Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, January 1st, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, January 1st, 2019

Book of Jehovih. Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III


1. ALL was. ALL is. ALL ever shall be. The ALL spake, and MOTION was, and is, and ever
shall be; and, being positive, was called He and Him. The A
LL MOTION was His speech.

2. He said, I AM! And He comprehended all things, the seen and the unseen. Nor is there
aught in all the universe but what is part of Him.

3. He said, I am the soul of all; and the all that is seen is of My person and My body.

4. By virtue of My presence all things are. By virtue of My presence is life. By virtue of
My presence are the living brought forth into life. I am the Q

5. Of two apparent entities am I, nevertheless I AM BUT ONE. These entities are the
NSEEN, which is POTENT, and the SEEN, which is of itself IMPOTENT, and called

6. With these two entities, in likeness thereby of Myself, made I all the living; for as the
life is the potent part, so is the corporeal part the impotent part.

7. Chief over all that live on the earth I made Man; male and female made I them.
And that man might distinguish Me, I commanded him to give Me a name; by virtue
of my presence commanded I him. And man named Me not after anything in heaven
or on the earth. In obedience to My will named he Me after the sounds the wind
uttereth, and he said E – O – Ih ! Which is now pronounced Jehovih, and is written thus:


1. Jehovih said: By virtue of My presence created I the seen and the unseen worlds. And I
commanded man to name them; and man called the seen worlds Corpor, and the unseen
worlds Es; and the inhabitants of Corpor, man called corporeans. But the inhabitants
of Es he called sometimes es’eans and sometimes spirits, and sometimes angels.

2. Jehovih said: I created the earth, and fashioned it, and placed it in the firmament; and
by My presence brought man forth a living being. A corporeal body gave I him that he
might learn corporeal things; and death I made that he might rise in the firmament and
inherit My etherean worlds.

3. To es I gave dominion over corpor; with es I filled all place in the firmament. But
corpor I made into earths and moons and stars and suns; beyond number made I them,
and I caused them to float in the places I allotted to them.

4. Es I divided into two parts, and I commanded man to name them, and he called one
etherea and the other atmospherea. These are the three kinds of worlds I created; but I
gave different densities to atmospherean worlds, and different densities to the etherean

5. For the substance of My etherean worlds I created Ethe, the MOST RARIFIED. Out of
ethe made I them. And I made ethe the most subtle of all created things, and gave to it
power and place, not only by itself, but also power to penetrate and exist within all things,
even in the midst of the corporeal worlds. And to ethe gave I dominion over both
atmospherea and corpor.

6. In the ALL HIGHEST places created I the etherean worlds, and I fashioned them of all
shapes and sizes, similar to My corporeal worlds. But I made the etherean worlds
inhabitable both within and without, with entrances and exits, in arches and curves,
thousands of miles high and wide, and overruled I them with A
LL PERFECT mechanism;
and in colors and movable chasms and mountains in endless change and brilliancy. To
them I gave motions, and orbits and courses of their own; independent made I them, and
above all other worlds in potency and majesty.

7. Neither created I one etherean world like another in size or density or in component
parts, but everyone differing from another, and with a glory matchless each in its way.

8. Atmospherean worlds I also created in the firmament, and I gave them places and
orbits and courses for themselves. But atmospherean worlds I created shapeless and void
of fixed form, for they are in process of condensation or dissolution, being intermediate in
condition betwixt My etherean and My corporeal worlds. Of three degrees of density
created I them, and I commanded man to name them, and one he called A’ji, and one
Ji’ay, and one Nebulae.

9. But all of them are composed of the same substances, being like the earth, but rarified.
Nor is there on the earth or in it one thing, even iron, or lead, or gold, or water, or oil, or
stones, but the same things are in My atmospherean worlds. As I have given light to the
earth so have I given light to many of them; and all such have I commanded man to call
comets. And even so named he them.

10. And I also created atmospherea around about my corporeal worlds; together made I


1. Thus spake Jehovih; by the light of kosmon proclaimed He these things amongst the
nations of the earth.

2. Man looked upward in prayer, desiring to know the manner of all created things, both
on earth and in heaven. And Jehovih answered him, saying:

3. The whirlwind made I as a sign to man of the manner of my created worlds. As thou
beholdest the power of the whirlwind gathering up the dust of the earth and driving it
together, know that even so do I bring together the a’ji and ji’ay and nebulae in the
firmament of heaven; by the power of the whirlwind create I the corporeal suns and
moons and stars. And I commanded man to name the whirlwinds in the etherean

firmament, and he called them vortices and wark; according to their shape called he them.

4. By the power of rotation, swift driving forth in the extreme parts, condense I the
atmospherean worlds that float in the firmament; and these become My corporeal worlds.
In the midst of the vortices made I them, and by the power of the vortices I turn them on
their axes and carry them in the orbits I allotted to them. Wider than to the moons of a
planet have I created the vortices, and they carry the moons also.

5. Around about some of My corporeal worlds have I given nebulous belts and rings, that
man might comprehend the rotation of My vortexan worlds.

6. For each and every corporeal world created I a vortex first, and by its rotation and by
the places in the firmament whither it traveleth, caused I the vortex to conceive the
corporeal world.

7. A great vortex created I for the sun, and, within this vortex and subject to it, made I the
vortices of many of the corporeal worlds. The sun vortex I caused to rotate, and I gave it
power to carry other vortices within it. According to their density and position are they
thus carried forth and around about the sun.

8. Think not, O man, that I created the sky a barren waste, and void of use. Even as man
in the corporeal form is adapted to the corporeal earth, so is he in the spiritual form
adapted to My etherean worlds. Three great estates have I bestowed on man: the
corporeal, the atmospherean, and the etherean.

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