Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, February 16th, 2021

Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, February 16th, 2021

Book of Judgement Chapter 31


1. God said: Consider the judgments of God, O thou man of many promises.

2. Behold, I have heard thee say: O God, if I were rich; or, if this undertaking hold good;
or, if I am spared, then will I do something handsome for the Father’s kingdom!

3. And thy vows have been registered in heaven, over and over again.

4. And my angels have labored with thee to fulfill thy promise. And, yet, thou dost not
regard thy word. But thou holdest to thy earthly possessions, saying: Wait yet a little

5. Hear thou, then, the judgment of thy God, for it is that which thou shalt put upon
thyself after thine entrance into the es world.

6. Which is, that thou shalt be bound in heaven till thou shalt accomplish what thou
mightst have done, but failed to do.

7. And this is the penalty for neglecting, on earth, to fulfill the light that was given unto
thee: Thou shalt, in heaven, accomplish without money, what thou couldst have done
with money. And the difference it requireth to do a thing without means, as compared to
what might be done by one with means, is the extra bondage and duration that shall be
upon thy head and soul.

8. To all men, who set out with a promise to accomplish charity, or any good for the
resurrection or melioration of man, and fail to do it, the same judgment shall be upon
them in heaven. Nor shall they rise above the first resurrection until they have fulfilled the
same in all particulars. Thus shall they judge themselves in heaven.

9. It is not sufficient for thee, O man, to say: I saw not my way clear as to the best method
of doing a thing, and so I waited.

10. The commandment of Jehovih is upon thee, to do what thou canst, according to thy
highest light and ability to accomplish. In this respect, then, thou shalt find no excuse,
because thou knew not the best way.

11. Neither mattereth it, the amount of thy riches being less than another man’s riches.

12. Nor shalt thou find an excuse, in saying: I did more according to my means than did
my neighbor.

13. One man shall not be judged by another; but all shall be judged according to the light
of Jehovih in them, and according to what He hath given unto them.

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