Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, December 13th, 2022

Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, December 13th, 2022

Weekday Sabbath

Book of Jehovih’s Kingdom on Earth Chapter 21


1. THIS is the sermon of the Voice, as delivered in Shalam to such as were admitted on trial, to wit:

2. My Voice is with all men, saith Jehovih.

3. Whoso is admonished against wrong-doing hath heard Me. By that shall he know My Presence.

4 . The man of Uz crieth out in mockery: Who hath heard Jehovih? Do the Faithists say, they have heard the Creator’s voice? How can empty space speak?

5. But I am sufficient unto all My creations. The ant heareth Me, and the bee, the bird and the spider and all manner of living things which I created.

6. How think ye they hear Me, learning to do My will? Go I to them with lips and tongue, or with a trumpet?

7. I am Spirit; I am the Soul of things. By way of the soul is My Voice unto every living creature that I created.

8. But man locketh up his soul, and will not hear Me.

9. He heedeth that which cometh upon his corporeal senses. And this darkness groweth upon him, generation after generation.

10. Then he crieth out: Where is Jehovih? Who hath heard Him? Perhaps the ancients; but none in this day.

11. Jehovih saith: I am as one on the top of a mountain, calling to all people to come up to Me. But they hearken to darkness at the foot of the mountain, calling them down in corpor.

12. Now, behold, whatsoever thou hearest, or seest or readest or any indulgence that riseth thee upward, the same is My Voice unto thee.

13. But, whatsoever thou hearest, or seest or readest that casteth thee downward, is the voice of darkness.

14. Whoso studieth to know the right, shall hear Me; whoso striveth to be all truth, to himself and to others, already heareth My Voice.

15. Whoso indulgeth in anger, or vengeance, or in wrong-doing, casteth a veil up betwixt Me and himself; he shutteth out My Voice.

16. It is a talent to hear Me; I bestowed it upon all the living; it is seated in the soul.

17. By cultivation, it groweth; yea, it becometh mighty above all other talents.

18. By its culture, man attaineth to all possibilities, for so I created him.

19. When My Voice is weak, because of the darkness of man, he calleth Me conscience, or setteth Me aside as a faint impression.

20. But, with culture, behold, My Voice cometh to man with words and with power.

21. And he knoweth Me, and is mighty in good works and wisdom.

22. And he becometh a proof before the world, that My Voice is with him.

23. Jehovih saith: Whoso hath not heard Me, is in darkness indeed. He hath not yet turned his thoughts inward to purify himself and seek wisdom.

24. Whoso hath heard Me, knoweth it, and all the world can not convince him to the contrary.

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