Lectionary Readings for Sunday, November 7th, 2021

Lectionary Readings for Sunday, November 7th, 2021

Book of Discipline Chapter 4


1. CONSIDER the words of thy God, O man, and profit thou in the application of thy judgment for the growth of thy soul everlastingly.

2. Of the first resurrection man saith: I know my rights and dare maintain them.

3. Of the second, he saith: I ask not for rights for my own self; whatsoever is put upon me, that will I bear.

4. Of the first: No man shall impose upon me.

5. Of the second: Impose upon me whatsoever thou wilt.

6. Of the first: Let me justify myself in what I have done; behold, I am falsely accused.

7. Of the second: Jehovih knoweth my case; neither will I plead in my own behalf. Whoso is falsely accused, let him wait; in time the Father will right all things.

8. Of the first: Let no man try to rule over me; I will maintain my liberty at all hazards.

9. Of the second: Since no man in all the world hath full liberty–why should I ask it?

10. Of the first: Make me a leader; let me be the head.

11. Of the second: Make me not a leader; lest I would feel responsible for those I led.

12. Of the first: I have done my share, let others do as well.

13. Of the second: Though I do all I can, yet I am short before Jehovih.

14. Of the first: O that I were rich as my neighbor, what a great good I would do!

15. Of the second: Take all I have, and at once.

16. Of the first: Myself, and then my family will I help; after that, others.

17. Of the second: We are all brothers and sisters; why shall we prefer one of Jehovih’s children above another?

18. Of the first: I will not consider my shortcomings, lest I be dejected in spirit.

19. Of the second: Teach me, O Father, to look into my every act, word and thought, to purify myself in Thy sight.

20. Of the first: What might the world say? Ah! my reputation is at stake!

21. Of the second: What will Jehovih say? With Him must I preserve my reputation, more than with ten thousand worlds.

22. Of the first: Who injureth me shall suffer by my hand.

23. Of the second: Let us render good unto those that injure us.

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