Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, July 27th, 2021

Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, July 27th, 2021

Book of Discipline Chapter 6


1. O man, apply thyself to understand the spirit of my discourse, for herein shalt thou find
the key to the Father’s kingdom.

2. These are the rules of the second resurrection: To become an interpreter and worker
without a written formula:

3. That whatsoever giveth joy to thy fellow and rendereth peace and good will unto all,
shall be called light:

4. That whatsoever giveth sorrow to thy fellow, or discouragement to others, shall be
called darkness:

5. As to find fault with another, or to aggravate unto displeasure, shall be called darkness:

6. But to make another’s burden light, to encourage him unto strength and happiness, shall
be called light:

7. To be forever complaining about this or that, shall be called darkness:

8. To be forever imparting cheerfulness, shall be called light.

9. Now therefore whoso becometh a member of my kingdom shall practice light; but
whoso practiceth darkness, will depart away from my kingdom of his own accord.

10. Neither shalt thou practice darkness upon thy fellow for any shortness he hath done.

11. Nor shalt thou reprove him for error, nor blame him, nor make thyself an inquisitor
over him, nor assume to be a judge over him.

12. Nor ask him to apologize, nor otherwise seek to make him humble himself before

13. Nor shalt thou boast over him because thou art wiser or stronger or more expert.

14. For all such inquisition cometh of darkness, and shall return upon him who uttereth it,
in time to come.

15. Rather shalt thou discover the good that is in thy neighbor, and laud him therefore, for
this is the method of raising him higher.

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