Lectionary Readings for Sunday, November 6th, 2022

Lectionary Readings for Sunday, November 6th, 2022

Book of Inspiration Chapter 1

1. THESE are the words of Tae, in kosmon: I am Light; I am Central, but Boundless, saith Jehovih.

2. I give thee of My Light; and when thou hast received, thou criest out: Behold, I am wise!

3. Thy corpor I made, in which to localize thee; to mature thy entity.

4. Without Me, thou hadst not come to life. Thou art as the end of a ray of light from My Person.

5. And thou art focalized in thy corporeal body.

6. I am to thy spirit, as is the sun to a ray of light. I am the Light that illuminateth thy soul.

7. The ray of light that goeth out of Me, taketh root in mortality, and thou art the product, the tree.

8. Thou wert nothing; though all things that constitute thee, were before.

9. These I drove together, and quickened.

10. Thus I made thee.

11. After the manner I made thee corporeally, so made I thee spiritually, intellectually.

12. As out of corpor I made thy corporeal body, so, out of My Light, which is My Very Self, I built thee up in spirit, with consciousness that thou art.

13. Thou canst not add one jot or tittle to thy corporeal self, of thine own will and exertion.

14. It is by and through Me, that the process of absorption by the blood addeth unto thee.

15. Thy blood floweth in thy veins because of My quickening power upon thee.

16. When I withdraw My hand, thou diest. Life and death are of Me.

17. All thy corporeal part is, therefore, of Me and through Me.

18. Even so is thy spirit of Me also.

19. And as thou canst not add a fraction to thy corporeal self, neither canst thou add a fraction to thy spiritual self.

20. Out of Myself groweth thy spirit.

21. Neither canst thou, of thine own self, manufacture or acquire or take unto thyself, one new thought, nor idea, nor invention.

22. All thought and knowledge and judgment which thou hast, I gave unto thee.

23. As the whirlwind gathereth up dust, and driveth it toward a center, so is the plan of My universe.

24. Thou art as a center; all things come to thee from without.

25. Thy knowledge, as well as thy corporeality, came to thee from without, from that which was external to thyself.

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