Lectionary Readings for Thursday, May 9th, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Thursday, May 9th, 2019

Book of Wars Against Jehovih Chapters X and XI

Chapter X

1. Satan went to all the Lords and Lordesses in hada, and said unto each and every one:
Thine shall be exaltation without labor; because thou art wise, others shall serve thee; and
great shall be thy glory. As thou hast witnessed the rites and ceremonies, in Craoshivi, of
the high-raised Gods, even so shall it be with thee. Behold, the heavens of the earth shall
become the brightest and most glorious of all heavens. Be thou patient, enduring
anything, for thou shalt surely, in time to come, be second to none, the highest of Gods!

2. And thy name shall be sung in the ceremonies, and shall be honored even in the far-off
heavens. It shall be said of thee, thou art amongst the youngest of Gods, that by thine own
self-will mastered all things so suddenly that even the oldest of Gods stood appalled at
thy daring.

3. Be thou patient, and seeming most humble, and bide thou thy time; thou wert born to
be a leader even amongst Gods. Be secret; disclosing naught.

4. Satan said to Anuhasaj, even Lord God: Be thou dignified, and by thy much-professed
love, like a father unto all the others. And it shall come to pass that they will thrust these
great dominions upon thee.

5. Now whilst these matters were with these Lords, behold, in far-off Craoshivi Jehovih
spake to God on the throne, before the Council of Jehovih’s Son, saying: Because I
indulged thy Lords and Lordesses in prosperous places, they are becoming forgetful of

6. For so I created man, in prosperity he idolizeth himself. He saith: Behold me! What
great things I can do: Yea, I am wise; I perceive the nothingness of the Creator! And
he buildeth to his own ruin. I created life and death all around him, that he might learn
My power ere he quitteth the earth. And hada I made wide, with a place of ascent and
a place of descent. Upward I placed My holy lights, saying: Come! Downward, I
made darkness, saying: Beware! hell lieth hither! But they plunge into misery headlong.

7. God said: What have they done, O Jehovih? Jehovih said: They are laying their heads
together to rebel against the manner of My everlasting kingdoms. Summon thou the Diva
before thee, and bid them speak outright as to what they desire.

8. God sent messengers into all the divisions of the lowest heavens, to the kingdoms of
Jehovih’s Lords and Lordesses, as the Father had commanded, summoning them to
Craoshivi. On the other hand:

9. Satan spake to Anuhasaj, the plotter of the mischief, saying: Lest God in Craoshivi get
wind of this matter, and so set at naught thy long-laid plans, send thou to him, saying:
Greeting, in love to thee, Son of Jehovih, God of the heavens of the earth. From the light
before me I am resolved to resign the Lord-dom. Search, therefore, and provide one in my

10. Satan continued, to Anuhasaj: Send thou to thy Lords and Lordesses, saying: Greeting
in love to thee, Lord of Jehovih. I foresee that many will desire me to take the place of
God of the earth and her heavens. Seek thou to relieve me of this, and choose one less
radical, that thou mayst the more fully endorse him. Behold, I am about to resign the
Lord-dom, and desire to see thee.

11. The Lords and Lordesses received the two communications at the same time; and they
severally laid the matter before their Holy Councils; and great was the excitement therein.
That which had been planned to be in secret was thus made public in all the hadas in a
day, before thousands of millions!

12. At once the Lords and Lordesses hastened to Anuhasaj’s capital; and they were each
attended by ten thousand attendants.

13. Now when they were assembled, perceiving that God in Craoshivi knew of the matter,
they were by their own shame further incited to disobey the Divan summons, and at once
proceed to founding a consolidated kingdom, with Anuhasaj at the head. Anuhasaj made
believe he desired not the Godhead, and only agreed to serve provided they installed him
with oaths of fidelity. And this they did.

14. So, after a session of three days, Anuhasaj was elected and enthroned in Hored, a new
heavenly place, and crowned O
UR GOD of the earth and her heavens, the VERY LORD GOD
JEHOVIH. Thus he became a false God.

15. But they crowned him not with the true crown, for that was with God in Craoshivi;
but they made one, creating it in the sacred circle. But since he could not be crowned by
those beneath him, they were in a quandary how to proceed. Then satan spake to
Anuhasaj, saying: Command them to lie on their bellies in token of submission to thee,
and say to them: Lay the crown at my feet, and I will stand with my head bare; and when
ye have prostrated yourselves, I will command the crown in my own name to rise up and
lie upon my head; and if it so rise, then know ye of a truth our work is the highest, best

16. Anuhasaj then repeated this to the Lords and Lordesses, and they laid them down on
their bellies, each being anxious to show fidelity, in hope of exaltation. And when they
were down and saw not, Anuhasaj, having not power in Light, said: Crown of these most
holy, wise Lords and Lordesses of heaven and earth, arise thou and lie on the head of him
who shall have dominion on earth and in these heavens!

17. And thereupon he stooped down on the sly, and with his own hand raised it up and
crowned himself, and commanded the Lords to rise up. And lo and behold, some of the

Lords and Lordesses said they saw with the second sight of the soul, and that the crown
rose of its own accord, being under the will of the circle!

18. And they clapped their hands, saying: ALL HAIL, OUR GOD! ALL HAIL, OUR GOD! ALL
HAIL, OUR GOD! Proclaiming him in the east and west and north and south.

19. He responded: THE LORD, YOUR GOD, REIGNETH! Peace be unto you. Behold, the heavens
and earth are mine; be ye steadfast unto me, and ye shall be glorified in my name. Ye that
have been Lords and Lordesses shall be Gods and Goddesses, with great power and with
mighty kingdoms. As I foresaw this, so have I provided for you beforehand. In this very
time and place will I crown you and apportion you with great glory. Yet think not that this
is the last; it is but the first, and temporary until the new heavens are founded with
broader boundaries.

Chapter XI


1. Anuhasaj said: I, the Lord, your God, being the All Highest, through your choice,
decree, for sake of harmony and concert in our labors, the establishment of a De’yus.

2. As the Craoshivians have had a Diva (Divinity), so will I have a De’yus. And by virtue
of mine own authority I proclaim ye, my Lords and Lordesses, as the holy members

3. As the Diva hath been taught in these heavens, so also be the De’yus, whereof I assume
the chief head.

4. As the Diva had laws, so also shall our De’yus; and they shall be promulgated on
the earth, and taught to mortals as the laws of De’yus (Deity). Therefore by my own
voice I dissolve the Diva of heaven; and it shall not be from this time forth forever.
And whosoever of ye being members thereof, shall this day resign the Diva, and
send word to the ruler of Craoshivi, for his benefit, and for his kingdom’s benefit.

5. And the ruler of Craoshivi shall continue in his own place and kingdom; for it is his.

6. And the ruler of Vara-pishanaha, called Ahura, shall continue in his own place and
kingdom, for it is his.

7. First, then, I take unto myself Anubi, the Lord loved by you all, and he shall be my
associate, and his title shall be M
ASTER OF THE SCALES OF HEAVEN, for he shall determine
the grades of the spirits and send them to their respective departments. On earth his title
shall be S

8. Second, thou, Hi-kas, shalt be RULER OVER JAFFETH and its heavenly kingdom; and thy
title shall be T
E-IN, and of the first rank of GOD OF THE EARTH.

9. Third, thou, Wotchissij, shall be ruler over Vind’yu, and her heavenly kingdom, and thy
title shall be S
UDGA, and of the first rank of GOD OF THE EARTH.

10. Fourth, thou Che-le-mung, shalt be ruler over Arabin’ya, and her heavenly kingdom,
and thy title shall be O
SIRIS, and of the first rank of GOD OF THE EARTH

11. Fifth, thou, Baal shalt be ruler over Heleste and her heavenly kingdom, and thy title
shall be B
AAL, and of the first rank of GOD OF THE EARTH.

12. Sixth, thou, Ashtaroth, shalt be ruler over Parsa, and its heavenly kingdom, and thy
title shall be A
SHTAROTH, of the first rank of GODDESS OF THE EARTH.

13. Seventh, thou, Fo-ebe, shalt be ruler over Uropa and her heavenly kingdom, and thy
title shall be FO-EBE, and of the first rank of GODDESS OF THE EARTH.

14. Eighth, thou, Ho-jab, shalt be ruler over Japan and her heavenly kingdom, and thy
title shall be H
O-JAB, and of the first rank of GOD OF THE EARTH.

15. After that the false God made appointments for the other divisions of the earth and
their heavenly places, and after that he said unto them:

16. All my Gods and Goddesses shall have thrones in their places, and holy councils and
attendants as becometh Gods of the first rank. And every one shall have a capital city,
with subsidiaries according to the number and place of their spirits and mortal subjects.

17. And every God and Goddess shall manage his or her own kingdom in his or her own
way; but every one shall nevertheless be tributary to my kingdom, according to the
exactions I put upon him or them.

18. That ye may resign the Diva, and choose your assistants, before being crowned, I
declare a day of recreation, to assemble at the trumpeter’s call.

19. Hereupon the hosts relaxed from duty and made their resignations of the Diva, and
sent them with messengers to God in Craoshivi, but not one of them mentioned the new
state of affairs resolved upon. On the next day, at the trumpeter’s call, they assembled
again; and Anuhasaj said unto them: Come ye with me, and I will show you the place of
Hored and its boundaries; for it shall not be my kingdom alone, but yours also, for my
kingdom shall be the kingdom of your kingdoms.

20. And they entered an otevan, and, coming in the fourth belt below meteoris, in the sign
of the twelfth arc of Chinvat; and Anuhasaj said: From this time forth this belt shall be
called Hored, and it shall be my place forever. It shall be the central kingdom of all the
earth’s heavens.

HIGH GOD! And it was known thereafter as the belt of Hored, hill of God. It was a threequarters belt, and the base thereof was ten thousand miles from the earth, and the summit
was fifteen thousand miles high; habitable within and without. And its ascending rank in
grades was twenty, that is, it was easily habitable by spirits that attained to that grade;
being above the grade of infants and drujas, and above the region of hells and knots, save
in cases of great panic. Now, from the first place of Hored, where Anuhasaj crowned
himself, which was the eastern base of the hill, to the place for his capital city, he made a
roadway and called it Loo-hored, and it was the only opened roadway to the kingdoms

22. So it came to pass Anuhasaj had two capital cities; and the first was called the CITY OF
GATE OF HEAVEN, that is, Anubi; and the other was called the PLACE OF EVERLASTING
REST, that is, Sanc-tu. Anuhasaj said to Anubi: Behold, the City of the Gate of Heaven
shall be thy place. And thou shalt determine the rate of all souls who desire to enter the
Place of Everlasting Rest. Thou shalt be judge over them. And whosoever is not for me
shall not enter, but shall be cast into the kingdoms of hada. And those that are for me,
thou shalt send unto me.

23. And thou shalt have a Holy Council of one hundred thousand; and of examiners thou
shalt have one million. And thy capital shall be guarded on every side but one, with
pillars of fires, so that none can pass but by the Gate of Heaven. And of guardsmen thou
shalt have seven millions, divided into seven watches, one for each day. Of messengers
betwixt thy place and mine, thou shalt have ten thousand; but betwixt thee and the Gods

and Goddesses of the lower kingdoms, thou shalt have five hundred thousand. But, of
thine own choice, shall be the number of es’enaurs, trumpeters and marshals, and thy
attendants also.

24. And all Gods and Goddesses coming to me, or sending messengers to my holy place,
shall come through thy city, even through the Gate of Heaven; and they shall come
according to certain rites and ceremonies which I will give unto thee. Come, therefore,
and receive thy crown.

25. Thus was crowned Anubi; and after him were crowned the other Gods and
Goddesses; and Anuhasaj bequeathed to each one his own kingdom, according to the
custom of the ancients. And when these matters were completed, he again spake before
them, saying: Behold the example I have made before you; even before I provided myself
for mine own kingdom I have given unto every one all things required. It is meet and
proper, therefore, that ye contribute unto me and my place workmen and materials, that I
may build in great glory also.

26. For, as I am exalted, and my kingdom made glorious, so have ye whereof to preach
gloriously to your inhabitants of the place in store for them. Thus, did Anuhasaj put Gods
and Goddesses under obligations to himself, and they acquiesced in his proceedings,
saying: Nay, we will not only contribute man and women for this purpose, but we will
labor with our own hands for the space of twenty days, helping to build the capital city,
and to open roads, in all directions.

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