Lectionary Readings for Thursday, February 3rd, 2022

Lectionary Readings for Thursday, February 3rd, 2022

Book of Jehovih’s Kingdom on Earth Chapter 13

1. TAE said: Never grew such straight and handsome children as those of Shalam.

2. And it was so. And, moreover, they were of all shades of color, and of all nations and peoples on the earth.

3. And they were timed and disciplined from the very first; a time to be fed, a time for bathing, a time for dressing and a time for sleeping.

4. Besides these times, the nurses provided music twice a day for them, and at regular hours. And many of the babes began to sing and to beat time to the music, even before they could stand upright.

5. And when the children were able to walk, the nurses provided them, in processions, with music to their steps; and a time was also set apart for these.

6. Soon after this, they were given simple calisthenics; and, in time after this, calisthenics proper, for the development of the arms, limbs and person.

7. Thus were they trained to keep time with music; to carry themselves erect; to control the motions of their feet, limbs, arms and hands, and, also, made to develop the full use of their joints. And they were taught the names of the bones, joints and muscles, by repeating the words in time to the music, being in songs and semi-songs.

8. Great were the delight and interest these little ones took in these exercises; and it came to pass, that even whilst they were little more than babes, they had mastered the names and uses of the bones and muscles of the body.

9. And they were timed and limited in exercise, adapted to the most delicate and slender, and to the most robust; and every one learned simply by diversion, and not by talk or labor.

10. After this, they were taught marching, slow and fast, even running in time to music; and, after this, simple tournaments.

11. Simple tournaments embraced games of hunting and chasing; some of them taking the part of foxes or wolves, and others, the part of hunters. Yet, in all these games, the teachers and musicians took part, directing and cautioning, guarding and supervising the games, teaching the little ones the oneness of teachers and pupils. Teaching the stronger children to be observant and gentle toward the weaker ones, illustrating to them how Jehovih had made them all as brothers and sisters.

12. Es said: Never was I so reproved for the shortness of my former life, and for my belief in the depravity of man, as now, when these little ones demonstrated love and respect toward one another, as if they had indeed been begotten by the angels of heaven. They were like little saints, and more of a lesson to their teachers of the glorious creation of Jehovih, than the teachers were to them of the wisdom of man.

13. Amongst their first lessons of labor were those in the gardens, teaching them how to plant; teaching them the names of seeds, flowers, plants, trees and all growing things; explaining to them how Jehovih, by His Ever Presence, giveth life and growth and form unto all things.

14. And they listened, heeded, and, with delight, sought their turns and privileges to do some little work.

15. Now, with the beginning of labor, with them, was also the beginning of times and seasons for recreation (play), which, for the first six years, occupied the principal part of the day. And, yet, every day they took lessons of a few minutes in painting or drawing, or demonstrating with blocks, cords, squares and angles.

16. At six years of age, they were entered as apprentices to labor, devoting half an hour daily to knitting, or sewing, or working with tools, giving them an opportunity of manifesting their best adaptation.

17. At six years of age, they were also taught for half an hour one evening in the week to sit in the sacred circle for angel communion, that they might become conversant with angels, seeing them, and hearing them discourse on heavenly things. Here they were taught praying in concert, and the order of praise to Jehovih and His creations.

18. And the angels appeared amongst them, oft carrying them in their arms, and otherwise demonstrating the tangibility of the presence of the spirits of the dead.

19. And the children were delighted, often ejaculating thanks unto Jehovih and praise for His everlasting heavens.

20. Now was also the time that many of them began to manifest su’is, being capable of seeing and hearing angels whilst in normal condition, and also of seeing and hearing corporeal things miles away, and without their corporeal eyes and ears.

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