; I drove away from the earth a thousand false
Lords, and broke up the oracle-houses of mortals.

6. What, then, have I to fear from a foreign God, coming to the heavens of the earth?
Behold, these heavens belong to such as are born of the earth. Let the foreign Gods return
to worlds where they were native born.

7. If this God hath come to battle me, in behalf of Jehovih’s God, let him come. Till he or
I shall be cast into hell, let the battle wage.

8. Did I not the daring Goddess, Ashtaroth, send to hell? and the mighty Baal after her?
And all the Argos’yan Gods; and the Gods of Roma silence and cast into torments?

9. Now, behold, I will send an arrow-boat, a million strong, to Paradise, and banter this
adventurous God to give me battle. Better try our respective powers, as to who shall go
down, than to live in uncertain surmises as to such a God’s business in another God’s

10. Then let my marshal provide an arrow-boat, armed with shafts of fire and water, and
choose a million warriors for this adventure. Over them, my warrior Lord, Justin, shall
hold command.

11. And he shall go to Paradise, greeting, in the name of God-Gabriel, to know of the
coming God by what right he hath ventured near my holy kingdoms.

12. So, it came to pass, Thoth dispatched a boat to Paradise, as he had commanded.

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