Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, May 10th, 2022

Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, May 10th, 2022

Weekday Sabbath

Book of Jehovih’s Kingdom on Earth Chapter 4


1. THE Voice of Jehovih came to Tae, saying: Take thy people and go whither I will lead thee, and ye all shall be blessed. Quite sufficient are these, to begin the founding of My kingdom on earth.

2. And Tae and his people went away to an unoccupied country, by the river Shalam, so-called because Tae had said:

3. I take the babes the Uzians would not have, and I come to a place where the Uzians would not live, and yet I will make it a place of peace and plenty; therefore, it shall be called Shalam.

4. And when they had pitched their tents and fed the children, Tae called them together that he might speak before them.

5. Tae said: By and through Jehovih, are all things accomplished, either directly or indirectly.

6. If directly, by His inspiration, then are all things well done, and in peace and righteousness and love and wisdom.

7. If indirectly, and through other inspiration, then, indeed, is man answered in disaster and unhappiness.

8. Foremost of all, must it be man’s aim to receive light directly from Jehovih in regard to all things.

9. To do which, man must approach his Creator, in words and conduct, doing in practice the right which he perceiveth in judgment.

10. Now, therefore, from our youth up we have repeated the prayer: Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

11. Yet, not one of us put forth a hand to accomplish what we prayed for.

12. In which our prayers profaned the Almighty.

13. For had we been true in heart, we had taken hold in practice, according to our best ability.

14. In not doing which, we were false before Jehovih, and He could not answer our prayers in truth.

15. Moreover, we had said to one another from our youth up: As ye would that others should do unto you, do ye even so unto them.

16. Nevertheless, we served ourselves only.

17. We visited not the fatherless and motherless.

18. We sold not what we might, and gave to to poor.

19. We professed faith in Jehovih, but we manifested faith in money and in soldiers and warfare.

20. We had said: Love the Creator with all thy soul and heart and mind, and thy neighbor as thyself.

21. Neither of which we fulfilled.

22. Now, therefore, we were unrighteous toward man, and false before Jehovih.

23. In repentance and shame have we come out of Uz; because we could not fulfill the commandments whilst dwelling in Uz. Behold, we have come thence, to begin a new life upon the earth.

24. That our labor and our lives may be given unto Jehovih, with profit for the raising up of the race of man, and for the glory of the Almighty, let us covenant ourselves unto Him in fullness of heart and of soul and with all our mind, to practice all the commandments in fullness. What say ye?

25. The multitude answered with one voice: We desire to covenant with Jehovih, that our labor and our growth may contribute to the founding of His kingdom on earth.

26. Make thou, therefore, thy covenant with the Creator, and, that we may be in unison, behold, we will repeat with thee thy words, that Jehovih may be glorified therein.

27. Tae said: Hear me, then, ere we make the covenant to Jehovih: In the heavens, the angels surround the heavenly throne with columns of fire and water; and all the space within the circuit is named, the PLACE OF THE HOLY COVENANT, and it is appropriated to worship and to sacred rites and ceremonies.

28. But places of amusement and of all other kinds of entertainments, not sacred in rites and ceremonies, are situated external to the Place of the Holy Covenant.

29. Now, therefore, in remembrance of Jehovih’s heavenly kingdoms, let us mark a circular line around about this place, and march in procession, dedicating the enclosure to the Holy Covenant.

30. The multitude said: This is wise; by system and order and a place for all things, harmony will answer unto us. Lead thou, therefore, the way, and we will march with thee.

31. Then Tae marched, DRAWING THE LINE OF THE SACRED CIRCLE, and the multitude, two abreast, marched after him.

32. Tae said: I draw the LINE OF THE SACRED CIRCLE unto Thee, Jehovih. In Thy name I dedicate and enclose this, Thy PLACE OF THE HOLY COVENANT, to be Thine forever!

33. The multitude responded: May I remember Thy LINE OF THE SACRED CIRCLE, Jehovih, and comport myself within it for Thine honor and glory forever!

34. Within this place am I about to covenant myself to Thee forever, as a laborer to fulfill Thy kingdom on earth for the resurrection of man.

35. Response: May I remember the little ones within this SACRED CIRCLE, whom Thou hast given into my charge, for whose welfare on earth and in heaven, I am about to covenant myself unto Thee, to make myself an example and sacrifice before them during all my life.

36. Together: In remembrance of the pillars of light in heaven, that surround the throne of Thy Son, God of earth and heaven, we build here a hedge and a fence, as a lasting testimony that we dedicated to Thee, Jehovih, the enclosed PLACE OF THE SACRED COVENANT.

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