Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

New Moon

Book of Jehovih’s Kingdom on Earth Chapter 5


1. Then Tae and his hosts went into the midst of the Place of the Holy Covenant;
and the hosts formed in a crescent, and Tae stood betwixt the horns thereof.

2. And, whilst thus standing, Tae, being moved by the Light of Jehovih upon him,
uttered the covenant, and his hosts, in concert, uttered the words after him.

3. And these words were called, THE HOLY COVENANT, even as they are to this day, to wit:

4. Thou, O Jehovih! As Thou hast declared Thyself in the Book of Jehovih!

5. To Thee I covenant myself, to be Thine forever! And to Thee only, O Jehovih!

6. And I abjure all Gods but Thee.

7. And I abjure all Lords but Thee.

8. And I abjure all Saviors but Thee.

9. In this, Thy Place of the Holy Covenant, do I covenant myself unto Thee, to be only
Thine, and forever!

10. My corporeal body, I dedicate and covenant unto Thee, to be in Thy service during all
my life.

11. Because Thou madest it out of Thine own material, behold, it is Thine.

12. The workmanship is Thine; the material is Thine also.

13. I have no claim upon it; unto Thee, and for Thy service, do I resign it forever.

14. Into my charge Thou gavest it unto me, as the habitation of my spirit.

15. Because it is Thy gift, I will care for it, and keep it clean and pure, before Thee, that it
may be acceptable to Thee, and to the presence of Thy holy angels.

16. My spirit I also dedicate and covenant unto Thee, to be in Thy service, henceforth

17. My mind and soul, I dedicate and covenant unto Thee, to be in Thy service,
henceforth forever.

18. My whole self, whereof I am made, soul and body, dedicate and covenant I unto Thee,
to be in Thy service forever.

19. Out of Thine own self madest Thou me, soul and body, and they are Thine only, to be
used by Thee forever.

20. Appropriate Thou me, O Jehovih, my corporeal body, and my spirit, my mind, my
behavior and thoughts, to be of profit to Thee, for founding Thy kingdom on earth.

21. And I covenant unto Thee, Jehovih, I will search constantly into mine own every act
and deed and word and thought, to make myself true in the practice of Thy highest Light
upon me.

22. That henceforth, forever, I will search to find the highest Light, and I will practice the
same toward all men, women and children.

23. Unto them will I not only do as I would be done by, but more; I will do for them, with
all my wisdom and strength, all my life.

24. I covenant unto Thee, Jehovih, that, since all things are Thine, I will not own
nor possess, exclusively unto myself, anything under the sun, which may be entrusted
to me, which any other person or persons may covet or desire, or stand in need of.

25. Neither more will I talk of myself, either in laudation of what I am, nor of what
I have done; but Thou shalt judge me, and hold me accountable for shortness in
word and behavior, wherein, by any means, I may manifest self-esteem or covetousness
for fame, or the applause of men, even for any good I may have done unto others.

26. Neither more will I censure, nor criticize, nor blame, any man, or woman, nor any
child over fourteen years of age, as an individual, in all the world, for any shortness in
word or deed they manifest.

27. For they are Thine, Jehovih, and not mine, to be led or driven by me.

28. To all these Faithists, my brothers and sisters in Thy kingdom, will I deal and think
and behave, in affiliation, as gentle and truly as were they my own blood and kin, brothers
and sisters, or father and mother.

29. And over these babes, which Thou hast entrusted to me, will I be as loving and true as
were they mine own blood and kin, sons and daughters.

30. According to Thy Light, which Thou mayst bestow upon me, will I raise them up to
know Thee, and to be a glory in Thy kingdom.

31. First of my teaching unto them shall be, to make them know Thee, and to remember
that Thy eye is upon them, and Thy hand above them, to bless them according to their
wisdom, truth, love and purity.

32. And I will teach them the way of the communion of Thy angels; to develop them in
su’is and sar’gis.

33. Teaching them to live for the spirit within, rather than for corpor.

34. Teaching them by books and instruments.

35. Teaching them useful trades and occupations.

36. Teaching them music and worship.

37. Teaching them dancing and gymnastics.

38. And, in all things, developing in them all the talents Thou hast created in them, that
they may grow up to be an honor and a glory on the earth, and to rejoice because Thou
hast created them alive.

39. And I will emancipate them from infancy at fourteen years of age; and bestow upon
them the rights of man and woman, in their thoughts, words, deeds, choice and actions.

40. Throwing upon them, at that age, their responsibility unto Thee, for their thoughts,
words, ideas, behavior, as fully as I claim the same unto mine own self.

41. And now, O Jehovih, that this, Thy kingdom on earth, may be known and
distinguished from the habitations of the Uzians, we make this our solemn oath unto

42. We will not, now, nor forever, make war, nor engage in war, nor take any part in war,
for any God, nor Lord, nor Savior, nor country, nor king or other ruler on earth; nor will
we aid nor abet war in any way whatever.

43. Neither will we now, nor forever, eat fish nor flesh of any creature Thou didst create

44. And we swear unto Thee, Jehovih, in regard to these our babes, which Thou hast
given unto our keeping, to found Thy kingdom on earth, we will raise them up to abjure
war, like unto this our oath unto Thee, and to practice not the carnivorous habit belonging
to the Uzians.

45. Neither will we use, nor permit to be used, in Shalam, any intoxicating drink, nor
weed, nor root, nor gum, nor any other drug, for the contamination of human flesh by
intoxication or for stimulation unnaturally.

46. Make us strong and wise, O Jehovih, in this our covenant and oath unto
Thee, for Thine are the honor and the glory of all things, time without end. Amen.

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