Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

Book of Jehovih’s Kingdom on Earth Chapter 9

1. Tae said: Behold, the Uzians have schools, and they teach their young by and in books.
But when their youth are thus educated, as to their brains, their hands are useless for
providing food and clothes and habitations.

2. Education, in regard to corporeal things, must embrace the manipulation and handling
of corporeal things for useful purposes. And, foremost of all problems is: How to provide
the necessities of life with one’s own hands, that he may not be rendered a dependent on

3. This shall be one of the first problems ye shall make our infants understand.

4. Young children not only ask questions, but they desire illustrations, with the privilege
of trying to do something themselves.

5. Their questions must be answered by their nurses and their teachers.

6. It is not sufficient unto Jehovih’s requirements of you, that ye put off His children with
elusive answers, or with incomprehensible explanations.

7. Education must be accompanied with practice. As, for example, ye show the child
certain seeds, explaining what will grow therefrom; ye shall plant and illustrate.
And when the vine hath come up out of the ground, ye shall not only illustrate its
corporeality, but shall display the life therein as a manifestation of Jehovih’s Presence.

8. To simply teach the child the botany, without reference to the spirituality that
underlieth all living things, would have little effect in turning the child’s thoughts to its

own life and growth in spirit.

9. At an early age, these infants shall be thus put to work in gratification of their own
desires to do something; and their work shall be educational, corporeally and spiritually.

10. And when they are large enough to handle tools, they shall be permitted to work at
trades, or in art; and full and sufficient explanations shall be given to all their questions.

11. And this shall come to pass in Shalam; without tiresome study and without tiresome
labor, these infants, at fourteen years, shall be wiser and better learned than Uzians at

12. For they shall not be limited to one trade each, or one occupation each; but, to a great
extent, all of them shall know all trades and occupations.

13. For botany, they shall have a garden; and for astronomy, an observatory; for
chemistry, a laboratory; for clothing, a factory; for horticulture and agriculture, they shall
have orchards, fields and gardens.

14. Such, then, shall be the method of teaching our infants.

15. Now, as to Jehovih and His creations, in magnitude and perfection, they shall be ever
kept before the child’s mind, to exalt its gratitude and adoration, and to make it rejoice in
its own life.

16. For there is not, in all the philosophies in all the world, wherewith to restrain the
private life and habits from secret vice, save through belief in Jehovih’s eye being ever
upon us.

17. Nevertheless, a child that is raised up without learning angel communion is but half

18. By the actual presence of angels, and by children seeing them and conversing with
them, the proximity of heaven to earth becometh firmly established in the child’s mind,
and it beholdeth the fitness of one world to the other.

19. For which education the infants shall, at an early age, be made familiar with the
unseen world, by training in the crescent.

20. And their teachers shall try them to discover su’is and sar’gis in them; and, finding
these talents, shall cultivate them in righteousness and wisdom for the glory of the Father.

21. And it shall come to pass that many of these infants shall not only see without their
corporeal eyes, and hear without their corporeal ears, but they will attain to adeptism.

22. And the angels of heaven shall descend amongst us, appearing so as to be seen, and
talking with us so as to be heard.

23. And, because of such exceeding great light amongst us, no one shall practice
deception; for the minds and souls of all shall become as an open book.

24. These are the promises Jehovih hath given us; by the signs of the times they are
proven probable. Through faith in Him we shall make these things true.

25. In faith He will bless you all.

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