Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, December 21st, 2022

Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, December 21st, 2022

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Book of Discipline Chapter 3


1. OPEN thy understanding, O man, that thou mayest discern the beauty and glory of heavenly places prepared by thy God, Lords and guardian angels.

2. For as we came up out of the first resurrection, which may be likened to a great medley, a noise and confusion of a mighty multitude, so covenanted we with Jehovih to make ourselves orderly, and a unit in growth, manifestation, expression and future development, that the place of the second resurrection should do nothing in common with the first.

3. For alike and like Jehovih created mortals and angels to attract each other; and since the aspiration and desire of most mortals pertain to themselves as individuals, so the twain bound themselves in the same pursuits and earthly hopes.

4. For whoso on earth loved riches, or fame, or great learning, or even evil, such as dissipation, drunkenness, gluttony, sexual indulgence, or theft, gambling or arson, doing any or all of these things for self’s sake, or for evil, attracted angel companions of a like order, who, by inspiration or otherwise, led him on to achieve his heart’s desire.

5. And it came to pass when such mortals died and entered the first resurrection, their former inspirers became their companions and rulers, having shaped their thoughts whilst in mortality through their labors for self and earthly objects. And these in turn became angel inspirers unto other mortals of like characteristics, so that a long period of time passed away, before the spirits who were thus bound to earth could be persuaded there were other heavens open for them to come and inherit. And as it was so then, even so is it this day with the spirits of the dead.

6. As there are good lands on earth still unoccupied, whilst in other regions there are great cities with mortals crowded together, starving, and dwelling in misery, and they will not hence, even so is the great multitude of angels of darkness gathered together upon the face of the earth–and many of them will not hence into the higher heavens of Jehovih.

7. As cold metal in contact with hot metal changeth temperature, so by angel contact with the spirit of man, knowledge passeth from one to the other. So also is it of the passions, sentiments, desires and aspirations betwixt the twain.

8. Also, as where the sea breaketh upon the land, and the twain are ever in contact, so is the spirit world ever in contact with the mortal world (which place of contact was named by the ancients the intermediate world or place of purgation, wherefrom none could rise till made organically pure).

9. Now therefore thy God showeth thee certain signs characteristic of the difference betwixt the angels of the first and the second resurrection:

10. Of the first, coming as individuals, whether professing names, signs or histories, and especially the ancients. Whose words are uttered from the standpoint of the earth looking upward.

11. But of the second, as light only. Whose words emanate from my holy places in heaven coming down to thee.

12. Of the first, flatterers, to win thy favor. Whose counsel pertaineth to thyself and to earthly things.

13. Of the second, to teach thee self-abnegation, and lead thee to do good unto others regardless of thine own profit, caring little whether thou art prosperous on the earth provided thou shalt be raised up in time to come.

14. For the revelations of the second resurrection come from the light of my Holy Council, who have abandoned their earthly habits and desires; knowing the way of raising up everlastingly is by constantly putting away the conditions below.

15. Thy God cometh not as an individual; neither do my Lords (nor holy angels though they come in my name). I come in legions of thousands and millions.

16. Neither varieth the inspiration from my kingdom one jot or tittle from what it hath ever been, save in greater fullness, according to the increase of capacity in mortals to receive knowledge.

17. The spirit of my heavens pervadeth my words; through my holy angels I have spoken unto thee from thy youth up; and in my revelations thou perceivest the touch of my hand.

18. I cry out Order, Purity, Discipline, Justice and Good Works–or, Retribution!

19. O man, beware of angels who say: In heaven there is no organization, nor God, nor Holy Council, nor discipline, nor order, nor teaching, nor self-denial, or,

20. Who say: There is no God, no Jehovih, no government in heaven, or,

21. Who say: There is no bondage after death; no place or condition of suffering, or,

22. Who say: When thou diest thy spirit shall enter paradise and dwell in perpetual ease and glory.

23. Who say: Heaven is an endless summer land, with silvery rivers and golden boats for all, or,

24. Who say: Eat, drink and enjoy thyself for the gratification of thine earthly passions, for when thou art dead thy path shall be straight to glory.

25. Who say: Heap up riches, for there is no punishment after death, or,

26. Who say: Turn not thy thoughts into thine own soul to discover thy ungodliness, for when thou art dead thy spirit shall revel in bliss, or,

27. Who say: The angel world is a place of progression without self-abnegation and good works, or,

28. Who saith: Behold me, I am from the highest, most exalted sphere, or from a far-off star, or,

29. Who saith: I have visited the planets, or,

30. Who saith: Resurrection cometh by reincarnation–first a stone, then lead, then silver, then gold, then a tree, then a worm, then an animal and then man, or that a spirit re-entereth the womb, and is born again in mortality, or,

31. Who saith: Blessed art thou; for a host of ancient spirits attend thee–thou hast a great mission.

32. For all of these are the utterances of the angels of the first resurrection. And though they may inspire great oratory and learned discourses, yet they are flatterers, and will surely lead thee into grief.

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