Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Weekday Sabbath

Book of Wars Against Jehovih Chapters 36 and 37

Chapter XXXVI

1. When Osiris, the false God of Arabin’ya and her heavens, left De’yus, in Hored, the
self (satan) that was in him, spake to him, saying: Osiris, thou art a fool! Thou
deservest to be ground to dust! Behold thy wisdom and power, and yet thou cringest
to thy inferiors on every side. Wert thou not made as well; and withal, as masterly in
making others bow down to thy will and decrees? What more is required for Gods
or men, than to make slaves of others, to do him honor and reverence? Then Osiris said:

2. Thou truest of Gods. O that I had struck out from the first for myself! But I will
amend my time. When I am in my heavenly place I will send to the earth to my
laboring Gods, Baal and Ashtaroth, to come to me, and I will make our three
kingdoms into one, and mine shall be chief. And I will offer emoluments to the
best, highest grades in Hored, thereby drawing from De’yus his best fruits and flowers,
and I will send to him some two or three thousand millions of my superabundant drujas

3. Accordingly, when Osiris arrived at Agho’aden, his heavenly place, he sent messengers
down to the earth to Baal and Ashtaroth, summoning them at once to his presence. And
they came, being attended, each, with ten thousand companions, besides heralds,
musicians and trumpeters.

4. Osiris had made great preparation for them. His receiving hosts, one million, were
newly adorned for the occasion. The roadway, for three hundred miles, was illumed with
pillars of fire. The Holy Council, half a million, were in extra session. The laborers, four
thousand millions, were granted a day of rest. So that when Baal and Ashtaroth entered
the heavenly capital, it was a magnificent scene, and as if in fact Osiris, the false, was a
mighty God.

5. Great were the ceremonies and salutations between the Gods, as also with the generals,
captains, marshals and others; to describe which a whole book might be written and yet
not mention one-half.

6. After the reception, Osiris proclaimed an extra day of recreation to Agho’aden, and in
the meantime he and Baal and Ashtaroth retired to a private chamber beyond the throne,
to the east, to consult on the matters of heaven and earth.

7. Osiris said: My brother and sister, ye are my loves; the worlds are all vain else! De’yus
is the most selfish of Gods, and unreasonable. He said to me: Thou shouldst keep up the
grades! Now, behold ye, his own grades are broken down. As I and other Gods send him
contributions in subjects, so remain such subjects; no more education for them in Hored.
Then he complaineth and assumeth to dictate. And this for De’yus’glory. Not a word for
lifting angels or mortals up out of darkness.

8. Baal said: A most unreasonable God. Saidst thou not to him: O that I had the power
and means thou hast! What great good I would do!

9. Ashtaroth said: This I have found before, the greater power a God hath, the less he
doeth for others’good. As for my part, what good can I do? I have scarce two thousand
million slaves, all told! O that I had a kingdom like De’yus! But what proposest thou, O
Osiris, thou far-seeing God?

10. Baal further said: Ashtaroth, thou wise Goddess, thou hast expressed mine own soul.
Mine own kingdom is but little larger than thine; I am a very helpless God indeed. But
once I reach De’yus’means, my soul’s delight will be to fill all the heavens full of schools
and hospitals! But speak thou, Osiris, whatsoever thou hast resolved is wise. As for
myself I have been two thousand years trying to put myself in good position first, so I
could help others.

11. Osiris said: To cut loose from De’yus; this is wisdom. To send drujas into De’yus’
kingdom, is greater wisdom. To establish Agho’aden as the all highest heavenly kingdom,
with myself at the Godhead, and ye twain to be my sole Gods of the earth, is the greatest

12. Baal said: As I swear, thou hast spoken at last what I have for five hundred years
hoped to hear thee say. To thee am I sworn forever. Put thou upon me whatsoever thou

13. Ashtaroth said: Now am I blessed above all Goddesses! What I have heard thee speak,
is what I would have spoken.

14. Osiris said: It is enough then, this I proclaim, and on our crossed hands we swear:

15. Thus they swore themselves into the Godhead. And on the next day Osiris sent
messengers to De’yus, in his heavenly place, informing him of what had been done, and
adding thereto: But thou, De’yus, I cut thee off from these earth regions. Get thy supplies
whither thou canst. Adversity doth a proud soul some good

Chapter XXXVII

1. Osiris said to Baal and Ashtaroth: Go ye down to the earth to subdue it; and your first
labor shall be in Arabin’ya, and Parsi’e, and Heleste; after that ye shall fall upon remote
parts and subdue them unto ourselves also. But go ye not as other Gods, to destroy
mortals, for we want them to propagate and make subjects for us. Nor pursue ye them,
tribe against tribe, putting them to death if they worship not Osiris or Baal or Ashtaroth.
Nay, not even the worshippers of the Great Spirit, save of such, whose spirits we cannot
catch at time of death; them destroy.

2. But suffer mortals to worship as they may, and if they worship the Creator, say unto
them: It is well. If they worship Ahura, say: It is well. If De’yus: Yea, it is well; for all of
these are but one person, who is Osiris, whose high heavenly place is Agho’Aden. Thus
teach them.

3. This also shall ye do: Re-establish places of learning, teaching the Osirian law; cause to
be rebuilt, houses of philosophy, oracles and temples; and in all such places where
mortals come to consult the spirits, provide ye such spirits who shall answer through the
oracles for benefit of our dominions.

4. It was ourselves that gave the name Lord God to the Arabin’yans; it was ourselves that
gave the name De’yus to Parsi’e and Heleste. Let us not waste ourselves away undoing
what hath been done, but appropriate it to ourselves.

5. Such, then, was the basis on which these three Gods set out to establish heaven and
earth. Osiris gave to Baal and Ashtaroth, in addition to their own kingdoms, twelve Lords
each, to labor with them in the earth department; and every Lord was allotted one million
servant soldiers, to be under the Lord’s jurisdiction.

6. With this, Baal and Ashtaroth returned to their heavenly kingdoms on the earth, and at
once set about their labors. First, by inspiring mortal kings and queens to build the
required oracles. And the kings and queens thus inspired impressed tens of thousands and
hundreds of thousands of their subjects to do the building.

7. And in seven years’time there were built in Parsi’e and Arabin’ya four thousand
altars for the sacred dances; seven thousand temples of sacrifice, four hundred and
seventy oracle temples, and thirty-one sar’gis temples, where the Lords took on corporeal
forms and reasoned with mortals; especially on the stars and moon and on the earth;
teaching the philosophers the four motions of the earth: axial, oscillaic, orbitic and
vorkum; the plan of the hissagow, and the cycles of the earth; the cycles of the sun; and
the cycles of the sun’s sun; the north star-belt therein, and the vortices that move them all.

8. And the inhabitants of Arabin’ya and Parsi’e and Heleste began again to prosper, and
became mighty. But after many years, behold, Baal and Ashtaroth rebelled against Osiris,
and seceded from Arabin’ya. And this was the end of the heavenly confederacy founded

by De’yus. As for the far-off Gods in other divisions of the earth, they seceded at the time
Osiris and Te-in and Sudga did. And from this time on, no more spirits were sent to the
Lord God, the false, the author of the name De’yus.

9. When Baal and Ashtaroth seceded from Osiris and resumed their own kingdoms,
behold, in all the divisions of the earth, every God was for himself and his own kingdom.
But between Osiris and Baal and Ashtaroth a triangular war ensued in reference to the
boundaries and divisions of the lands of the earth.

10. Now, therefore, since the self-Gods had become the beginning of a new order of
dominion in heaven and earth, every one in his own way, it is profitable to leave them for
the present, to be resumed afterward. Hear ye, then, of De’yus, the false Lord God; and of
God, the true Son of Jehovih:

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