Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, December 27th, 2022

Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, December 27th, 2022

Weekday Sabbath

Book of Discipline Chapter 9


1. WHOSO hath said: I have searched my heart and mind, and, now before Jehovih I desire to live a higher life.

2. I desire to put away my selfishness, and passions, and sentiments of unrighteousness and unclean thoughts–and words.

3. I desire more to serve others than myself.

4. I desire no possessions, nor preference over another, nor to be a leader nor a chief.

5. I wish to discipline myself not to speak of myself.

6. I would learn to speak truth only.

7. I would that I were affiliative.

8. I desire to do good unto others continually.

9. I long for association.

10. I will not criticise any person, nor censure them, or find fault with them.

11. I will conform to the rites and discipline of the fraternity.

12. I will fulfill my covenants with Jehovih, with all my wisdom and strength.

13. I renounce isolated labor.

14. I renounce the unorganized world.

15. I renounce the Uzians.

16. I consecrate myself to Jehovih.

17. I give up all unto Him.

18. What I do henceforth shall be by and through the fraternity in His name.

19. Then that man is prepared to enter the Father’s kingdom.

20. But these are not prepared to enter the kingdom, who say: I want a home for comfort’s sake, and where I may lead an easy life.

21. I desire this because I shall have opportunity to improve myself.

22. I desire this because I cannot care for myself, and that I may be cared for.

23. Where I may shirk my responsibilities.

24. Weigh this matter, O man, and be thine own judge as to whether thou art prepared in heart and soul. Neither flatter thyself that thou canst come in unprepared and not be discovered. For soon or late thine inmost thoughts will become known, and the fraternity will not be thy place.

25. To put away flesh-food is easy, but to put away dark thoughts and words–who can do this in a day?

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