Lectionary Readings for Sunday, November 8th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Sunday, November 8th, 2020

Holy Memorial Day and 3rd Quarter Moon

Book of Judgement Chapter 39

1. God said: When thy educational colony of infants shall have grown up to manhood and
womanhood, they shall understand that, as they were once homeless and fatherless, and
ye gathered them up, and provided unto them, even so shall they go, and do likewise,
gathering up from the Uzians other orphans and castaways, and raising them in other
colonies, after the same manner.

2. And it shall come to pass, that many will desire to marry, and it shall be granted unto
them to choose amongst their own people, and marry whom they will.

3. But it shall be a law that no man nor woman shall marry more than one time.

4. Whether the partner die, or whether they divorce themselves, yet, to none other shall
either ever wed more.

5. And it shall be a law, that, at maturity, if any one desireth to leave the colony, he shall
do so without hindrance or prejudice.

6. Though it shall be inculcated into them, during their youth, that, at maturity, they
are supposed to swarm out, after the fashion of bees, becoming too numerous for one
hive, and go and form a new colony; that in all things they shall be taught not to do
anything for self sake, but for the good of man and for the honor and glory of Jehovih.

7. And these things shall come to pass with these people:

8. They shall abjure war;

9. They shall be non-resistants;

10. They shall have su’is, and shall see without their mortal eyes, and hear without their
mortal ears.

11. My angels shall appear before them, and walk with them, talking to them, and
teaching them of my kingdoms.

12. And angels of the I’hin race will come to them; and of the I’huans, and of all other
peoples whereof mention is made in this OAHSPE

13. And mortals shall recover, from the libraries in heaven, things that have been
lost on the earth, as to languages and histories of tens of thousands of years ago.

14. And mortals shall prophesy truly of things in heaven and on the earth.

15. And many shall attain adeptism, and, in spirit, go out of their mortal bodies, and
appear hundreds of miles away, and there make themselves known; and they will return
again to their mortal bodies, unharmed.

16. All these, and even greater things, shall my angels teach them.

17. Flatter not thyself, O man, that these things can come in Uz, or that they
can come suddenly. They can neither come to Uzians, nor can they come suddenly.

18. It is not the work of thy God in this cycle to raise up any man to become worshipful
because of such wonders; it is my work to show man how he shall attain to these things

19. For this reason, I come not, in this day, to call sinners to repentance, nor to gather up
the lost sheep of Israel.

 20. I come now to the wise and pure, who have fulfilled the former commandments.

21. I come to give them a new lesson, which is, to show them how to build the Father’s
kingdom on earth.

22. I come to raise up a new people in the world, greater than hath ever been.

23. Those that I sent have cleared away the old edifice. I come not as a destroyer; I come
as a builder.

24. Into thy hands, O man, I give the key to the heavenly kingdoms. Remember, the
password which admitteth the to the all highest kingdoms is, JEHOVIH, THE I AM.


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