Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, January 4th, 2022

Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, January 4th, 2022

Weekday Sabbath

Book of Judgement Chapter 38


1. GOD said: I said unto thee, O man, pursue thy wisdom after the manner of thy God.

2. I go to the beginning; I labor not so much to convert adults, as to prepare the minds of the young.

3. Now, behold, because I told thee this, thou sought to have children born unto thee after the manner of Gods.

4. Thou saidst: I understand the new kingdom; I have the solution for raising up a new generation on the earth. I have chosen me my women, who also comprehend, and, behold, our offspring will be very Gods!

5. But I admonished thee, saying: Thou openst the door for adultery; thou shalt surely go down.

6. Thou wouldst not profit by the wisdom of the ages. I had holden up my hand, and said: One wife, one husband!

7. Now, hear me, O man: In a new cycle man ever runneth to the extreme opposite of the old errors, and thus bringeth upon himself new ones, that he knew not of.

8. I say unto thee: The new edifice shall be of all that was good of the past, of things proven in heaven and on earth.

9. Also, I say unto thee, it shall be of the young, and not of the adult.

10. Because thou hast attempted to beget offspring for the new kingdom, thou, of all men, art the most unfit.

11. My laborers shall not have desire to be either fathers or mothers. Nor shall they seek in any way things that belong on the earth; nor have passions that belong only to the earth.

12. Nevertheless, they shall be the founders of the Father’s kingdom on earth, and with the young.

13. They shall gather up orphans and castaways in infancy, and take them into colonies, hundreds and thousands of them.

14. And these infants shall be fed and clothed and raised up, not after any man’s whim or conceit, but according to the accumulated wisdom collected from all the different nations and peoples in all the world, as to how to make the best corporeal and spiritual men and women.

15. Behold, it hath been proven in the warrior and pugilist how to raise a savage man, by flesh diet and inharmonious surroundings; and in nations and tribes of peace, how to raise a virtuous and industrious man, on herbs and fruit diet.

16. These are things for thee to learn, O man, going at the subject systematically, to find the best way to make the best man and woman out of the infants entrusted to thee.

17. Not only as to diet, but as to clothing, and as to comfort and cleanliness; and to avoid disease; and as to strength and suppleness and swiftness; and as to virtue and modesty; and as to education, practical and theoretical; and as to industry and quick perception; and as to willingness to work for one another; and to trades and occupations; and as to pastimes, amusements and recreations, singing, dancing, and playing with great joy and delight; and as to worship, to rites and ceremonies; and as to acquiring seership and prophecy and signs and miracles, in su’is and sar’gis; as to communing with angels, and as to the value of angels as teachers and instructors by tangible presence and audible voices.

18. And yet, above all things, thou shalt preserve liberty unto all, with pleasant and enjoyable discipline for everything, after the manner of my heavenly kingdoms.

19. Remembering, that every faculty in every one shall be cultivated to the utmost.

20. Teaching them, from the first, that the eye of Jehovih is upon them, and that His hand is stretched over them, to bless them, according to their goodness, purity, love, gentleness and wisdom.

21. And that they shall not own nor possess individually; but that all things are Jehovih’s, and they, themselves, are angels in mortal form, created by Jehovih to rejoice and to help one another forever.

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