Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, January 7th, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, January 7th, 2019

Book of Sethantes Chapter V, Chapter VI

Chapter 5

1. In the first year of Hored there were received into God’s kingdom in heaven, one and a
half million es’yans, men, women and children, born of the earth. And there were still left
within the different divisions of the earth, with the Lords, three and a quarter millions of
es’yans, being for the most part fetals.

2. In the first one hundred years there were born of the earth, one hundred and seventy
million es’yans. Such then was the number of three generations of I’hins; which is to say,
that in those days the number of the inhabitants of the earth (not including the asuans,
who were not created to everlasting life) was fifty-four millions. And already had each of
the Lords’heavenly places become large kingdoms.

3. In those days the period of five years was allotted to the es’yans as their time of infancy
in heaven, requiring nurses and helpers, but some of them required many years more.

4. After five years the es’yans were taken from the nurseries, and taught by symbols and
objects, the rudiments of education; and drilled in processions, and music and dancing
and gymnastics; but every day they were required for a brief period to labor, some at
weaving, some spinning, and some in transportation.

5. The voice of Jehovih directed God, saying: The structure of My Kingdom in heaven
requireth it of thee, that thou shalt make all labor an agreeable exercise for the growth of
the spirits in my dominions.

6. And God commanded the officers of the realm of Hored to lengthen the hours of labor,
according to the age and strength of the spirits received up from the earth, and it was so.

7. Jehovih again spake to God, saying: In all labor thou allottest to those who have sprung
up from the earth, freely give to them to do whatever they desire; but thou shalt not
suffer them to return to their earth kindred alone, unattended, lest because of their love
they engraft themselves, becoming bound to mortals. But when they have lived fifty
years in heaven, thou shalt not only permit them to return to mortals, but thou shalt
direct them to do so, for in this period they shall have no further desire for engraftment.

8. Again Jehovih said: As fast as thou canst appropriate the labor of earth born spirits to
help in the resurrection of others, so shalt thou do in My name.

9. And even so did God and the Lords under him; and in the time of one hundred years,
there were raised up to the second rate, twenty million souls, that had come forth out of
the earth. And many of them comprehended the manufactories, the nurseries and schools

and hospitals in heaven to the full, and they were in many things alike equal to the
requirements of their teachers.

10. The voice of Jehovih came to God, saying: It is well, My Son, to take a rest.
Behold, thou hast toiled a hundred years, day and night, without ceasing.
Thou shalt, therefore, appoint other officers, and spread out the kingdom of Hored
to cover all the land of Wagga (the continent of Pan). And thou shalt appoint in
My name thy most efficient officer to sit on the throne for a short space of time,
for thou shalt travel and visit the five Lords of the earth and their kingdoms.

11. And thou shalt take with thee a thousand heralds, and a thousand messengers, and five
thousand musicians. And thou shalt have a ship sufficient to carry thy host, and to be as
thy house whithersoever thou goest. See to it, and set all things in order, and depart thou
on a journey of one year.

12. And God called in the surveyors, who brought maps of earth and heaven showing the
best places for extending the kingdom of Hored.

13. And God appointed fifty governors for the fifty places required, and he gave each of
them five thousand men and women to accompany them. And when they were chosen
God addressed them from the throne, saying:

14. According to the commandment of the Father are ye chosen; and by His command
will I come to your respective places ere long, and bestow ye with all that is required for
building up colonies in Jehovih’s name. As ye witnessed the founding of Hored by the
archangel Etisyai, so may ye understand that I will come to you all. Go ye forth, then,
taking your hosts, and lay down the foundations for your cities. As ye have learned from
me, go ye forth doing as I have done; and as ye do with a small colony, and a small city,
so will I give into your keeping that which is greater when ye are prepared therefore.

15. When God ceased, the marshals led the way, and the hosts following their governors
filed in front of the throne, saluting with the sign of Jehovih’s name, which was answered
by God’s hands upraised. Meanwhile the es’enaurs sang in glory to Jehovih. Presently the
hosts passed out and beyond the pillars of fire.

16. When all had quieted, God said: Let the builders of ships begin now and build a ship
for me and my hosts, for the time draweth near. And let the graders choose from my
laborers, who have toiled a hundred years, day and night, without ceasing, such as shall
be my companions and hosts on my journey; according to their grade shall they be

17. And even so were they chosen and notified.

18. And God said: Whilst I shall be absent there shall sit on my throne, being God in my
place, he who standeth highest in the grades. According to the transcendency of him who
hath done the most for the resurrection of the es’yans, so shall be your God and my God.

19. And God commanded the graders to present before the throne the records, that the
Council of Hored might determine the matter. And this was so done.

20. And Ha’jah, an etherean, was chosen. And God commanded them to send word unto
Ha’jah, with an escort to conduct him to the capital.

21. In due time the escort brought Ha’jah into the palace of the kingdom of God, and God
was sitting on the throne. With music they came in and filed in front of the throne,
forming a crescent, with Ha’jah betwixt the horns.

22. God said: By command of Jehovih have I summoned thee thither, O Ha’jah. Long
before I have known thee, even on other worlds. Of all virtues in man which stand
highest, which is, never to mention one’s self, thou excellest all men in my kingdom. Thy
labors for the general upraising of Hored excellest all others. For this reason thou art
preferred, and by Jehovih chosen to be my assistant whilst I am here, and in my absence
to be my very God in the Father’s name.

23. Ha’jah said: This being the will of Jehovih, proceed thou.

24. God struck the gavel and the holy council rose to their feet. God said: In Jehovih’s
name I salute thee, Ha’jah, as God of Tek (See tablet Ah-iod’zan, B
to hold dominion in Hored. Come forth and receive thou my throne for the Father’s
sake. The marshals then conducted Ha’jah to the foot of the throne, and God came
down and took his hand and led him up. And as they were going forth a light,
as of golden fire, came down from the firmament above, sent by the kingdoms
high exalted; and God and Ha’jah were covered around about and illuminated.

25. God said: By Thy Wisdom, Love and Power, O Jehovih, do I receive this Thy son on
Thy Throne. Be Thou with him in Wisdom and Strength for Thy glory forever! Amen!

26. God raised up a rod, waving it, and rain came down from heaven. Ha’jah said: In Thy
name, O Jehovih! Whereupon God stretched forth his hand unto Jehovih, saying: Give
me a crown for Thy son, God of Tek, O Jehovih!

27. And there descended, as if a small star, far lengthened out, a light of gold and silver,
and it settled on God’s hand, and he fashioned it into a crown, and emblazoned it with the
sign G
OD OF TEK, and placed it on Ha’jah’s head, saying: In Jehovih’s name, thee I crown,
to sit on the throne in Hored during my absence.

28. Ha’jah said: Thy son, O Jehovih, shall fulfill Thy commandments in wisdom and love.
May the Father, Creator of worlds, give this Thy son rest and comfort for the glories he
hath wrought in Thy name! Amen!

29. The Council said: Amen! The es’enaurs chanted an anthem of praise to Jehovih. And
God led Ha’jah forth and seated him on the throne, saying: Thou art God in my name and
Jehovih’s also. And since I now go down to the earth to sojourn for a season, thou shalt be
known as God of both earth and heaven.

30. So God departed out of Hored and embarked on a ship, taking with him seven
thousand men and women for his escort, beside a thousand es’enaurs and the crew of
three thousand to work the ship.

Chapter 6

1. And God went to the provinces of the governors of heaven dwelling on earth, whom he
had appointed and sent forth; and as he himself had been commissioned by Jehovih in
Hored, so did he install the governors on their seats.

2. And the governors were situated within Waga (Pan) at remote distances, but God sent
messengers to them, notifying them of the time he would appear.

3. And the Lord being apprised of God’s journey, established a protectorate in the Lord’s
kingdom in the city of Ul’oo, on earth, and went and joined the ship of God, and traveled
with him throughout Waga, being present at the inauguration of the governors in these

4. To each and all the governors, God said: Remember that that which is given to my
governors pertaineth to things in heaven; for the Lord’s matters pertain to earthly things,
and to angels that labor with the corporeans. But ye are to attend to the es’yans, receiving
them in heaven, providing them with places to sojourn, and in their helplessness supply
them with food and clothes, and the rudiments of learning.

5. God said: Remember ye also, the time cometh when each of these governorships shall
attain to an independent kingdom; and instead of being governors ye shall be raised as

6. After God established the governors, the Lord persuaded God to visit his place in
Ul’oo, and thence to go around about on earth and see the mortals with whom the Lord
had to deal. And God consented, and the Lord sent messengers on before him, that the
house of the Lord, which mortals had built, might be replenished and cleansed.

7. And the protectorate notified the ashars, and the ashars impressed mortals to go and
cleanse and purify the house of the Lord. And so mortals fell to work and cleansed the
place, and burned incense of sweet myrrh and hepatan, not even knowing they were
fulfilling the command of the Lord.

8. When the ship of the hosts of God came to the city of Ul’oo, mortals saw it high up
in the air, and they feared and ran hastily to consult the prophet of the Lord. And
the prophet said: Behold, God appeareth in a sea of fire in the firmament of heaven.

9. And God caused the ship to be made unseen, that fear might subside on earth, and he
descended with his hosts into the house of the Lord, and they went and touched the things
mortals had built that they might perceive corporeally.

10. And the Lord gave a banquet, and the angels of God tarried four days, exchanging
fellowship with the ashars, who ministered to mortals. And the ashars took the angels of
God around about amongst mortals, both whilst mortals were asleep and awake, showing
them all things.

11. And because of the presence of the hosts of God, mortals were aroused with new
vigor to worship the Lord, rising early and going to the house of worship and continuing
all day, and not one of them knew the cause thereof.

12. On the evening of the fourth day God commanded his hosts to prepare to renew the
journey, and the ship was again illumed and set for its course.

13. God said: O Jehovih, who createth all, look down and bless Thy Lord! He hath from
his high estate in etherea, descended to these poor mortals to lift them up. Already hath he
toiled with them a hundred years. Three generations have risen up out of the earth, and
they begin to glorify Thee in Thy kingdoms above the earth. Who but Thee, O Jehovih,
can honor Thy Lord or know his sore trials! Behold, man groweth up out of the earth,
saying: There is no Lord and no God. But his feet and his hands are guided every hour of
the day. Yea, when he entereth the unseen worlds, they become seen; but he is helpless in
a strange place. And Thy Lord provideth him and teacheth him Thy kingdoms. Thy Lord
goeth from place to place on the earth. He findeth a corner and saith: Here will I build a
city. He sendeth his angels forth and they inspire man on the earth to come and build a
city. Yet when the city is built, man saith: Behold, there is no God and no Lord.

14. The Lord bringeth the corporeans together and guardeth them day and night;
but man turneth away in strife and destruction. Then Thy Lord withdraweth his
angels of the city because of its wickedness; and lo, the city falleth in ruins. But man
knoweth not the cause. Yet Thy Lord toileth on, day and night, watching, guarding

and striving to lift man up out of darkness. O Jehovih, Father, bless Thy Lord and
his hosts! Haste the time when man shall comprehend the foundations of Thy kingdoms!

15. The Lord said: O Jehovih, Ever Present! Hear the words of Thy God. He who
comprehendeth the whole earth and the heaven of the earth, knowing no day nor no night.
He dealeth with millions; his judgment is sufficient for all.

16. Glorify him, Thy Son, of heaven and earth. He fashioneth the homes of Thy Lords and
Thy little ones in great wisdom. His love is the glory of all men; his strength fashioned
after Thy foundations. Give swiftness and rest, and joy in Thy quickening to him, Thy

17. The mortals of the city of Ul’oo had gathered together to worship, and they were
singing and dancing to the Lord, and the angels joined in the singing also. And God went
and sat on the altar and illuminated it, so the mortals could see him. And the chief prophet
came near the place of the Lord, and the Lord placed his hand on the forehead of the
prophet, so he might speak in the name of God.

18. The prophet said: Behold me, I am the God of heaven and earth, and my words come
out of the mouth of this my prophet. Keep holy the four days of the moon, for they are the
Lord’s days. (See ceremonies of Hi-dang, Saphah, and also Mas.) Do no evil, but strive
for wisdom and to do good. And when ye are dead, behold, ye shall live, for I have places
prepared for ye in my heaven. Rejoice and be merry, for the Lord liveth and reigneth.

19. When the prophet ceased, God rose up from the altar, and his traveling host also, and
saluting the Lord in the name of Jehovih, disappeared in heaven above.

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