Lectionary Readings for Thursday, July 16th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Thursday, July 16th, 2020

Book of Saphah Port-Pan Algonquin, Anubis



Readeth as follows:

1. Which way, man?

2. To the tree of knowledge.

3. I go thither, also.

4. Where, then, is thy treasure?

5. I bring this pitcher and pot, a tame gowt and a dead man’s skull. I have no more.

6. Seffas bows down in thy favor. Hast thou slain any living creature?

7. Nay, Ong-a-pa, but housed in a mound high-built, and steep, I have slept my nights
away in peace, slaying naught.

8. Hast thou the Hagaw’sa (the head compressed), from infancy?

9. On my breast, engraved, the sign single standeth most honored of all I have. When I
was a child my head was thus compressed, to school the judgment down beneath the
prophetic sight. I have seen the Es world and the angels of the dead.

10. Hold up thine hand, and show me, too, the leaf sign of Egoquim. Then the
burning flame of sacrifice and monstrous serpents thou wouldst rather feed than destroy?

11. To engrave the sacred symbols in Corpor I was well-educated. Behold I write.
(He then displayeth his skill.)

12. Thy skill is excellent. Go thou to the south-west corner, and in the ark of the black
hand thou shalt find a charm for venomous serpents. Bring it hither.

13. Alas, O Onga, ask of me any service but to deal in charms against anything.

14. How sleepest thy father and thy mother, and thy wife and thy sons and daughters?

15. On the mounds and in the mounds, O Onga. Hid are we all away from the devouring
hiss-sa (serpent), and baugh and mieuh (lions and tigers).

16. How was it with thy forefathers and foremothers?

17. In the mounds and on the mounds, O Onga. For a thousand generations my ancestors
killed not any living creature Egoquim had created.

18. What is yonder building in the north-east?

19. The temple of Egoquim.

20. What meaneth it?

21. It is the sacred house of Dan. (Faithists.)

22. What are the signs?

23. The All Light hand teacheth mortals to ever reach upward; the cup, that all the
firmament is filled by the presence of Egoquim.

24. What is the sign of half a dog, of half a horse, and a man’s head?

25. That man at best is two beings, a beast and a spirit.

26. What is the sign of the black hand and black onk, the slaying tool?

27. The mortal who slayeth the wolf and serpent hath a hard time in heaven.

28. What is the hard time of the slaying-man in heaven?

29. In the firmament of heaven he is haunted; the spirits of the slain come upon him. He
findeth no place. With his black hand of death uplifted he crieth out.

30. What is the sign of Oke-un (tent), and the sign of the black head of the Ghi-ee (eagle),
and the black mouth with black tongue projecting?

31. That all the earth must be subdued by man. Even the blackness (slander) that issueth
out of man’s mouth must also be subdued.

32. What are the signs of the ear, the triangle and the square, the evil quarters, the wedge
and the vessels of copper?

33. Alas, O Onga, I know not.

34. What are the signs of the trumpet, the windlass, the hewing-ax and the altar of fire?

35. Alas, O Onga, I know not.

36. What are the signs of the Az-aj (stretcher), and the basket?

37. Alas, O Onga, I know not.

38. What is the sign of the men ascending the Orugh (the stairs), and lamp and the trees
and the black fish?

39. First, there was an egg, and then a fish, and then trees, then man, and he saw the light
and the sun. Then wisdom came and he learnt of Egoquim, ever after.

40. Thou art wise, and now, by virtue of my power and wisdom and love, do I crown thee
brother of the Hoanga (prophets). Peace be with thee, Amen!

41. He who taught thee all the other signs will now teach thee three thou knowest not.
After which the Oi will invest thee with cloth and with the signs of Chaigi (words of
enchantment), that when thou travelest in far-off lands thou shalt be received as a brother.
(Signs and pass-words withheld from publication.)

ANUBIS. (Old Egyptian.)

Plate 82.

Antechamber examination omitted.
Second part in the dark chamber, to wit:

1. MARS (alias Death): What is this noise and confusion? Who comes here to disturb our
haven of rest?

2. JUPITER (alias Aises, a leader): Hark! I heard a voice! It is true, this place is haunted!
Say thou, spirit or angel, speak! Who art thou?

3. M.: I am Death! All who enter here must die! Are ye prepared?

4. MERCURY (alias Saug, heavy): Hark! What fearful words!

5. M.: Silence!

6. J.: Alas, O Death, spare us! Command us as thou wilt, but slay us not.

7. M.: Impious mortals, know ye this place is consecrated to the spirits of the dead? All
who enter here must die!

8. Mer.: We implore Thee, O Death! Is there no respite?

9. M.: Over your heads I hold the two-edged sword. Fear ye, and tremble when I

10. J.: Alas, O Death, we and all mortals fear thee. What shall we do?

11. M.: There is one respite. Sit ye at my feet in token of your submission to a higher
power than mortals. (The initiates sit down.) Bide ye there till I call my fellow-God, Life.
Ye shall know your doom! All hail, O Life! Hither, hither! Mortal intruders have
profaned our sacred chamber! Come thou and deal with them, that I may receive their

12. SUN (alias Dan, a light): Hail, O Death! I come! Mighty art thou, O Death! Were it not
for thee mortals would esteem themselves Gods. Take me, brother, to them. (M. conducts
S. to another part of the chamber.)
S.: Mortals, for what purpose are ye here? Speak to
me, I am Life.

13. Pity us, O Life! We are friends to the spirits of the dead. We have come hither
to unite ourselves in a common brotherhood, especially to improve ourselves in
spirit communion. Deal thou mercifully with us and we will be faithful and true.

14. S.: On one condition only can I save you from Death’s hand. I have here scales on
which I weigh mortals, and by your words shall ye be weighed, for all words manifest the
spirit within. If, therefore, ye repeat after me the words I utter, ye shall live. But if ye do
not so utter them, ye shall be handed over to Death. Neither will I utter aught but what all
good men and true, may utter my words after me.

15. J.: Speak, O Life! We will repeat after thee.

16. MER.: We will repeat after thee.

17. VENUS (alias due’ji): We will utter thy words!

18. CERES (alias hyastra): Speak, O Life, thy words shall be our words.
(Many of the stars repeat expressions in like manner, the initiates being previously named
as some star.)

19. S.: My friends, repeat your own names and then these words (the initiates give their
names): Of my own free will, in presence of these spirits and mortals, do I covenant that I
will forever keep and never reveal any of the secrets or mysteries I may receive within
this chamber. That I will accept as my brethren all who are here present, and all who have
been heretofore initiated, or may be hereafter initiated, as fully and entirely as if they were
my own blood and kin. That I will not from this time forth utter one slanderous word
against these my brethren, nor against any man nor woman nor child belonging to them or
that is dependent on them. That I will protect their honor and virtue and love as sacredly
as I would my own mother. That I will from this time forth engage myself in some
useful employment, and from the excess of my wages, contribute to the relief and
assistance of any of the brethren who may be helpless or distressed. So keep me,
Thou, who makest and rulest over all. Make me steadfast to keep this, my solemn
covenant; and I bind myself under no less a penalty than to forfeit all spirit presence
both in this world and the next, and the good-fellowship of all men, if I should fail
to keep this, my holy covenant. By the Pillars of the castle I swear, and by the Sun, and
by Uz (Osiris), and by the Sacred Wheel, and by the Angle of Gau, yea, by Elohim!

20. S.: My friends, you have been weighed, and the scales bear to your favor. You shall
live. What more desire ye!

21. ALL: Light! (The ceremony so far being in the dark.)

22. S.: Let my servants make a light. (The servants march about, but make no light.)

23. First Servant: Alas, O Master, we can not make a light; the oil will not burn; the
lamps are cold.

24. S.: In this emergency, what shall be done?

25. SECOND SERVANT: Alas, O Master, we know not.

26. S.: Let this be a lesson to both spirits and mortals, for as I do now, so in all great
trials, do ye also. (Aside:) Hither, O brother God! Hither, O my brother!

27. M.: Here, O Life! Here, O Life, I come!
(Walking to a different corner.)

28. S.: My attendants can not make a light. The oil will not burn. The lamps are cold.
What shall be done?

29. M.: Let us supplicate Him who is greater than life and death!

30. S.: It is well.

31. M. and S. (together): O Thou, Almighty and Everlasting Creator of Life, and Master
of Death, give us light! Give us light, O Father!

32. S.: Let my servants try once more. (The servants now make a light. The initiates
behold their strange apparel, which was put on them in the dark.)

33. M.: Behold, O mortals, by the light of heaven, man hath risen above the beasts of the
field and fowls of the air. But for the light of Uz (Osiris) your heads would have this day
been as your hoods. (With his sword he knocks off the head-covering.) Be as beasts no
more, but men and women. In token of your fidelity to the covenant, drink ye of this
nectar of life. (Because they were saved from death.)
(The cup is then passed from one to another, and all drink of it. In the Algonquin tribes
of America the ceremony was the same, save that a pipe was smoked instead of the
drink, and to this day it is practiced by them as a pledge of peace and brotherhood.)

34. S.: (making the proper sign, which is withheld from publication, and taking the hand
of one of the initiates): Arise, O my brother of the Haunted Chamber, I salute thee in the
name of ____ (withheld from publication).

35. M.: As ye are now raised up on earth, so shall ye be raised in heaven, where, it is
represented by the spirits of the second heavens, are scales to weigh the spirits of mortals
recently dead. And he who presideth over the scales in heaven was called _____ (alas me,
how shall I repeat his name?) Let him who conducted you hither answer me: Who is the
God of the Scales in heaven?

36. FOURTH SERVANT: I can not so answer, Master.

37. S.: Knowest thou?

38. FOURTH SERVANT: I am wise.

39. S.: What wilt thou?

40. FOURTH SERVANT: (Withheld from publication.) (And when Anubis appeareth,
the Master saith): All words sprung from the fullness of the spirit within. Be exact
in observing your covenant, and guarded in your words toward all men, for as ye
were here weighed by your words, so shall ye be both in this world and the next.
(The S. and M. now bestow the pass-words and signs, here withheld from publication.)

41. M.: Thus endeth your initiation, and may the cross of the Wheel of the Great Spirit be
the center of your action, and the angle of your behavior toward all men. Amen!
(All respond, Amen!)

42. FIRST INITIATE: Why, this is just the brotherhood we desired!

43. SECOND INITIATE: Just what we set out to accomplish!

44. THIRD INITIATE: And better done than we could have done it!

45. S.: Remember, then, this lesson: That in all good works inclining to brotherhood,
especially that which inclineth to spirit communion, mortals are ever assisted and guided
by wise spirits of noble aspirations.

(Manner of dismissal withheld from publication out of respect to existing societies.)

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