Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

Weekday Sabbath

Book of Sethantes Chapter 21, Chapter 22

Chapter 21

1. When the ceremonies were ended, Onesyi said: Soon, now, in the name of the Father
will we rise and go a long journey; and that ye may be apprised and consorted in love, I
proclaim the freedom of the hour in Jehovih’s name.

2. And the people went and mingled with each other, rejoicing and saluting. And Ha’jah
and God and Etisyai greeted one another, and the Lords came forward, and were also
greeted; and then the marshals and the es’enaurs and all long-serving laborers. And lastly,
all that had redeemed any man or woman from darkness to light, came also, and were
saluted and duly honored.

3. And for the space of one hour all the angels indulged in revelry, reunion and fullness of
heart; but no book could relate the thousandth part of the questions asked and love
assurances expressed.

4. When the hour was ended, Onesyi signaled the proper officer, and he sounded the
gavel thrice, whereupon all was hushed and still. Onesyi said:

5. As Jehovih bestoweth a newborn child, so also doth He take the father and the mother
away to the es world. As Jehovih sent Etisyai, my sister, to establish the lower heaven, so
have I come by His command to bear hence this harvest to His everlasting kingdom. As a
child bewaileth the loss of its father and mother, so will ye that remain bewail the loss of
this rich harvest of archangels.

6. It is Jehovih’s will that ye drink deep of the sorrow of parting, for by this bondage will
ye be again reunited in the heavens still above. The progress of the soul of man is forever
onward, and in steps and plateaux; and the glory of the resurrection of him that goeth
before is equally great as is the sorrow of him that remaineth behind. But the love that
bindeth together is as a chain outstretched across the universe; nor time nor distance shall
prevail against the inventions thereof.

7. Swift messengers, well trained to course the vault of heaven, will pass between you,
carrying the tidings of your soul’s delight. And as Jehovih giveth summer to follow
winter, and the winter the summer, so also shall the time again and again, forever, in
which ye shall mingle and part; again labor together, but in broader fields, and again part
for a season.

8. Behold the wisdom of Jehovih in placing far apart the places of the souls of men; for
all things abiding near together equalize themselves. Even as there is glory in a new birth,
so is there glory in death; as there is sorrow in death, so is there joy in resurrection. The
time is now come when these that ye see, ye shall not see for a long season; but ye shall
rejoice in this hour of parting, for they rise as Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih.

9. The es’enaurs sang an anthem of praise in which all the hosts united, and great was the
glory thereof. And now Onesyi arose, saying:


11. Ha’jah, now God, said: THY WILL BE DONE, O JEHOVIH! Then Onesyi turned to the
five chief Lords of the five divisions of the earth, and bestowed them in like manner.

12. And Onesyi stretched forth her hand, saying: Give me a crown, O Jehovih, for
Thy Son, God of heaven and earth! And there descended etherean substance into her
hand, and she raised it up, and lo, it became a crown of great beauty, and she put
in on God’s (Ha’jah’s) head. Then in like manner did she crown the Lords of the earth.

13. And Etisyai and Onesyi came down and sat at the foot of the throne.

14. God (that had been Ha’jah) came down and Waga and Jud with him, and stretching
forth their hands, they said to Etisyai, Onesyi and Sethantes, the retiring God: Arise, O
Goddess….. Arise, O Goddess…. Arise, O God…. and go thy way!

15. And they rose up and marched forth. The proper officers had already prepared the
ship for its etherean journey; and soon as Etisyai and Onesyi had entered the central star,
all the people that were to ascend went into the places assigned to them.

16. God (that had been Ha’jah) and the Lords returned, in tears, to the throne, and now the
plateau of everlasting light began to ascend. Music sprang from every side, glorifying
Jehovih and the magnificence of His bountiful worlds.

17. And those of the lower heaven were as the echo of the music above; and the light of
the ascending ship of fire made all else as a shadow. But higher and higher it arose, in the
form of a crescent, slowly turning on its upright axis, turning and rising, higher and

higher, and the music faded away in the distance.

18. In a little while the meteor-like ascending ship of heaven looked like a star, till farther
and farther off it disappeared in the distance.

19. Thus ascended to the emancipated heavens in etherea the first harvest of angels born
of the earth.


1. God said: Arise, O Lords of my realm, and go to the kingdoms of earth, which ye
received from Jehovih’s hand; and may His wisdom, love and power be with you all!

2. And the Lords departed, they and their attendants, and went to their kingdoms over

3. And this was the beginning of the second dispensation of the first cycle of the Eoptian
age of the earth. And the lower heaven was well established in habitations, angels and
officers, and in all the requisites for the upraised souls of mortals.

4. And God dispensed laws and government after the manner of his predecessor,
enlarging all the places according to the increase in the number of spirits rising up from
the earth.

5. And the voice of Jehovih was with God; and as the first kingdom had been called
Hored, so was the second called Hored, signifying the place of God.

6. And as it had been with the Lords of the earth in their places, so continued it with the
new Lords, and they enlarged their places also, even according to the increase in the
number of inhabitants of the earth.

7. And as it had been of old, that messengers went constantly from Hored to the Lords’
places, so did they also continue to do; and by this means all the affairs of the lower
heaven were kept in harmony, Lords and God.

8. And God ruled in Hored four hundred years, and Hored spread over all the lands of the

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