Lectionary Readings for Sunday, October 11th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Sunday, October 11th, 2020

Holy Memorial Day

Book of Judgement Chapter 11

1. Remember thy Creator and the comprehension of His kingdoms; and be considerate of
the words of thy God:

2. All men profess to desire resurrection; they hope to ascend to exalted heavenly spheres.

3. Yet, many will not even try to exalt themselves.

4. He saith in one breath: To not eat the flesh of anything created alive, is the highest.

5. But, straightway, he filleth his belly with flesh.

6. He saith: To return good for evil is the highest.

7. But he doeth evil even before the sound of his voice is hushed.

8. And yet, he will find fault with his Creator, if holy angels promise him not a high seat
in heaven.

9. And there are others who constantly profess to have the higher light; but they go about
tattling, and making evil remarks of their neighbors.

10. Yet, many of these do good unto others, giving to the helpless; verily are they both
rising and falling, in regard to the resurrection.

11. The measure of the grade of such shall be by weighing the whole behavior as to its
result in the community where he abideth. And this rule shall apply, both on earth and in

heaven, to all such people.

12. There are men who do great good unto others, and are talented withal, but who are
great liars; and much prone to exaggeration. So, that their good works are outbalanced by
the shame of their tongues.

13. The grade of resurrection of such shall not be modified or benefited but little by
their good works. But they shall be weighed as to such evil habit, whether it be
increasing or decreasing; and the grade of such man shall be accordingly, and shall
come under the rank of spiritual disease. Because it will be entailed upon them
into the es world, and shut them out from the grade which they manifested.

14. When thou searchest for the grade of a city, therefore, all such persons shall stand as
grade one.

15. There be some who say: I care not for the spiritual man nor the es worlds. One world
at a time is sufficient for me.

16. And they may be good as to the way of the city, contributing alms to the helpless, and
visiting the sick. Nevertheless, they utter truthfully their own resurrection, which shall
stand grade one.

17. There is no crime in them, but a misfortunate imbecility of spirit. When such persons
die, their knowledge, for the most part, dieth with them. And the enter the es world even
as if they had died in infancy.

18. They shall stand grade one, because owing to their weakness of spirit, they must need
be inhabited on the earth for many years.

19. There be others, who are forever talking of heaven, and consulting the spirits of the
dead, who are, nevertheless, low as to good works, and low in holiness of heart. These
shall be graded the same as liars and hypocrites.

20. For in prophecy, thou shalt estimate the sum of all the virtues and vices of thyself, and
of thy neighbor, and of the whole city, or state, or even the world; and accredit the grade
in ascension or declension, and thou shalt compare one generation with another, as to the
increase or decrease of its spirituality.

21. And thou shalt know of a truth the standing of the whole world.

22. And from this, thou shalt also determine the time, when man came on the earth; how
long the race will survive and bring forth; and the time he shall become extinct as to the

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