Lectionary Readings for Sunday, September 27th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Sunday, September 27th, 2020

Holy Memorial Day

Book of Es Chapter 17


1. Es said: The Voice spake out of the light over the throne of God, saying:

2. Because, I admonished both, earth and heaven, saying: Whoso setteth up more
than the I A
M, shall be bound: And whoso hearkeneth unto them, and runneth after
them, shall be bound unto them. And they heeded not my commandments, but made
worshipful other Gods than Me, so shall they reap the harvest they have sown.

3. Because they drew the sword to establish themselves, they were bound by the sword.

4. Because they took upon themselves heavenly kingdoms, I bound them thereunto.

5. Because they professed salvation in the names of false Gods, I let them run their
course; and, lo and behold, they have shown no salvation in heaven or earth.

6. They have built up kingdom against kingdom, standing army against standing army.
Verily, they have brought judgment upon themselves.

7. Hear the words of Jehovih, O ye false Gods and Goddesses, who set up heavenly
kingdoms against Me.

8. Who slew hundreds of millions of mortals, in order to make other names than Mine
worshipful on earth and in the heavens thereof.

9. Ye, who cried out falsely: Behold me; I am the light and the life; through me is the way
of salvation.

10. Ye, who have used your names to lead mortals and angels away from the Creator;
saying of yourselves: Behold me, I am the Lord; I am God; my heavenly place is the all

11. Behold, I had spoken in the olden times; I had said:

12. Whoso aspireth to be a king of the earth, or queen, or emperor, or ruler over a nation
or people, and I give to him his desire, he shall be bound with the people of his
administration. Neither shall he rise to My emancipated heavens, till he hath carried up
with him every soul that he had dominion over. But he shall be bound unto that people in
the first and second resurrection, until even the lowest of them are raised in wisdom and
virtue and good works, sufficient for the grade of Brides and Bridegrooms to My etherean

13. And if a king stretch forth his arm to subdue and annex other countries unto his own,
suffer thou him to do so, for he is magnifying his bondage for the resurrection of the low.

14. And, thou shalt apply these rules unto all earthly rulers, be they kings, or queens, or
emperors, or presidents, or governors, or legislators, or judges, or popes, or priests, or
preachers, or whosoever presumeth to rule over, or to lead, or to exact servitude from
others. And the term of the bondage unto them in the lower heavens shall be in proportion
to the magnitude of their dominions.

15. But, to whomsoever attaineth dominion by the sword, or extendeth dominion by the
sword, and by blood and death, his bondage shall be a hundred-fold.

16. And whosoever maintaineth his dominion by standing armies, thou shalt compute the
number thereof, and to him and his high officers, the bondage in the lowest heaven shall
be equal to ten times the number of soldiers thereof, and ten times the number of years of
the servitude of the multitude of his armies.

17. For, whosoever taketh from My people for his own glory or dominion, shall render
unto Me the just value.

18. Whosoever engageth in war, or leadeth in war, or is a captain, or a general, and
causeth the death of whom I created alive, he shall not rise to inherit My emancipated
heavens as long as there remaineth war upon the earth. But he shall toil in the lowest
heavens of the earth to educate and raise up the drujas thereof, which shall be his labor.

19. And whoso hath great riches, and many servants, his resurrection shall be no faster
than the resurrection of those that serve him.

20. And whoso hath great riches and yet no servants, but liveth for himself, thou
shalt apportion his place in the first resurrection even according to the good he
might have done, had he obeyed My commandments; and he shall do in heaven,
what he neglected to do on earth. And he shall not rise to My emancipated heavens,
until he hath appropriated according to that which I gave him into his keeping.

21. God said: The words that come out of man’s mouth, even though they profess prayers
and repentance, are of little avail before Jehovih. But the words that come out of good
works done unto others to raise them up, are as the sound of a trumpet that reacheth
beyond the stars.

22. For, in all ages of the world, there have been deceivers and hypocrites, with temples
and churches to worship in, professing to serve the Creator, but, in fact, serving an idol.

23. And their priests and preachers speak good doctrines, but they practice them not, save
a little, as a blind to lead the multitude astray.

24. And they live in fine houses, and fare sumptuously every day; and are skilled in
oratory and in doctrinal precepts; but they will not go, and serve the poor, teaching them
how to live. Again the Voice spake, saying:

25. My judgments are upon those that profess Me, dealing out their pittance to the poor,
whilst they themselves live above want. When such men die, and enter the first
resurrection, they shall be handed over to those that are in darkness, and their bondage
shall be a hundred-fold. For they preached words of righteousness with the mouth, but, in
their behavior, they laid their foundation for the kingdom of hypocrisy. Verily, I give unto
them the harvest that cometh of their own sowing.

26. These, then, have been My doctrines since thousands of years, and known unto you
before ye deserted My kingdoms.

27. If such, then, by My judgments unto mortals who serve false Gods, how much greater,
then, must be the penalty upon the false Gods, who set themselves up to establish these

28. Hear ye, then, the judgment of Jehovih: Whosoever hath established the name of any
God but the Creator, and made it worshipful on earth or in heaven, shall be bound on
earth or in heaven, shall be bound in the first resurrection till that name is no longer
worshipful on earth or in heaven.

29. And whatever God or Goddess hath said: Come unto me, ye that are heavily laden,
and I will give you rest, for I am the way of salvation and of light and of everlasting life,
then, that God or Goddess shall be bound in the first resurrection as long as mortals or
angels go unto him or her.

30. Behold, as such a God called, and they answered unto him, so do I give unto both, the
God that calleth, and the subject that runneth unto him. (For I give liberty even unto Mine

31. But, when a subject goeth to a God, and saith: Behold, thou hast said: Whither I go, I
will call all men unto me, and I believed in thee,–then that God shall not put him away.

32. Whilst Osiris was worshipped, I gave unto Osiris (the false).

33. Whilst Ashtaroth was worshipped, I gave unto her.

34. Whilst Baal was worshipped, I gave unto Baal.

35. But, when any of these Gods were no longer worshipped, behold, I gave them no
more subjects.

36. As long as Brahma is worshipped, I will give unto him, who is before me.

37. As long as Budha is worshipped, I will give unto him, who is before me.

38. As long as Kriste is worshipped, I will give unto him, who is before me.

39. As long as Mohammedans are upheld on the earth, I will give unto him, who built up

40. And, when all of you have purified, and raised up all those who idolize you, in that
same time, will I raise you up to higher heavens also.

41. Es said: And now, when the Voice ceased, and all was still, the false Gods and
Goddesses raised up their heads, and they spake with one voice, saying:

42. Thou art just, O Jehovih. Unto thee do I now covenant that I will serve thee forever.
Neither will I aspire to rise to higher heavens till I have raised up all whom I have led

43. Make me strong, O Jehovih, in this my everlasting covenant!

44. Teach me, O Father, the labor I should do, that Thou shalt be glorified forever!

45. Thus ended the judgment. God’s marshals removed them to the places allotted for
them, and they went to work.

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