Lectionary Readings for Thursday, May 12th, 2022

Lectionary Readings for Thursday, May 12th, 2022

Book of Jehovih’s Kingdom on Earth Chapter 6


1. NOW, when Tae and his hosts had made the covenant with Jehovih, behold, the Voice descended upon Tae by entrancement, with the holy angels of the God of heaven and earth, and he said:

2. Whosoever Choose Me, I choose in return.

3. Whosoever serve Me, I serve in return.

4. Alike unto like, created I the adaptation of angels and mortals.

5. As ye have drawn a corporeal circle around My kingdom, behold, My holy angels have drawn a spiritual circle around you.

6. As ye have dedicated to Me, so do I dedicate to you, to serve you in holiness and wisdom, by angels from the throne of My God.

7. As much as ye have come to raise up My little ones, I will come to you, through My angels, and raise you up also.

8. As ye make My little ones wise, and useful, and to rejoice in their lives, so will I minister unto you.

9. As ye are covenanted unto Me against war, and to establish the practice of peace on earth, so will My hand be over you in this My kingdom, both on earth and in heaven.

10. And as much as ye are come to found My kingdom on earth, even so have I opened the kingdoms of the second resurrection in heaven unto you.

11. Proclaim it in the east and west and north and south, My kingdom is founded on earth.

12. The Voice departed, and then Tae, in his own wisdom, faced to the east, and he said:

13. Hear ye, hear ye, O mortals and angels, Jehovih’s kingdom is founded on earth!

14. Then Tae faced to the west, saying: Hear ye, hear ye, O mortals and angels, Jehovih’s kingdom is founded on earth!

15. Then Tae faced to the north, and said: Hear ye, hear ye, O mortals and angels, Jehovih’s kingdom is founded on earth!

16. Next, Tae faced to the south, saying: Hear ye, hear ye, O mortals and angels, Jehovih’s kingdom is founded on earth!

17. And Tae made the SIGN OF THE CIRCLE TWICE CUT, and his hosts answered under the sign, JEHOVIH’S DAWN.

18. And, now, the Light of Jehovih came upon Tae, and, of his own accord, he said:

19. Without a covenant of brotherhood, behold, we are like an unorganized school without a teacher.

20. As satan, in the management of his soldiers for war purposes, hath demonstrated the advantage of power through discipline, let us be wise in the Father’s kingdom, by discipline also, but in peace and righteousness.

21. Unity can not be achieved but through order and discipline and rites and ceremonies and words.

22. Power is obtained more by concerted oneness of purpose than by anything else under the sun.

23. For which purposes, let us become organic for the founding of Jehovih’s kingdom on earth.

24. So that, henceforth, we shall be a unit before the world, guided by Jehovih to the single end of establishing a community that can practice His commandments in full.

25. And, though we may fail in some measure, let us remember the generation we are raising up shall have more advantages and practice; and their successors shall also advance still higher.

26. Ultimately, all the world shall attain to peace, virtue, plenty and wisdom.

27. Already are we covenanted to live our all highest light, and to practice it.

28. How, then, shall we become organic, and still have no leader or overseer?

29. The highest wisdom in the state, or in a community, is not with the majority, but with a small minority.

30. The highest wisdom, which is the highest light, should guide the individual and the family and the community and the state.

31. Now, therefore, let us divide ourselves into groups of tens.

32. And each group shall select its wisest man, as speaker, and his title shall be Chief.

33. And let the chiefs be a group also, and they shall select a speaker, whose title shall be C’chief.

34. Let the business within the colony be divided into as many departments as there are groups, one to each.

35. But let the united business of the colony, in its relations to the world, and to sister colonies, be in the care of the C’chief and the other chiefs.

36. Now, behold, in the kingdoms of heaven, when a matter is announced, requiring the Holy Council’s action, each and all the members who desire, speak thereon, giving their highest light.

37. And, after that, the chief giveth his highest light, which is the decree.

38. So let it be with us.

39. And it shall be discovered in a short time who is the highest light, not only of each group, but of all the groups.

40. And whosoever is chief, shall be held responsible for the errors or shortness of his group; and whosoever is C’chief shall be held responsible for the shortness or errors of the whole colony as such.

41. Who, then, knowing that what is bound on earth is also bound in heaven, is willing to bind himself unto these heavenly laws for the sake of Jehovih’s kingdom on earth?

42. When Tae asked this, the whole of the multitude answered: In Jehovih’s name, I bind myself in this also.

43. Tae said: Then, in Jehovih’s name, repeat after me:

44. In the name of Jehovih, I bind myself to the C’chief’s decree; and I bind myself to the chief’s decree also, and I bind myself in the brotherhood of groups.

45. When they had thus repeated the words of brotherhood, Tae said: Let the hosts form in circle, facing the centre.

46. When they were thus formed, Tae went round the circle on the inside, going with the sun, shaking hands with each one as he passed, saying: Welcome, my brother (sister), in the Brotherhood of Faithists; with thee, I covenant to be thine equal and obedient servant, to whom I wed myself both in this world and in the next, for the resurrection of man and the establishing of Jehovih’s kingdom with mortals.

47. Then, after Tae, the next one on his left went round the circle also, shaking hands, and repeating the marriage words of the brotherhood.

48. And so on, they went, until all of them had completed the Covenant of the Brotherhood.

49. Tae said: I salute you all under the sign, JEHOVIH’S NAME.

50. And they answered, by his instruction, in the sign, MANY IN ONE.

51. The Voice spake through Tae, saying: Whoever, hereafter, shall join my kingdom, shall repeat My Covenant and the Covenant of My Brotherhood, before the C’chief and the chiefs and before My chosen, in the manner ye have done before Me and My holy angels.

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