Lectionary Readings for Thursday, September 23rd, 2021

Lectionary Readings for Thursday, September 23rd, 2021

Book of Inspiration Chapter 2

1. Thou art of inspiration made, saith Jehovih.

2. I made thee a corporeal body, and I wrote upon it. The result thou art.

3. And I made thee susceptible, so all things external to thyself could write upon thee.

4. The sum of these is thy knowledge.

5. As it is with thee, so is it with all men, and with all the living which I created.

6. Nor is there any knowledge in the world, but what I gave.

7. All of it is My inspiration.

8. Man said: By certain measurements I teach my son mathematics.

9. I am back of all, saith Jehovih.

10. I taught thy father’s father and all who were before him. The sum of all of man’s
knowledge is but man’s capacity to perceive My Light.

11. I made thee My servant, to teach thy son by certain measurements. This was the road I
made to reach thy son’s soul.

12. Man said: I know more than did my father; and yet my father knew more than did his
father. We reason, we digest, we compound from one another.

13. I am the All External; from Me are smaller lights focalized, saith Jehovih.

14. A man holdeth a condensing lens to the sun, and he lighteth a fire thereby, but yet the
lens contained not the heat.

15. After such manner hast thou accumulated knowledge; yet, no knowledge was of thine
own begetting, but all came from Me. I gave it all.

16. The increase in knowledge now upon the earth, with all the races of men, is only the
increase I gave. Man of himself created none of it.

17. Neither canst thou create one thought, nor idea, nor impulse.

18. Thou canst only gather together from My harvests, or from Me in Person.

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