Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, January 17th, 2023

Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, January 17th, 2023

Book of Judgement Chapter 6


1. WHETHER on earth or in heaven, the same rules apply unto both:

2. He that serveth himself one-half, and serveth others one-half, shall stand grade fifty.

3. He that serveth himself three-quarters, and others one quarter, shall stand grade twenty-five.

4. He that serveth himself one-quarter, and others three-quarters, shall stand grade seventy-five.

5. He that serveth himself only, shall stand grade one.

6. He that serveth others wholly, shall stand grade ninety-nine.

7. And whoso serveth accordingly, himself or others, shall stand in grade even as his works manifest.

8. To serve one’s self is to work for one’s self; to strive for one’s self, to think of one’s own self, as to what will profit one’s own self only.

9. To serve others, is to do good unto others; to help them; to teach them; to give them joy and comfort. This is the service of Jehovih.

10. But there are some who are below the grades; who seek to do evil; who seek to make others unhappy; who delight in crime and pollution. These, if mortal, shall be called druks, and if spirits, shall be called drujas.

11. After such manner, in general, are the grades of my heavens of the earth, atmospherea.

12. Grade one is on the earth; grade fifty, midway betwixt the earth and the emancipated heavens, etherea.

13. Grade twenty-five is one-quarter way up from the earth, toward etherea; but grade seventy-five is three-quarters way upward, toward etherea. And so on, relatively, grade and place of ascent intermediately.

14. But grade ninety-nine is the highest atmospherean grade, preparatory to entrance into the company of the all pure in spirit.

15. But good works alone are not sufficient to attain the highest grades, for they require knowledge and capacity to unfold others.

16. To accomplish which, those of the higher grades shall oft return to the lower, and learn to lift them up. For this is that which calleth the ethereans in the times of resurrections.

17. Wherein the righteous, who are yet mortal, begin at once lifting up their fellows.

18. Which labor is to the spirit as exercise is to the mortal body, that which giveth strength.

19. Judge, then, thyself, O man of the earth, as to the place thy spirit will rise in the time of thy death.

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