Lectionary Readings for Sunday, September 13th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Sunday, September 13th, 2020

Holy Memorial Day

Book of Es Chapter 3

1. Es said: Far up in the vault of the firmament, in the etherean realms of Jehovih, the
Voice of the Almighty had spoken. The Orian Chief of Huamat and Balis called unto the
Gods and Goddesses on the plains of Thessalona and Nadab and Vraghaoma, called for
ten million volunteers.

2. Chonling, Son of Jehovih, Chief of Fabi’wotch’osi and Balis, said: Come, O ye Gods
and Goddesses; come with me down to the red star; the earth is near the arc of kosmon,
era of kosmon. Come and think for mortals; inspire them with holier thoughts; make them
comprehend the light of Jehovih.

3. Then spake Thetchaya, Chieftainess of Huamat and Dikaddonas, saying: Come, O ye
Gods and Goddesses, I will lead you yonder to the rising red star, the little traveling earth.
Behold, she cometh our way; she will cross the Arc of Kosmon in four hundred years.

4. Litabakathrava, Orian Chief of Yohamma, of two hundred thousand years, God of
Ithwan, forty thousand years, said: Come, O ye Gods and Goddesses, come to the red star.
Behold, my otevan, my fire-ship, goeth that way on her cruise of ten thousand years.
Come with me, my otevan will carry a thousand millions; I will halt and leave you on the
earth with mortals.

5. Che Sin, Chief of Ahwentaba, of sixty thousand years, called a host of his swift
messengers, ten thousand. Unto them he said: Provide an arrow-ship of great velocity,
and go ye in the former roadway of the earth, in the regions whither she traveled
thousands of years; proclaim it in the etherean heavens, another corporeal world, the
earth, near the time of kosmon.

6. Mortals on the earth are to be illumed and, like Gods, made to comprehend the glorious
plans of the heavens of the Almighty. In four hundred years, the Father’s kingdom is to be
founded on the red star.

7. Bornothetes, Chief of Guaga, called his Holy Council, in the palace of Nu, gardens of
Lasanitizi. And they looked across the firmament, far off, to see the slow rolling earth,
where mortals still groped in darkness; whose people could not read the unseen heavens.

8. Here they deliberated; some to wonder how it was, that the earth, in all the time of her
being, had only sent a few hundred thousand million angels into the etherean heavens;
and as to where they dwelt, that they had as yet never been heard of in these fruitful
gardens, in etherea. Others surmised the lowness of her grades.

9. Then spake Atavia, Goddess of Peronitus. She said: O, I remember the earth! Her side
was crushed, and the form of her lands changed by Aph, in the Arc of Noe, twenty four
thousand years ago. Hi’ata, Goddess of the Flying Wing, was there, and I with her, in her
airavagna. O, it is a glorious world. I will be one, a volunteer, to go thither, for the four
hundred years.

10. Atavia was the first volunteer; but now, the names enrolled like sparks of fire,
flashing in the firmament.

11. Presently the numerators sent up rockets, the signals, that the ten millions had
responded to Jehovih’s call.

12. These, then, were the etherean kingdoms who contributed: Jaison, in the swamps of
Loe; Rodus, of the mountains of Kembak; Tisain and Carwa, of the plains of Tassahacha;
Amos, the Chosone Resort, and Sagamma, the kingdom of Methiasi, Goddess of Tuesta.

13. Bornothetes sent swift messengers to these kingdoms; some were half a million miles
distant, and some lay on crooked lanes, and hid amidst nebulous forests, and yet others
over and beyond mountains, thousand of miles high and broad. And he called them, to
assemble in Piatyu, the port of Nabrokaxax, under the arches of Geddis, to consult
together, and prepare for the journey.

14. So, when the hosts were assembled in Piatya, Jehovih appointed Thotagawawa as
God of the cruise and mission.

15. And Litabakathrava ordered his fire-ship to be brought to Piatya, where it no sooner
arrived than the hosts of the mission, the ten millions, went aboard, as guests and
companions to Litabakathrava’s fifty million traveling visitors to worlds, ten thousand
times further on.

16. And now began the trumpeters and the es’enaurs in songs of praise, the two bands of
musicians, a million performers.

17. Then upward, outward, rose the airavagna, the ship of fire, whose photosphere, as to
size, was like a world; rose up higher and higher, heading for the far-off red star, that
coursed in the serpent’s coil, a million and a half miles a day.

18. Two thousand million miles off, lay the red star, the earth, seen by the magnifying
instruments of the Gods, seen in its little orbit round the sun, of half a thousand million

19. Four hundred million miles a day, sped the airavagna through the etherean worlds;
like a flash of light shot forth the ship of Litabakathrava, Orian Chief of thousands of
years, coursing the etherean heavens of Jehovih! A God that, but to look on a corporeal
world, knew the grade of her mortals and angels, even as in his flight he passed on.

20. Five days and nights traveled the hosts of the emancipated heavens, to reach the earth;
traveled through thousands and thousands of etherean worlds, of forests and swamps of
ji’ay, and of nebula, and a’ji, and regions of light, and mountains and rivers and plains;
countless places, inhabited and uninhabited in the great expanse of Jehovih’s kingdoms.

21. Then, they came to Chinvat, the bridge of the boundary of the earth’s vortex, and there
halted to survey the earth and her unruly heavens, where the four false Gods proclaimed
themselves monarchs of the universe! A day they rested, in a day they measured the grade
and standing of the earth’s mortals and angels, and then, they descended straight to
Paradise, the place of God, Jehovih’s Son.

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