Lectionary Readings for Thursday, November 28th, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Thursday, November 28th, 2019

US Thanksgiving

Book of Jehovih’s Kingdom on Earth Chapter 7


1. The Light of Jehovih being upon Tae, he said: Let the examples of Uz be not lost upon
you. But where ye have learned, and what ye have acquired, these shall ye appropriate
wisely in Shalam.

2. For which purpose, it is wise that we appoint our groups as now required, to be added
unto afterward, when more is required.

3. How say ye, then, shall we appoint groups this day?

4. Thereupon, different persons spake, and the sum of their wisdom was that there should

5. A group of architects;

6. A group of clothiers;

7. A group of dieticians;

8. A group of engineers;

9. A group of manufacturers;

10. A group of horticulturists;

11. A group of agriculturists;

12. A group of botanists;

13. A group of nurses;

14. A group of physicians;

15. A group of artists (sculpture, painting and gardening);

16. A group of musicians.

17. And these were all the groups required at that time. Accordingly, Tae proclaimed
them, and called for volunteers for each and every group.

18. And these were filled, though, because there were but fifty-two members, some of
them took membership in two or three groups, so that all were filled.

19. The Light still being upon Tae, he said: Since ye have made the groups, let each group
now select a chief.

20. Now, many of them spake up, saying: I neither wish fame for being chief, nor do I
wish the responsibility of the position.

21. Tae said: Suffer me, then, to declare the Light that is upon me; which is, that ye are
here to fulfill whatsoever Jehovih may put upon you, with all your wisdom and strength.

22. Whether ye be made chiefs or not made chiefs, it is Jehovih’s work ye are here to
fulfill, without any regard as to your personal selves.

23. To covet chieftainship would be selfish; to refuse chieftainship would be selfish.

24. We can not found the Father’s kingdom with any other members than such as say,
with all their hearts, and mind and soul: Whatsoever Thou puttest upon me, O Jehovih,
that will I do with all my wisdom and strength.

25. To have faith in this way, is to have faith with practice; such a one is a Faithist in fact.

26. Now, those who had spoken before relented, saying: O Jehovih, what have I done?
Behold, I tript myself up even in the start. Make this a rebuke to me, O Father, and heap
Thou upon me whatsoever Thou wilt.

27. Tae said: What any one can do, it is well done; wherein he faileth, because of
incapacity, behold, it is not his fault, but his misfortune.

28. So, it came to pass, chiefs were selected for every group, men and women.

29. And Tae was made C’chief. And so, Tae delivered to each of the chiefs a synopsis of
his duties.

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