Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, February 9th, 2022

Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, February 9th, 2022

Memorial Sabbath

Book of Jehovih’s Kingdom on Earth Chapter 19

1. WHEN the multitude returned to Shalam, the place was more than filled, and the Voice came to Tae, saying:

2. Thou hast now fulfilled the first part of My kingdom on earth, but, behold, it is yet but a small branch of that which will overspread this great land.

3. Moreover, let the lessons of Uz be a profit unto thee and thy people.

4. Because the Uzians build large cities, their would-be reformers are powerless to work righteousness amongst the people.

5. Let not the cities of My chosen be large nor more numerous than Shalam is already. Sufficient is such a size to all that is required for the fulfillment of mortal life.

6. Therefore, thou shalt proclaim it unto My chosen, that no city shall contain more than three thousand people.

7. Suffice it, then, as I have placed the example of bees before thee, showing how they swarm, and go hence and establish a new hive, according to their numbers, even so shall My people go hence, and establish a new place, after the manner of Shalam.

8. This, also, shalt thou proclaim unto them; and thou shalt ask for volunteers in My name to accomplish these things righteously, as an example to coming generations.

9. So Tae called the people together, and proclaimed Jehovih’s words, adding also:

10. Whoso volunteers to go hence shall not find the fullness of Shalam, but, instead, shall find discomforts and hard work!

11. Beware of disappointments and trials and hardships. For is it not the way with all men to desire to reap too quickly the harvest, and to consider its fullness, rather than to contemplate the labor of tilling the ground and of sowing?

12. For the spirit of man conceives the result of perfection; but the judgment looks to the labor required to bring it about.

13. Who, then, having the joys and fullness of Shalam, will turn away from them, in order to build another place, and yet, the while, not repine for his choice?

14. A colony shall stand as an individual before Jehovih. A colony may thwart its own righteousness by living for itself only.

15. The whole world is to be redeemed. It is not sufficient for Shalam to say: Behold, I am the fullness of the Father’s kingdom. Let others go and do as I have done!

16. The selfishness of a colony shall be, therefore, guarded against, even as the selfishness of an individual.

17. Discipline, as regards the means and power of a colony, shall manifest in directing to the given purpose of founding the Father’s kingdom.

18. Shalam might appropriate her excess of production, by sending into Uz, and giving to the poor.

19. Jehovih forbid that this should be done. The business of Shalam is not to distribute charity where it would thwart its own purpose.

20. Shalam shall use her excess of means to extending the Father’s kingdom, in building new colonies.

21. Jehovih is with us, and we shall draw Uz unto us, to make them know Jehovih. To feed Uz in his debauchery is to send him in the way of destruction.

22. Guard ye, therefore, the appropriations of Shalam to such as labor for Jehovih’s kingdom. As we have drawn a few away from Uz, let us prepare to draw more.

23. The way is open for any to go hence to found a new colony. Neither shall it be a branch of Shalam, nor a dependent. But it shall be in independent sister colony.

24. Neither shall it copy after Shalam, saying: Shalam shall be our example.

25. This would be following an earthly light.

26. Neither shall its people copy after Tae, saying: Tae did so and so, let us also.

27. For this would be following a lower light.

28. But it shall follow the Light of Jehovih as it cometh unto you who found it.

29. Save Jehovih found it, they shall fail who attempt it.

30. Jehovih designed not that man should build his house exactly like his neighbor’s. The misfortune of man is to copy after others, instead of following Jehovih’s Light as it comes to himself.

31. Let not this misfortune come unto Shalam’s sister colony. Another locality will call for other things. Be mindful of these, and adapt yourselves accordingly.

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