Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

Book of Divinity Chapters V and VI

Chapter V

1. God propounded: If a man die, and be not a Zarathustrian, what then? All the members
spake, and then:

2. Div decreed: Inasmuch as he accepted not the Zarathustrian law whilst mortal, he is
unsuited to the highest exalted places of delight. For all official preference shall be to the
Zarathustrian. This was the forty-fourth Divan law.

3. Div decreed of the same spirit, who not being a Zarathustrian: His education shall not
run to the Lord-head, nor to the God-head. He shall not be a column in the Father’s
building, nor of the arch-stones of great strength, but he shall stand as a plain brick in the

4. Div said: I am not created God to merely serve my time, and there an end. I am to
look far ahead as to who shall be Lords and Gods over the earth and atmospherea.

5. Div propounded: What, then, shall be the course of a spirit who was not a
Zarathustrian? And this was made the forty-sixth Divan law: He shall be delivered to the
asaphs, who shall enter him in the nurseries as an es’yan, where he shall remain six years,
learning the elementary powers and expressions.

6. Div decreed the forty-seventh Divan law: The same spirit shall then be apprenticed in
manufacturing and general labor, where he shall serve twelve years, unless previously
instructed in these things whilst mortal.

7. Div decreed the forty-eighth Divan law: He shall now enter school and learn surveying
and measuring without instruments, and determining the kind of emanations that rise up
from the earth, their altitude and density; and he shall learn exploration and enumeration
in both corpor and es; the building of piedmazrs and otevans; the constructing of arrowships, and all other vessels used in the heavens to carry things from place to place. And he
shall serve thirty years in these things.

8. Div decreed the forty-ninth Divan law: He shall now be promoted to restoring, nursing
and caring for the drujas who are being rescued by the captains, generals and Lords; in
which service he shall be for thirty years. But in both the forty-eighth and forty-ninth
Divan laws it was afterward decreed: Whatsoever service he did in mortal life, in these
respects, shall stand to his credit two-fold in spirit.

9. Div decreed: If he now acknowledge and practice faith in the Great Spirit, he shall be
promoted to the C
OLLEGE OF CREATION, and taught to create light and darkness. After this,
he shall be taught to sar’gis flowers and trees and clothes, and to take elementary lessons
in music and expression, in which branches he shall serve fifty years. And then, he shall
be entitled to examination, and if he can withstand the third grade of light, he shall be
ranked B
RIDEGROOM OF OM. This was the fiftieth Divan law. The fifty-first thus provideth:

10. If he doth not yet comprehend faith in the All Person, he shall be granted freedom to
all the places where he hath served, and he shall be emancipated from all Lords and Gods,
and from all labor and education, and honorably discharged, to pursue whatsoever he
desireth in any place in heaven or earth. Nor shall the Lords nor Gods take more notice of
him than due respect and honor.

11. Whereupon, Div, Son of All Light, spake, saying: This also shall be part and parcel of
the Divan law, which is to say: Of the latter class rise the false Gods and false Lords, that
oft set up kingdoms of their own in atmospherea. They shall not rise above the second

12. The Voice of Jehovih came to God, saying: Without the disbeliever in spirits, mortals
could not find courage to smite serpents; without false Gods and false Lords the lowest
drujas would never be put to work. They who cannot be risen by persuasion, may be
aroused by less scrupulous masters, who make slaves of them.

Chapter VI

1. In the twelfth moon of the Diva the Voice of Jehovih came to Div, saying: That My
Lords and My Gods may not err, thou shalt promulgate the foundation of the Divan law.
God perceived, and in the name of Div he decreed:

2. Hear me, O Gods and Lords! This is the foundation of Divan law: The decrees of God
and his Lords, his Lord Gods, his Gods, and his Lords; not singly, but by all members,
and ratified by the Council of Diva under Div, Son of All Light. That is to say:

3. A kingdom in heaven riseth or falleth by Divan law; a kingdom or nation on earth
riseth or falleth by Divan law. The virtuous are rewarded and exalted by Divan law; the
wicked are cast into trials by Divan law.

4. But this is not Divan law: Man to be created and live; to live a time on earth, then die
and enter heaven: These are done by the Ever Presence, the All Light, the Creator, and not
by the Diva.

5. This is Divan law, to wit: To assist man out of darkness into light; to give security to
the helpless; to raise the souls of man to everlasting light; to minister unto the needy; to
deliver them that are in pain; to teach man to desist laboring for himself; to teach him to
labor for others.

6. But this is not Divan law: For seed to grow; for a tree to grow; for a spider to weave its
web; these are done by the Ever Living Presence, the All Master, Creator!

7. This is Divan law, to wit: To regulate the affairs of angels and mortals, for their
ultimate resurrection; to lay the foundation for harmony in community; to gather together
the inharmonious, and put them in tune.

8. But this is not Divan law: To provide the earth with life, or to hold it in its place; to
build the place of the higher or lower heavens; to provide corpor or to provide es; these
things are by the Ever Personal Presence, the Creator, and shaped and molded by His
hand through the Chiefs of the higher heavens.

9. This is Divan law: To bring together in marriage wisely for the child’s sake, and for the
joy of all.

10. But this is not Divan law: To give desire to marriage, or desire for marriage; these are
from the All Person, the Master Light.

11. This is Divan law: When a man walketh along, to take him by the hand and bend him
to the right or left.

12. But this is not Divan law: For the man to go forth; this he doeth by the Ever Presence,
Jehovih, the Ormazd.

13. A carpenter buildeth a house, but he built not the logs nor the stone. The Diva
buildeth kingdoms in heaven and kingdoms on earth, and shapeth them for usefulness and
beauty; and when they are old and out of sorts, the Diva abandoneth them, and they fall to
pieces. Nevertheless, Ormazd provided and provideth the wherewithal for the whole.

14. Div decreed: This also shall ye promulgate in heaven and earth, lest angels and
mortals worship Div and Diva. For though the Diva appoint mortal kings, yet mortals
shall not worship Div (Divinity).

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