Lectionary Readings for Thursday, September 26th, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Thursday, September 26th, 2019

Book of Es, Daughter of Jehovih Chapter 18

Chapter 18

1. Es said: Such, then, was the fate of the chief false Gods in the lower heavens.

2. But, during the last three or four hundred years, many of the officers of these false
Gods had seceded from them, and had set up small heavenly kingdoms of their own. And
their mortal followers were called, sects.

3. These little heavens were, for the most part, situated on the earth, and usually these
small Gods inhabited the churches where mortals came to worship.

4. And the preachers within these churches fell under the inspiration of these itinerant
Gods and their gangs of wandering spirits.

5. In Guatama, these inspirations were carried to such an extent, by these drujan Gods,
that the mortals of one sect were made hostile, one sect against another.

6. An enmity, therefore, existed betwixt protestants and catholics, and betwixt protestants
themselves, and betwixt all of these and the Jews. And, not only on earth, betwixt
mortals, did these things take place, but these petty Gods had small kingdoms of their
won; as a presbyterian heaven; a methodist heaven; a baptist heaven, and so on. And,
when a mortal member died, his spirit fell into his heaven, where he had lived, becoming
a servant to these drujas. And, when he cried out: I want to go to Jesus, I want to go to
Kriste, he was shown the drujan God, and told: That is he! The which he would believe to
be true. For what is bound on earth, is bound in heaven.

7. A drujan God, Piad, established a sect, and named it, Mormon, and he located his
kingdom on earth with his mortal followers, and he became master over the spirits of his
mortal followers in the same way, calling himself, the T

8. Piad taught, that all good Mormons would ultimately attain to rule over some planet
and her heavens. But, he never permitted the angels of his kingdom to go out of his reach.
He also taught mortals, that the more numerous progeny a man begot, the greater would
be his heavenly kingdom, in time to come. For this was Piad’s scheme, to make his own
heavenly kingdom large and powerful.

9. Another drujan God, Lowgannus, established a kingdom on earth, and named it,
Shaker Heaven, pretending, he was the T
RUE KRISTE. And his place became a heavenly
bondage unto himself.

10. Another drujan God, Sayawan, established a heavenly kingdom on earth, and called it,

11. This Lord called himself, THE LORD. He raised up a mortal, Swedenborg, whom he
took in spirit, subjectively, into many of the lowest heavens and hells, saying to him:

12. Behold, they that serve not THE LORD! How hard it is with them! And he further said:
This place of darkness is the Brahmin heaven; that place of darkness is the Budhist
heaven! But this place of light is my heaven, I, T

13. Thus did this drujan God establish a Swedenborg heaven, and mortals looked upon
him as the true Kriste, and, after death, their souls went thither.

14. So, it came to pass, as had been prophesied of old: Lo, Kriste, here! Lo, Kriste, there!

15. And, as it was with Looeamong’s heavenly kingdoms, thus split into hundreds of
remnants, even so was it with the heavenly kingdoms of the other false Gods, Brahma,
the false, and Budha, the false, so that there were on the earth thousands of petty Gods’
heavenly kingdoms of darkness and misery.

16. Now, all of these drujan Gods, whether of Chine’ya, or Vind’yu, or Arabin’ya, or
Uropa, or Guatama, rejected Jehovih, but took the name of some one of the four false
Gods, and protested that he himself, was the real and true God and Savior.

17. And mortal sects, that followed them, did the same thing. The presbyterian professed
the true Kriste, but denounced all others as false; the methodist professed the true Kriste,
but denounced all others as false; the Mormon professed the true Kriste, but denounced
all others; the Roman catholics also professed the true Kriste, but denounced all others as
false. Even so was it with all of them, and none of them practiced righteousness and good
works, but were warriors and money-getters, for self sake.

18. God had said: Behold, I give a new testimony unto the nations of the earth: In the time
I overcame, and cast out the four heads of the beast, the acrimony existing between
different sects began, suddenly, to die out, and they spake friendly to one another.

19. And it was so.

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