Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, January 12th, 2021

Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, January 12th, 2021

Book of Sethantes Chapters 11 and 12

Chapter 11

1. And now came the long journey across the ocean. God said: Great is Thy wisdom, O
Jehovih, in the division of waters! Thy barriers provide nations against nations. A refuge
hast Thou made beyond the waters, and the evil man cannot pursue. But greater still are
Thy spirit oceans, O Father. The spirits of darkness cannot cross over, and the spirits of
newborn peoples are not contaminated. Thou Far-seeing, Thou Bestower of thrift into the
hands of Thy Gods and Thy Lords.

2. The master of the ship provided well for the journey; and presently the vessel of fire
sped over the water, high above the clouds that cover the ocean. Onward to the west,
bleak and desolate, through the spirit sea, unseen by mortals. On the far-off borders where
the lands come to the waters’edge, the Lord of the land of Thouri stood, stationed in a
ship, to welcome God to the great west lands.

3. And this was the land called by the angels in aftertime North Guatama, signifying the
meeting of nations and the dawn of kosmon.

4. God came down out of the ship and stood on the land, and a light of etherean
flame descended upon him, and Jehovih spoke out of the light, saying: Hear Me,
O My Son! Hither have I brought thee. This land is the last of the circle, even as

Waga is the first. Behold, when the earth is circumscribed around about with
such as choose Me, I will come hither with a great awakening light to the souls of men.

5. On this land will I finish the dominion of the Gods and Lords on earth, even as on
Waga; through thee and thy Lords will I now lay the foundation for My kingdoms.
On this land will I raise up a people who shall be the fulfilling of that which the I’hins
of Waga profess; for My chosen shall come out boldly against all dominion save Mine,
even Jehovih. Look over this land, My Son, and provide unto the time of kosmon.

6. My prophets shall foretell thee what shall happen; thou shalt look upon the
mountains and strong standing rocks, and the thought of thy soul shall pierce them,
and the impression thereof shall be as a written book before the races of men in that
day. Neither shall they know the cause, but they shall come forth in tens of thousands,
putting away all Gods and Lords and ancient tyranny, for My sake. Thy soul
shall be My talisman, deep engraven in the land and water and mountains.

7. On this land alone shall not any Lord nor God be established by the sword, for it is My
land, which I planned for the deliverance of the nations of the earth.

8. The hosts of both the ships came and joined in gleesome reunion after a hundred years’
absence; and it came to pass that God traveled over the land and waters of the great west

9. And all the places that the Lord had searched out, to the east and west and north and
south, even to the farthest boundary, were revealed and recorded in the books of heaven.

10. God said: And thou, my Lord, shalt mark out the place of the dominion of Jehovih in
the founding of His kingdom on earth. And a record of thy labors shall descend through
the Lords and Gods that come after thee, even down to the time of the coming light of

11. And the people who shall dwell here till that day, shall never be worshippers of any
Lord or God, such as other people shall worship.

12. Let my seal be put upon this land, in the name of Jehovih, and to Him I consecrate it

13. So, after that time, God rested from his labors, and the Lord with him. And the Lord
prepared a feast and reunion for all the angels in his dominions.

14. And they thus assembled and sang and prayed and danced, and conversed on things
long past and things of the future, re-assuring one another of their love and high esteem
after the manner of mortals of this day.

15. When the banquet was ended, God and his traveling host, in due ceremony and order,
took their leave. Thus God departed. And when the ship of God was raised up and under
way, the voice of Jehovih came to God, saying:

16. Steer thy ship, My Son, around about over all the other lands and islands and
waters of the earth. Go low down to the earth that thy recording angels may witness
the affairs of men and all the places I created on the earth, and the waters of the earth.

17. Thus God visited all places on land and water, even where man lived not, as
well as where he lived, and the angels made a record thereof in the books of heaven.

18. And the time of the journey and the visits of God to the places of earth and her
heavens was one year and seven days; and his rest was completed. So he sent messengers
to Hored, his heavenly kingdom, announcing the time of his coming. And he then set sail

Chapter 12

1. When it was known in Hored that God was about to return, Ha’jah put all things in
readiness for God’s reception.

2. And there volunteered ten thousand musicians and five thousand bearers of banners,
one thousand marshals and officers of the throne, and one hundred thousand receivers, to
go part way and meet God and his companions.

3. And Ha’jah granted their prayers and they started at once, being the most majestic host
that had as yet gone forth in the lower heaven.

4. And when they were a little way off, behold, God and his ship of fire approached in
heavenly splendor. And the marshals met him and laid hold of the han’iv of the ship,
whereon all the hosts did in like manner, save the musicians who sang and played.

5. When they drew near and entered Hored, Ha’jah broke down from his high estate, and
left the throne, running to meet God as a child would run to its father. And when the
multitude saw this, they also broke loose from decorous behavior and gave full vent to
their outbursting love for God and his hosts. And all the people became as a tumult in
rivalry of rejoicing.

6. In a little while God and Ha’jah turned and walked to the throne, ascending
thereon; and Ha’jah took his place, and God sat on his right, and order reigned.

7. Ha’jah said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, I welcome back Thy First Son of earth to the
kingdom Thou hast bestowed upon him, and Thy sons and daughters. As much as he hath
glorified Thee, by his labor and by his wisdom and love, so do we honor him in Thy name
and for Thy glory!

8. God said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, do I return to these, my loves! That I am returned I
glorify Thee, O My Father. That Thou hast made them to rejoice, is the glory of my life.

9. And now a great light gathered up around the throne, so that many could not look
thereon, and presently the power of Jehovih came upon Ha’jah, and the voice of Jehovih
spake through him, saying to God:

10. This is again thy throne, O My Son! Thou shalt finish that which I have put upon thee.
Thy people shall learn the manner of my kingdoms, and know that even as I make all, so
do I rule over all.

11. Hang up thy traveling garb, My Son; dismiss thy traveling hosts and resume thy seat
on the throne, for I gave it thee. The voice departed; Ha’jah rose up and stood aside, and
the light fell upon God, and he resumed the throne and was hailed by the multitude in
Jehovih’s name.

12. God said to Ha’jah: Because thou hast prospered my kingdom during one whole year,
thou shalt be my companion and assistant, with power and wisdom to superintend all
matters not direct with my Lords.

13. Behold, this day have I set apart as a new day in heaven and earth; because on this day
the sun taketh its course from the north line; and from this time forth it shall be called the
new year’s day. So shall it be, from this time forth, the day of the relief watch in Hored.

14. Hear my voice, O Ha’jah, and ye of the Council of the throne of heaven! That which I
commanded shall ye proclaim throughout heaven and earth to all who serve me.

15. Because of the increase of the kingdom of Hored I will have the place enlarged; and
the Council shall no longer be called a Council, but Moeb, for it shall be an assembly
over all councils below it.

16. And Moeb shall no longer deal with the affairs of individuals, even though they be
Lords; but she shall have dominion with the cities and kingdoms of heaven, and with
judgments and decrees.

17. But in all matters of less degree, this, my son Ha’jah, shall have dominion. And thou,
O Ha’jah, shall build thee a house in Hored, near this throne, and it shall be thy house and
the place of thy business.

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