Lectionary Readings for Thursday, October 29th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Thursday, October 29th, 2020

Book of Judgement Chapter 29


1. God said: In the olden time, I commanded thee, saying: Go forth into all the
world, preaching my doctrines, chief of which was: There is but O
NE, even the I AM;
Him shalt thou love with all thy heart and thy mind and thy soul, and love thy
neighbor as thyself, having faith in Jehovih through righteousness and good works.

2. Moreover, I declared unto thee, that whosoever fulfilled my commandments, believing
in Jehovih, certain signs should be given unto them, whereby they might be known unto

3. And thou wentst forth, and, behold, my signs went with thee, and thou didst
accomplish service unto Jehovih.

4. But it came to pass, in course of time, thou didst forsake thy Creator, setting up Lords
and Saviors of thine own, worshipping them instead of Jehovih.

5. And I looked down upon thee from my holy place in heaven, and I saw that thou hadst
become obsessed with evil spirits, thousands and millions of them, who professed to be
the Lords and Saviors whom thou worshippedst.

6. And I said unto my Lords: Behold, man hath erected an idol in heaven, go ye to them
that preach in my name, and take from them the signs and miracles which I gave.

7. And my Lords came unto thee, finding thou wert gone abroad over all the world. And
my Lords cut thee short of signs and miracles.

8. For this was the judgment of thy God against thee, because thou hadst turned against
the I A
M, teaching another God than Jehovih.

9. And I made this, my edict, manifest on the earth; for I withdrew my holy angels from
thee, and, from that time forth, withersoever thou hast gone, behold, I have given thee
none of the signs whereof I had been liberal before.

10. And I measured the work of thy hand in the places of thy mission, and I found that
thou wert impotent to establish good works.

11. And, following in thy path, whithersoever thou hadst gone, thousands and millions
of drujas followed thee; and thy people went with weapons of destruction,
slaughtering those Jehovih had created alive, in order to establish thy idol-God.

12. And my Lords numbered all the places of thy missionaries in all the earth, and behold,
there was not one place, which thou hadst established, which was not given up to sin and
blasphemy against Jehovih.

13. Neither hadst thou raised up any member, or members in all of them, that practiced
even the first commandments.

14. And I said unto thee: Behold, thou hast not the signs and miracles; give up thy
preaching, and go thou amongst the barbarians teaching them how to plant, to sow and
reap and clothe themselves, and to live in houses.

15. But this was untasteful to thee in thy hypocrisy; and thou madest of thy occupation a
scheme to live in worthlessness on the contributions of thy neighbors.

16. And, behold, thy doctrines have not prospered in any place in all the world to work
righteousness for the glory of the Almighty.

17. Flatter not thyself that thou hast done a good work, because thou hast taught the
ignorant to say: Brahma, Brahma! or Budha, Budha! or Lord, Lord! or to sing anthems in
praise of thy idol-God.

18. Thy God measureth thee and thy converts according to such purification as
addeth to the glory of everlasting life, as well in heaven as on earth. And such
purification manifesteth not only in words, but in good works for the glory of the Father.

19. And when it hath come to pass that thy mission brought about a war afterward,
behold, that war is also upon thy head.

20. I measure not a little good that happeneth for a moment, and there an end. I
comprehend the lapse of scores of years and hundreds of years; and I weigh the whole
matter, and render judgment in the aggregate.

21. Neither judge I by man’s inventions or mechanical contrivances. My judgments are
in reference to man’s comfort and joy in life, and to his resurrection in my heavens.

22. According to a man’s, or a people’s, ascending grade in approximating Jehovih, so
shall a man and a people be judged.

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