Lectionary Readings for Thursday, May 7th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Thursday, May 7th, 2020

Full Moon

Book of Wars Against Jehovih Chapter 5, Chapter 6

Chapter 5

1. And the harmony of heaven reigned on earth; war ceased amongst men on all
the divisions of the earth. And man began to esteem wisdom, and truth, and virtue,
and industry. The inspiration of the angels set man to imitating the affairs of heaven.
He built schools and colleges, nurseries and hospitals, and factories for silk cloth,
and linen cloth, and cotton cloth, and for paper; and factories for making glass,
and leather; and factories for smelting iron, and copper, and silver, and gold.

2. Three great peoples sprang upon the earth within two hundred years; in Jaffeth, in
Vind’yu, and in Arabin’ya; and a fourth great people were overspreading Heleste in every
quarter. And the kings of Heleste were sending emigrants by thousands and thousands
into Uropa.

3. The Lords sent ashars of great wisdom to dwell with mortals, to teach them by
inspiration in regard to all knowledge; to teach them to spin and weave finely; to teach
them the seasons, the times of the earth, and moon, and sun, and stars; to observe them
with lenses, as had been the case in the cycle of Osiris, but was lost on the earth. Yea, the
spirits of thousands of years previous were brought back to the earth, to reveal to mortals
the lost arts and sciences.

4. By night and by day these angels remained in the presence of mortals, and by
virtue of their presence spake unto the souls of men, and made them to understand.

5. And the Lord God of Maitraias restrained the drujas of heaven from coming back to
afflict mortals or lead them astray. He guarded the earth around about on all sides, so
that, in heaven, the Lords and the Divan hosts, in mirth, styled him T

6. Jehovih rebuked them, saying to God: They that sow in mirth oft reap in sorrow.
But even the Lords, with all their wisdom, saw not what was in store for their successors.

Chapter 6

1. The O-yra, the four angels with their thousands of assistant angel hosts, dwelt on the
earth, with the Faithists; inspired them in peace, and rites, and ceremonies; inspired them
in prayers, and psalms, and sacred dances; dwelt with them day and night; talked to their
spirits when they slept; led them by inspiration to happy marriages, that they might beget
offspring capable of the Voice.

2. And in each of the four countries the Faithists became as bands of brothers and sisters.
And there came to them from the kings’peoples tens of thousands, and joined them,
living as Faithists, casting their wealth into the rab’bah’s hands, for the benefit of the poor.

3. In two hundred years there were in Jaffeth three million Faithists. In Arabin’ya there
were two million Faithists. In Vind’yu there were four million Faithists. In Guatama there
were one million Faithists.

4. But the Faithists were mostly poor people, and inhabited many far-apart regions.

5. But the kings’peoples were rich, and had large cities, an abundance of elephants, and
horses, and camels, and asses, and cheetahs.

6. The Faithists had little learning as to books and instruments for measuring the stars,
and moon, and sun; they derived their knowledge from the angels of the Lords.
The Faithists’knowledge pertained mostly to perfecting the soul; but the knowledge
of the kings’peoples pertained mostly to earthly matters, and to the gratification of self.

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