Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, August 25th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, August 25th, 2020

1st Quarter Moon

God’s Book of Eskra Chapter 37, Chapter 38, Chapter 39

Chapter 37

1. The following are the books of Ka’yu, to wit:

2. OF THE CREATOR, the Great Spirit, Eolin, and His Creation.

3. OF THE PLAN OF CORPOREAL WORLDS, the sun and earth and moon and stars, and their sizes
and motions, and their power to hold themselves in their places, by the velocity of

4. OF LIGHT AND HEAT, and thunder and lightning.

5. OF THE UNSEEN WORLDS; the upper and lower heavens; the habitations of the Gods.

6. OF THE INTERMEDIATE WORLD, or lower heaven, which resteth on the earth.

7. OF TE, who hath charge of this world and her heavens.

8. OF FALSE GODS, and their kingdoms in the lower heavens; and their power to catch the
souls of men after death.

9. OF HELL, where the spirits of bad men are tortured for a long season.

10. OF THE HIGHEST HEAVENS, the Orian worlds, where the spirits of good mortals dwell in
everlasting bliss.

11. OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF GODS, and drujas over mortals; how nations are built up, or
destroyed by the Gods.

12. And these ten were such as in after years were recorded as the BOOKS OF GREAT
LEARNING, and were made by the Sun Emperor THE STANDARD of the empire.

13. The following books of Ka’yu were such as were called, THE LESSER SCHOLARSHIPS, to

14. AXIOMS, being the simples of problems.



17. PURIFICATION; to purify the flesh; and to purify the spirit (or soul).

18. DIVINATION; consultation of spirits; legerdemain; sar’gis; su’is; power of the spirits to
give man dreams and visions.

19. MAXIMS, propriety, sincerity, rites and ceremonies, reverence to age, respect to the

20. LOVE; to love the Great Spirit; to love the parents; to love discipline and industry;
marriage; marriage for earthly sake being wicked; marriage for spiritual redemption of the
world by generations of holier men and women.

21. BOOK OF HISTORIES, of Gods and Saviors, of kings and emperors, of wise men, of lawgivers, of the rise and fall of nations.

22. BOOK OF HOLIES, in six parts: Omnipotence, Worship, Jehovih’s (Eolin’s) Judgments,
Progression, Reverence to the priests, and Obedience to the sacred commandment.

23. BOOK OF GEMS, also in six parts: Proverbs, Poetry, Morning and Evening Devotion,
Association, in the family, the community, the state and the empire, Confession of Sins,
and Praise and Rejoicing in Eolin, the Great Spirit.

24. Such were the twenty books of Ka’yu, which were the pith and cream of the eighteen
thousand books of the ancients, together with all the light of the latter days added thereto.
And in not many years, these also became the standard books of the Chine’ya empire.

25. And the Council of Ts’Sin’Ne came to a close, and the disciples of Ka’yu departed to
their respective provinces, taking copies of the books with them.

26. God had said to his inspiring angels: Suffer not Ka’yu to know he receiveth light from
heaven, for he shall be as an example to men, to inspire them to perfect the talents created

27. And it was so; and during all these years of labor, Ka’yu knew not that he was

28. And God looked upon the empire of Chine’ya, and he said: Behold, my son shall write
other books, but less profound.

29. And God inspired Ka’yu to write:






And these were all the books Ka’yu wrote.

36. Nevertheless, his fame became so great that many men followed him about, even
when he traveled into distant provinces, and they watched for the words he spake, and
they wrote them down, and these were also made into books.

37. Because of the presence of God and his angels, Ka’yu saw clearly and heard
clearly; nevertheless, his inspiration was God by proxy, and not like the inspiration
of Chine, to whom God came in person, dwelling with him. Wherein, on
many occasions, Ka’yu did things of his own accord, and committed some blunders.


1. When the Triune Gods perceived the great work accomplished by God, Jehovih’s
Son, in Vind’yu and Chine’ya, thus going to the root of the resurrection, they
were sorely troubled for the ultimate prospect of their own heavenly kingdoms.

2. Ennochissa, Triune of Eta-shong, the heavenly kingdom over Chine’ya, sent an
invitation to his two brother Triunes, to come to his heavenly city, to confer as to what
should be done.

3. Accordingly, Kabalactes and Looeamong went to Eta-shong, where they were received
in great grandeur, by one thousand million angels, and conducted to Ennochissa’s
heavenly capital and to his throne.

4. After due salutations and ceremonies, the Triunes all took seats on the throne.
Whereupon the Holy Council retired from the presence, leaving only the Lords-inattendance and the chief marshals within the crescent of the throne.

5. Ennochissa said: My brothers, peace be with you, because of my great joy for your

6. Behold, Chine’ya, my earthly kingdom is being sapped in the foundation by the
Ka’yu’an (Confucian) doctrines. What more will these people care for the Trinity? Jehovih
is triumphant.

7. Kabalactes said: As thou hast spoken of Chine’ya, so say I of Vind’yu: The doctrine of
the Trinity is being entirely destroyed by the Sakaya’yan doctrines. Our heavenly
kingdoms will lose their base of supplies for subjects. Jehovih is triumphant.

8. Looeamong said: My brothers, it is not my place to point out the mistakes of others.
But ye twain have built great heavenly capitals and palaces. Your kingdoms are
embellished, as these heavens never were before, with magnificent cities.

9. Now, whilst ye were thus building, behold, I went with my legions down to the earth to
war. I have not only overthrown many of the false Gods and Lords, but driven the
worshipers of Jehovih to death.

10. Therefore, I have done little to beautify my heavenly kingdoms; but I rest above fear
and apprehension. Nevertheless, whatsoever ye would, that I can do, to assist you out of
your dilemmas, that will I do.

11. Now, after many suggestions and proposals, which were not accepted, Ennochissa
said: As God, Jehovih’s Son, hath taken an earthly course to insure his success, why shall
not we also?

12. Behold, let us seek out a number of mortals also, and through them, establish our
doctrines with mortals.

13. Looeamong said: A most wise suggestion.

14. Kabalactes said: This have I seen, since a long time, would be necessary to

15. Thereupon a coalition was entered into by the three Triunes to give to mortals fortynine Saviors, in order to establish the Trinity.

16. Which labor should be accomplished within two hundred years.

17. And it was also stipulated, that the whole forty-nine Saviors should be put to death
ignominiously in order to win mortal sympathy.

18. To accomplish which, the Holy Confederacy provided, that each kingdom should
supply one million angels for the army of inspiration, and that the same doctrine should
be enunciated through every Savior, raised up for the work. And, accordingly, the three
million inspiring angels were selected, all being above grade eighty, and these, being in
three armies, were provided with one general officer to each army, called captain of the

19. For Looeamong’s hosts, Thoth was made captain.

20. For Kabalactes’hosts, Yima was made captain.

21. For Ennochissa’s hosts, Satree was made captain.

22. Accordingly, these three, Thoth, Yima and Satree, with their three millions, were sent
down to the earth, to cover it around about in their own way, to raise up amongst mortals
the required Saviors.

23. And there were thus given to the earth, in the space of less than two hundred years,
forty-nine Saviors, to wit:

24. Rita, Gibbor, Gaal, Efrokin, Gargra, Thules, of the house of Thules, Etrus, Gadamon
and Shofal; and all of these were of Egupt, and performed miracles, such as healing the
sick, giving sight to the blind, and hearing to the deaf, and raising spirits of the dead to
life; and they preached the doctrine of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. And the angels
inspired their enemies to put them to death, that their doctrines might be sealed in blood.
And this was done.

25. Of the land of Parsi’e, the following men: Adakus, Mithra, Bali, Malopesus, Gonsalk,
Hebron, Belus, of the house of Belus, Megath, Yodoman and Beels. And these preached
the same doctrines, and were also put to death in order to seal their words in blood. Some
of them were boiled in oil; some given to the lions in the dens, and some nailed on the
ugsa, and left to perish.

26. Of Vind’yu, the following: Indra, Yuth, Sakai, Withoban, Aria, Devatat, Chrisna,
Laracqu, Hagre, Anathia, Jannassa and Janeirus. And these performed the same kind of
miracles, and preached the same doctrines, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. And they
likewise suffered ignominious deaths, through the inspiration of the angel hosts.

27. Of Chine’ya, the following: Sam Sin, Ah Wah, Ah Chong, K’aou’foor, King Shu,
Shaou and Chung Le. And these performed miracles, and preached the same doctrines.
And they were also put to death ignominiously, being killed on the fetes, in order to seal

their doctrines in blood.

28. Of Heleste and Uropa, the following: Datur, Promethus, Quirnus, Iyo, Osseo and
Yohannas. And these taught the same doctrines, performing miracles also. And they were
killed on the fete in like manner, that their teachings might be sealed in blood.

29. Of Guatama, the following: Manito, Quexalcote, Itura, Tobak and Sotehoo. And these
performed miracles, taught the same (Triune) doctrines, and were all put to death
ignominiously, that their doctrines might be sealed in blood.

30. By the same army of angels that inspired these priests and magicians to miracles and
the preaching of the Triune doctrines, were they also betrayed, suffering death by enemies
who were inspired by the same angel hosts to that end.

31. Now so far as the Triune doctrines affected mortals, it related chiefly to war. The
confederate Gods had said:

32. War for righteousness sake is just. We go to the earth to put swords and spears in the
hands of the innocent and upright, saying to them: Defend yourselves! Establish
yourselves! There is no Ever Present Person. All things were created out of the Holy
Ghost. Depend upon yourselves. Rise up and be men, mighty to do the will of the Son,
the Father and the Holy Ghost!

1. When God, Son of Jehovih, saw the work of the Triunes, he bewailed the ways of

2. Jehovih said to him: Bewail not, My Son, nor grieve for what they have done. But
make thou a record of their works; for mortals will preserve a history of this period,
which shall be called, the Era of Saviors. And it shall stand as the darkest era in the cycle
of Bon.

3. But it shall come to pass on the earth, that the Triunes will cut themselves off in a way
they see not. For mortals will worship the Saviors. Whereupon the Triunes will become
divided in their heavenly kingdoms.

4. So God bewailed no more, but prepared a new army of a thousand million angels, to go
down to the earth, to provide for receiving the spirits of such as were sure to be slain in
wars near at hand.

5. Of these hosts, Eyodemus was given command, and he appointed the following
officers (to each hundred million), to go with him to wit:

6. Sogothwich, Yutempasa, Loo Wan, Thagaik, Maratha, Wein, Shuberth, Le Shong,
Taivi and Duraya.

7. Nor did they reach the earth any too soon, for war soon circled the whole earth around,
and every nation and tribe and people were immured in bloody carnage.

8. This period was practically the end of the good works of the Triune, but equally so the
beginning of their mighty kingdoms in heaven, which were destined, ere long, to
overshadow the whole earth.

9. The war, they set on foot on earth, extended into their own kingdoms. And these three
Gods, the Triunes, saw, that only by might and desperate vigor, could they preserve their
heavens from anarchy.

10. Five of the sub-Gods of Kabalactes, of Vind’yu, revolted within his own kingdom,
and set up places of their own. And they falsely assumed the names of the Saviors, who

had been put to death, in order to establish the Trinity.

11. Kabalactes summoned his remaining chief officers to Haractu, his heavenly city,
before his throne. And when they were before him, he said unto them:

12. This is the emergency of the Gods. My voice and my strong arm are raised up.
Miscreants, whom I elevated to official positions in heaven, have betrayed their
trust. With their legions they have seceded, and set up kingdoms of their own.

13. I have called you before me, that ye may jointly hear my decree, and obey. I will
have order and harmony in my heaven. Neither shall there be but one God in my
dominions, even myself. It is my will, therefore, that ye pursue these rebellious
captains down to the earth, to their heavenly kingdoms, and despoil them utterly.

14. And if need be, ye shall capture them and their chief leaders, and cast them into hell.
For they shall understand that I am not a God of peace, like the Jehovihian Gods, but a
God of war.

15. For this purpose, I appoint Yima as my Holy Embassador and Earth Warrior. And I
give to him two thousand million warriors, that he may make quick work of my rebellious

16. My marshal shall select, therefore, for thee, Yima, the two thousand million
angel warriors; and thou shalt appoint thine own generals and captains, and go at once
down to the earth regions of these miscreants, and carry out my commandments.

17. Yima and his hosts did as commanded, but not suddenly; for an angel war ensued
which lasted forty-six years, before the five rebellious Gods were beaten from their
strongholds. And, even then, they were not captured and cast into hell; but they escaped,
taking half a million angel warriors with them, and they migrated to Uropa, to the city of
Roma, where they established themselves in security. Thus the deposed Vind’yu Gods
became Gods of Roma.

18. Immediately after Yima succeeded in clearing Vind’yu, Kabalactes summoned him
again to Heractu, his heavenly seat, before his Holy Council. When he had thus come,
Kabalactes spoke from the throne, saying:

19. Because my wisdom hath triumphed in heaven and earth, I now take unto myself a
new name, BUDHA. And from this day and hour I shall be called by no other name
forever. And my heavenly place, my city and my heavens, shall be known henceforth,
forever, as Haractu, the Budhist heavenly kingdom, the All Highest Heaven of Heavens!

20. Thou, Yima, shalt repair again to the earth with thy two thousand million warring
angels, and establish me, as the Budha. By fire and by sword, by blood and death shalt
thou establish my name on the earth.

21. And thou shalt find a way to teach mortals, that I was Sakaya, and Sakaya was and is
the Budha, Son of the Triune, Son of the Holy Ghost.

22. Jehovih had said: Behold the time will come unto both Gods and men who deny My
All Person, when they will espouse even falsehood for sake of their own selfish ends.

23. And Kabalactes shall falsely assume, that he was Sakaya, and that Sakaya was and is

24. Jehovih spake to God, saying: Behold, he commandeth himself to be called Budha.
Now I say unto thee, suffer this also to be, neither accuse thou him before heaven or earth
of his falsehood.

25. Nay, but thou shalt also henceforth call him Budha, signifying ALL KNOWLEDGE,
for it is his choice.

26. So it came to pass from this time after, Kabalactes was called Budha in heaven.
And his angel hosts under Yima, who descended to the earth, inspired mortals, both
through the oracles and by direct contact, to call Sakaya, Budha, and Budha, Sakaya.
And these things were so. And in not many generations, mortals forgot that they were
two persons; but they accredited all things to Budha of the spirit, and all things of the
flesh to Sakaya, although the whole matter was false in fact.

27. Wherein, it came to pass, that the followers of Budha professed peace, but practiced
war and conquest, setting out by blood and carnage and destruction to establish Buddhism
in Vind’yu.

28. Jehovih said to God: Even this shalt thou suffer them to do. For herein will they lay
the foundation of the final overthrow of this false God, Budha. For they will put aside the
Trinity of their own accord, retaining Budha and the Holy Ghost. Yea, they will
ultimately teach, that Budha is itself but a principle, and that the Holy Ghost is but as
nothing. They will say: War for Budha, and thou shalt attain Budha, which shall be
followed by Nirvana, which they will also call nothing. And these things came to pass.

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