Lectionary Readings for Thursday, October 3rd, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Thursday, October 3rd, 2019

Book of Judgement Chapter 5

Chapter 5


1. Hear the words of thy God, O Israel. Shut not thyself up against the wisdom of thy
elder brother, God of heaven and earth.

2. Nor magnify thou the ancient days above the present; nor feign and say, thy God is
gone away to come no more forever.

3. Behold, thou hast gone forth as a little man to battle against a giant. With thy sling thou
hast smitten him with thy
one stone, Jehovih!

4. Thou was encompassed on all sides by a multiplicity of Gods; one by one, thou hast
overcome them, and cast them out.

5. The giant of the great beast, the false Gods, lieth dead and cold at thy feet.

6. The nations of the earth cry out: There is but one Great Spirit, Jehovih!

7. And I declare unto thee, O Israel, the Voice of the I AM is not gone from the earth.

8. Through the seed of the Faithists have I held up the Father’s kingdom; by the voice of
my beloved founded Him in all the nations of the earth.

9. Thy enemy exulted, saying: Behold, they are a scattered people!

10. But thy God profited in thy footsteps, and in the words of thy mouth: There is but one
Great Spirit, Jehovih!

11. And I have provided unto thee, after the manner of thy forefathers, a place to inhabit,
where thou shalt not longer pay tribute to the Gods of the idolaters.

12. Come thou out of the darkness of despotism, and inherit the wilderness of this land.
And they shall bloom as a new paradise before thy hand.

13. But, because thou hast accomplished the ONE EVER PRESENT, behold, thou shalt no
longer be an exclusive people; but shalt suffer thy sons and daughters to commingle with
the Faithists of all the races and tribes of men.

14. And thou shalt forsake the ways of the world, and go, and live after the manner
of thy forefathers, in colonies, without kings or rulers; serving none, but Jehovih.

15. And thy people shall hold all things in common, being neither rich nor poor;
master nor servant. And thou shalt call out to the idolater, saying: Come into my
house, and be one with me. Behold, there is but one Creator; thou art my brother.

16. And it shall come to pass unto thee, O Israel, the way of thy people shall be open, and
they shall be delivered out of the bound kingdoms of the east.

17. Because, for two thousand years, thou hast not gone forth with the sword to
possess any new country, and establish thyself, thou art glorified before thy God.

18. Because of thy long suffering, thou shalt find peace through the light of my kingdoms.
Behold, a new cycle is upon the earth; thy people shall find proof of these my words.

19. My angels will come into the houses of my people, and they shall talk with them, face
to face.

20. Think not that this book is mine only revelation in this day; within thine house, O
Israel, thou shalt prepare unto the voice of thy God.

21. For I will raise up many seers and prophets amongst thy people. And they shall testify
to my words, on all sides.

22. Judge thou not, O Israel, who are apostates before thy God. I say unto thee: He, that
forsaketh Jehovih and worshipeth mammon and the ways of the world, is an apostate in
my sight. For, even though they maintain the rites and ceremonies, they have forsaken the
spirit and truth of my commandments.

23. Whereas, many who have forsaken the rites and ceremonies in search of higher light,
are more to the way of Jehovih.

24. Do they not, indeed, keep the rites and ceremonies, but drink to drunkenness, and eat
to gluttony, feasting on flesh, wherefrom they have taken life?

25. And they engage in selling wine, and in dealing in stocks, after the manner of the
idolater. Whilst thy forefathers were scrupulous to labor, and bring forth out of the earth,
wherewith to feed and clothe man.

26. And they say: God prospered me!

27. Wherein they falsify me, and blaspheme Jehovih and His kingdoms. I say unto thee,
they are prospered by satan; and their prosperity is the wages of bondage in heaven.

28. And because of their wickedness, they have led my people to disbelieve in my justice
and the plans of my kingdoms.

29. For which reason, more are they apostatized in my sight, than such as are good, who
say: There is no God.

30. Throw open thy doors, O Israel; my angels stand at the threshold. These, my words,
which I have told to thee beforehand, shall be corroborated by hundreds of thousands of
witnesses from my heavens.

31. Seek for the resurrection of thy soul, O Israel, that Jehovih may be glorified in thee,
forever and ever!

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