Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

Weekday Sabbath

God’s Book of Ben Chapters 9 and 10

Chapter 9

1. Jehovih said: When the Gods have fulfilled their time in earth and heaven, behold I put
them away.

2. And in the time of their going, behold, I open the doors of heaven, and I call down the
angels and send them abroad over the earth. And the earth becometh overrun with

3. Kosmon said: Let the wise man and the prophet consider the signs of the Almighty!
Two extremes forerun the change of the Gods and Saviors in heaven: These are, extreme
disbelief and extreme belief. The one denieth all Gods, and even the person of the
Creator; the other becometh a runner after the spirits of the dead, consulting seers and

4. Esfoma said: These signs are my signs. When these come, behold, the Almighty hath a
new deliverance on hand.

5. None can stay Him, or hold up the Gods and Lords and Saviors of the past against

6. I speak in the wind, and man saith: Behold, something is in the wind; the Gods are at
work; a new light breaketh in upon the understanding of men.

7. Out of the tumult, Jehovih riseth Supreme in every cycle.

8. He leadeth forth a few who know Him. He foundeth them as a separate people in the

9. Uz said: And in the time of Jehovih’s triumph, I come and make myths out of the
deposed Gods and Saviors.

10. Then I stretch forth my hand against the libraries, and houses of ancient records, and I
destroy them.

11. And man is compelled to give up the things of old, and to look about him, and rouse
himself up to the ways of the Almighty.

12. O that the prophets would apply my lessons of the past, in order to foretell the future.

13. Behold, there is no mystery in heaven and earth. They march right on; cycle followeth
cycle, as summer followeth winter.

14. In the overthrow of the departing Gods, behold, there is the beginning of a new
spring-time in Jehovih’s seasons.

15. He planteth a new tree in His garden; it is a tree of new light for the righteous.

16. His chosen go out, away from the flesh-pots of the past, and they have neither kings
nor emperors; only the Almighty!

17. Into the wilderness they go forth, persecuted and beset on all sides by the followers of
the mythical Gods.

Chapter 10

1. God said: Here is wisdom, O man: To be observant of all things and adapt thyself
thereto on Jehovih’s side.

2. To obtain great learning that applieth to the resurrection of thy soul in comprehending
the works of the Almighty.

3. To suffer not thyself to be conceited in the wisdom of the moderns over the ancients,
nor of the ancients over the moderns.

4. The Creator created man wisely for the time of the world in which man was created.

5. Thou art for this era, and not for the past.

6. The ancients were for the past era, and not for the present.

7. To know the present; to be up with the signs of the times, this it is, to see Jehovih’s

8. Make not a God of riches, nor of thy supposed sciences and learning.

9. For in the time thou seest men doing these things, behold, that is the time of a cyclic
coil in the great beast.

10. Thy God and thy Savior shall surely be swept away.

11. Make Jehovih, the Creator, the idol of thy soul; neither setting up this or that as

12. Opening up thy understanding to find the tree of light and righteousness of soul.

13. Admitting that all things are possible in Jehovih’s hands.

14. Then thy God shall surely not be swept away.

15. Look about thee, O man, and learn from the Sons and Daughters of Jehovih, the
march of the Almighty’s kingdoms.

16. Who shall make a system or a philosophy like Jehovih? What hast thou found that is

17. The truth of yesterday is not a truth to-day; the truth of yesterday is the truth to-day.

18. Thou shalt come to understand even this.

19. To learn how to live; to rejoice, and to do good, and make thy neighbor rejoice also,
this is wisdom.

20. Let these be thy loves and the glory of thy speech, and thou shalt learn to prophesy
concerning the ways of Jehovih.

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