Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, October 12th, 2022

Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, October 12th, 2022

Memorial Sabbath

Book of Judgement Chapter 14

1. OF the foundations of the resurrections of thy God, there are two kinds; one, which dealeth with those already born, and the other, with such as are not yet born.

2. For, after thou hast purified thyself as to flesh and spirit, two conditions are open to thee, celibacy and marriage.

3. To such as are by nature inclined to celibacy, let them rejoice; for, in not having offspring, they shall have less bondage after death to remain in the lower heavens, and to return to the earth, to their kindred.

4. It is a great glory for them to make themselves Brides and Bridegrooms to the Great Spirit, to be His for righteousness sake.

5. But, as to thee, who desireth marriage, pursue thou the same course as to purity and holiness of person, as to thine own resurrection.

6. For, in this, thou shalt be graded also, according to what thou dost.

7. The delight of thy God, who hath dominion over both, the earth and her heavens, is to witness the birth as such as come from the pure in flesh and pure in spirit.

8. In likeness of the father and mother are all children born into the world; and every child is a new creation, quickened into life by the presence of the Creator, Who is the All Life.

9. If thou art pure in flesh, thy child shall be pure; and, if thou art pure in spirit, thy child shall be pure in spirit.

10. If thou art a flesh-eater, a drinker of strong drink, and a user of narcotics, thy child shall come forth with thy contaminations upon it.

11. Consider, then, what thy grade shall be, which shall be according to thy heirs, as to their grade in the place where they are born. As to whether thou encumberest the world with progeny lower in grade, or liftest up the world by progeny of an exalted grade.

12. Be wise as to the selection of thy partner, as to purity and righteousness. But be not deceived by such as eat not flesh merely, for the purification of the corporeal body is but half the matter. Look for one who is pure in spirit.

13. Whoso is pure in flesh and in spirit shall bring forth heirs unto resurrection, which shall be little or no bondage to the spirit, after death.

14. But, whoso marrieth for the earth only, shall bring forth heirs of bondage. And profligacy and debauchery and sin shall come upon the heirs of that marriage.

15. The spirits of such fathers and mothers shall fall in the grades in heaven; and long will be their bondage in hada.

16. Flesh-eaters seek their partners according to the impulse of the flesh, as to the temptation thereof, or according to riches, or caste, all of which are earthly considerations and for themselves only, and in no regard as to what their heirs will be.

17. And their offspring come forth in darkness; they are void of su’is, void of heavenly aspiration, and dumb as to the voice of the Creator.

18. They go about, saying: I see no All Person! I hear not the Unseen! Nay, I believe not that any man hath seen or heard Him!

19. Herein was it revealed to thee of old: Some are born of the beast, and some are born of the spirit. Which I declare unto thee, O man, is the interpretation of all the poverty and crime and war and licentiousness there is in the world.

20. This is the fountain-head, which thy God would bring to the understanding of all people. But there are many, even hundreds of millions, that can not be made to appreciate this.

21. Nevertheless, the kingdom of peace and righteousness shall not cover the earth over until this is understood by all men and women.

22. Whoso understandeth this, let him wed accordingly; and let such people be as societies to themselves. In this day, no mark of circumcision is required; but men and women shall converse on the ways of the Creator understandingly.

23. And, when thou hast children born unto thee, thou shalt more consider the place of thy habitation, as to temptation, than thy dominion over them.

24. To dwell in a city, which is full of iniquity, thou shalt be a tyrant over thy heirs, restraining them from liberty, in order to keep them from vice.

25. And in this, thou wilt be a sinner also.

26. But dwell thou in a place of purity, and give unto them liberty and nobleness. They shall not be thy slaves.

27. In this matter, thou takest upon thyself a new grade, according to thy heirs and thy God-ship over them.

28. Be cautious in thy proceedings. He, who created thee alive, gave thee no sinful desires.

29. Because thou art not yet a completed man, these things are.

30. Thou shalt find joy in thy talents, and profit in the wisdom of thy God.

31. To perfect thyself is a great glory; to raise up sons and daughters who are also perfect, is a ten-fold greater glory.

32. For, it is the fullness of the life thy Creator gave into thy keeping; which is the glory of heaven and earth.

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