Lectionary Readings for Thursday, June 13th, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Thursday, June 13th, 2019

Book of Lika Chapters 25 and 26

Chapter 25

1. Jehovih said to Lika: Finish thy visit and thy inspection, My Son, in all the places of
hada on the earth, leaving the land of Jaffeth to the last. And thou shalt go thither, at the
time of Chine’s resurrection, and descend with thy ship and take him up from the earth.

2. And thou shalt bring him with thee to Yogannaqactra, where he shall remain the few
days that dawn remaineth; and when thy hosts ascend to etherea thou shalt take Chine
with thee and make thy home his home until such time as he may be taught the ways and
powers of the higher heavens.

3. For since his corporeal life is a sacrifice for the resurrection of men, he shall receive
especial care and assistance in heaven.

4. Lika had been previously informed by the God of Chine as to the time Chine would
die, and be burnt up, with his ashes scattered to the four winds; and the re-gathering up of
a corporeal form of Chine, and the seven days’duration thereof. So Lika shaped the
course of his otevan, according to the instruction of his messengers, who had been
appointed for that purpose, so that he should reach the field in time to raise up Chine
before the multitude.

5. The God of Chine had prophesied to mortals through his ward that a fire-ship would
descend from heaven on a given day, and take Chine up to heaven.

6. Accordingly a great multitude of mortals were assembled in the ash-field, where they
cast the ashes of the dead, watching for the heavenly ship.

7. Of which matters Lika had been previously informed by his messengers; and Lika had
in turn informed the God of Chine the time he would appear with the ship, that he might
cause Chine to walk in the midst of the field and so be caught up.

8. And all these matters were carried out to the hour and minute, in the hands of these
great Gods. And Lika caused the fire of the ship to be made visible to mortals. And the
size of the ship was ten times larger than the field of the dead, so that when the people
beheld the light of the ship they feared and trembled, and many of them fell down
bewailing that the world was coming to an end.

9. And God caused Chine to walk out in the field, and Lika sent down a whirlwind and
took him up into the ship, in presence of tens of thousands of mortals assembled.

10. And Lika bore his course now for Yogannaqactra, for the end of the dawn of Bon was
at hand.

Chapter 26

1. Lika sent messengers to all his Gods and Lords, to install their successors, and to
bestow them; after which the Gods and Lords were to report in Theovrahkistan ready
for the cyclic resurrection. And he commanded them to bring their etherean hosts
with them, save such as chose to volunteer to remain the next dan of two hundred years.

2. Lika had previously sent word by his swift messengers to etherea, to Lissa, Goddess of
Teannakak, in etherea, next to Howgil. And he said unto Lissa: My resurrection will be
eight links, each one equal to eight thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms. Send thou
a cowppon to deliver them.

3. Lissa sent word back to Lika, saying: O Jehovih, I am delighted with the command of
Thy Son, Lika, Chief of Vetta’puissa! I will deliver the chain of cowppon.

4. Then Lissa gave her commands in Teannakak, to have her builders construct the
cowppon; and she also set her officers to work selecting such hosts as she would need for
her great undertaking. For she had been notified in sufficient time; for it was a matter of
great magnitude even in etherean realms.

5. And so perfectly were Lissa’s commands carried out, that not one day’s time too much
or too little was wide the mark. And then she embarked with her hosts for the red star, the
earth, with her thousand million trained resurrectionists; on her long journey, twenty
thousand million miles!

6. Jehovih had said: Carry far My Brides and Bridegrooms; make them know the
magnificence of the heavens I have created. House them not together in a small corner.
Let them feast their souls on the splendors of My great heavens!

7. In the meantime Lika and his Hosts in Theovrahkistan were getting ready for the
ceremonies and for the ascension.

8. The Gods, with their hosts, were now coming in from every quarter of the lower
heavens, bringing in their harvests and quartering them in the places allotted by the

9. Most conspicuous and beloved of all was Ahura. Next to him were the five true Gods:
Inane, Injek, Inlay, Inoal and Inyith, with their heavenly hosts restored to them; for it was
through these five Gods that the three mortals, Capilya, Moses and Chine, had delivered
the Faithists of Vind’yu, Jaffeth and Arabin’ya. These five Gods had in five years changed
the mortal dominions and laws of Vind’yu and Jaffeth, and sent four million Faithists on a
westward journey round the earth; and had firmly established the All One in the four great
divisions of the earth, and had delivered from bondage all the Faithists on the face of the

10. Great also was the work accomplished by At’yesonitus, and by Yussamis; and by the
Gods that had delivered the hells and the knots; and by many others. So good and great
were the works of them all, that a history of any one of them in the five years’labor,
would make a book that a man could not read in a life-time.

11. And they had left successors to carry out what they had founded; so that all the lower
heavens were in order, system and discipline, such as had not been for two thousand

12. The drujas of the earth were removed away from mortals; the battle-fields of the earth
were cleared of the chaotic spirits slain in wars.

13. So that the whole earth and her heavens were delivered into a new condition, in the
way and form of Jehovih’s light.

14. And this was the Arc of Deliverance in Bon.

15. Then descended Lissa with her chain of cowppon; with her ships of fire stretched
wide as the earth. And the hosts of Theovrahkistan, the Brides and Bridegrooms, sixtyfour thousand million Sons and Daughters of Jehovih, stood, waiting, watching, nervous,
but filled with inexpressible delight.

16. And they saw the cowppon coming; knew the mission of the mighty Goddess, Lissa,
Daughter of Jehovih!

17. Arrayed in spotless white, the sixty-four thousand millions stood; shuddered at the
etheric current, the whirlwind of the higher heavens, stood the exalted affianced of Great

18. Nearer and nearer came the mighty sea of etherean fire; and nearer, till it landed at the
plateau of Theovrahkistan.

19. Then came forth Lissa, saluting; and, being answered by great Lika, Jehovih’s Son,
proceeded before Jehovih’s throne.

20. Then Lissa demanded in the usual form, why she had been summoned in Jehovih’s
name. Lika also answered in the usual form: To bestow Jehovih’s affianced Sons and

21. After this, each of the five Gods of the earth took their hosts and bequeathed them to
Jehovih, through Lissa, His Daughter.

22. But so great and grand were the ceremonies that mortal words cannot describe
them. And as for the awe and magnificence, together with the music, could they be
described to mortals, understandingly, they scarce could live, because of the enchantment.

23. But there is a time, and a limit, and an end to all such matters; and so there was to the
labor of Lika, Son of Jehovih. The hosts were wed, and they marched aboard the great
etherean ships, the cowppon. Lika and his hosts went into his own airavagna. And, as it
were, with a thread light, he made fast to the cowppon, and gave the word, the command
to go.

24. Then raised up the mighty seas of fire, the eight-linked cowppon and the airavagna!
Slowly, steadily moving onward, upward, higher and higher, faster and faster, and still
higher. And thus departed Lika with his thousands of millions of upraised Sons and
Daughters of Jehovih. And thus ended the dawn of Bon.


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