Lectionary Readings for Thursday, May 13th, 2021

Lectionary Readings for Thursday, May 13th, 2021

Book of Judgement Chapter 12

1. O man, remember thy Creator and praise Him. In this, thou art graded by thy God.

2. Who see not Him, are weak in spirit; who see Him in all things, and hear His voice in
the leaves, and in every herb, are strong in spirit.

3. These are the grades of the resurrection of the souls of men.

4. For what is the earth but a foaling nest, and the possessions of the earth but chains of

5. My heavens rest upon the earth; the place of the es’yan is in my keeping. And the
places of the grades of my heavens have I adjusted, according to the inhabitants thereof.

6. I people the heavens of the earth with the spirits of the dead; according to their grade in
their corporeal lives, so do I arrange them.

7. To provide them unto everlasting resurrection, and make them to rejoice in their being.
These are the labors of thy God.

8. For the beasts of the field and the birds and fowls of the air, and for many animals that
are companions to man, made I a place in heaven, where their spirits should survive for a

9. And this animal heaven I graded, one, in the order of my heavens.

10. For I saw that man on the earth had delight in them; and I provided unto him for his
es’yan period, that he might rejoice in remembrance of finding his loves.

11. And I made the animal heaven to rest on the face of the lands of the earth even the
same as the place of the es’yan in grade one.

12. Remember, O man, thy Creator gave to every animal a season on the earth; but He
limited them to a time to become extinct. Even so, and of like duration made I a heavenly
period for the spirits of animals companionable to man.

13. But for man I provided heavens above, where he should rise as to place, even as he
riseth, as to goodness and knowledge.

14. Magnify thy perception, O man, that thou mayst comprehend the kingdoms of thy
God. Behold the example thy Creator sat before thee in the fashion of the earth.

15. In large bodies, He placed the lands; in large bodies, He placed the oceans. Not in
little hillocks of land and little puddles of water.

16.Even larger than these are the divisions (plateaux) of the heavens of thy God; the
heavens of the earth are separated by atmospherean oceans.

17. I fill not the air of the firmament with angels scattered about; but I give unto them
regions habitable and home-like. And I grade them suitable to the resurrection of the
spirits of the dead.

18. Consider the work of thy Creator, and the knowledge and symbols He placeth
before thee. Thou holdest up a lump of salt, and it is solid and of dimensions; but
cast it into water, and it is seen not, but dissolved and lost as to thy perception.

19. And thou beholdest the earth, which hath dimensions also; but the ethe, thou seest
not. As water is to salt the solvent, so is ethe to corporeal things the solvent. By slow
velocity holdeth the solid earth its form; yet, in ethe, external to the body of the earth, the
swift velocity of corpor is magnified into dissolution. By vortices in ethe are these things

20. In the atmosphere of the earth, there is sufficient corpor to make many worlds like this
habitable earth. And this corpor, which is in solution (as to a mortal’s eyes), floateth in the
firmament of the earth, in continents wide as the earth, and deep as the earth; and there
are thousands of them.

21. And yet, O man, these are but the atmospherean heavens. These are the dominions
given into the keeping of thy God. These are my kingdoms and my heavens for a season.

22. As thou, O man of the earth, sailest thy ships abroad over the ocean, and coming to a
new land, going ashore, dost settle thy people thereon, and it becometh a new kingdom,
even so doth thy God in the heavens of the earth, in the plateaux of this vortex.

23. Remember the magnitude of thy Creator’s works and the symbols He sat before thee:
Where the clouds float high, it raineth not; where they drag on the face of the earth, it
raineth daily.

24. Consider the habitations of the resurrections of the dead which are in the keeping of
thy God.

25. Even as to the square of the distance away from the earth, so are the grades of my

26. According to the exaltation of man’s soul, so shall he inhabit the places I have made.

27. According to his own soul’s growth and development, so shall he ascend in
my kingdoms, outward away from the earth; grade unto grade adapted I them.

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