Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, August 24th, 2021

Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, August 24th, 2021

Book of Judgement Chapter 10

1. Thou art remembered, O man, by thy God, and admonished and instructed for thy
soul’s sake that thou mayest become a glory to thy Creator and to thyself.

2. Hear then, thy responsibility and the extent thereof, and consider the magnitude of
thine own grade on earth and in heaven.

3. Which is in proportion to the power and the distance of thy reach. Which I have also
graded unto all men on earth and in heaven.

4. If thy Creator give thee strength to carry four men on thy back, and thou wilt carry but
one, thou shalt be one-quarter grade. But, if thou carriest the whole four, thou shalt be full

5. One man hath wherewithal to feed one man; another hath sufficient for a thousand; and
another for a hundred thousand. These are the distances of the reach and power of these
men, which is the extent beyond which nothing more can be exacted of them, on earth or
in heaven.

6. Yet, when they have all fulfilled these to the utmost, they shall be therein only equal in

7. But, if they fail in their parts, the responsibility of one shall be a hundred thousand; and
another shall be ten thousand, and the least shall be only one. These are the debts men
owe the people of the nation, the city and the hamlet.

8. Consider, therefore, the darkness of the people of thy nation; the poverty and the crime;
and judge thyself as to thine own responsibility.

9. And this rule shall apply both, on earth and in heaven. And thy grade of responsibility
in heaven shall begin even in the same place thou established it on the earth. Wherein
thou wert short, thou shalt labor; wherein thou didst fulfill, thou shalt rejoice, and be
without compunctions.

10. Also shall this rule be with the king and queen and emperor, and all rulers who have
means and power; and the responsibility shall extend to all the people of the kingdom or

11. Nor shall this responsibility be escaped by death; but the bondage in heaven shall be
according to the avoidance of the trust imposed.

12. Consider, then, what thou shalt be encumbered with in the es world.

13. Pursue this philosophy, and thou shalt determine what shall be the labor of the king
and the queen and the great ruler, after they have died, and entered the es world.

14. Find the grade of their respective dominions, and thou shalt determine, by the
ascension thereof, the duration of their bondage in the first resurrection, whether it be
fifty years or five hundred years.

15. But if such emperor’s dominions be in declension instead of resurrection, then, on his
entrance into heaven, he shall be at the mercy of the spirits of his kingdom, who shall be
in wait for him, and he shall not escape them.

16. Some other heavenly kingdom shall deliver them; otherwise, they fall into anarchy
and madness (hell).

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