Lectionary Readings for Sunday, May 12th, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Sunday, May 12th, 2019

1st Quarter MoonMother’s DayHoly Memorial Day

Book of Wars Against Jehovih Chapters XVI and XVII

Chapter XVI


1. Thus was established the CONFEDERACY OF SELFS; that is, the false Lord God, and his
false Gods, were as many kingdoms united into one; yet every god was secretly sworn
unto himself, for his own glory.

2. From the time of the beginning of the revolt until it was completed as a confederacy
was sixty and four days, and the number of inhabitants in these heavens at that time was
eight thousand millions, men, women and children. And they are well-ordered, in
nurseries, and hospitals, and schools, and colleges, and factories, and in building ships,
and in surveying and in road-making, and all such other occupations as belong in the
lower heavens, objective and subjective. Four thousand million of these were presently
sent to Hored, to De’yus.

3. De’yus at once set about the work laid out, and issued a decree commanding the
destruction of all otevans and other vessels plying to the upper plateau, Craoshivi; and
commanding the seizing and destroying of fire-ships or other vessels that might come
from the upper regions down to the lower. De’yus said: My people shall not ascend to
other heavens. I have made the earth and this heaven sufficient unto all happiness and
glory. Whosoever buildeth a vessel, saying: I will ascend; or if he say not, but my judges
discover him, he shall be cast into the hadan region, prepared for im. And if a man or a
woman preach in my heavens, and say: Behold, there is a higher heaven, that person shall
be cast into hell, as my son judgeth.

4. And I, De’yus, command the locking up of all the books in the libraries of my heavens
that in any way teach of Jehovih or Ormazd, or of heavenly kingdoms above mine or
greater. For I, the Lord God, will have but one kingdom, and I will draw all people into it
to abide with me forever.

5. And my Gods, and my marshals, and generals and captains, shall take their hosts and
go around about the regions of Hored, and make a clean roadway, and cut off all
connection with the outer kingdoms. And they shall place in the roadway around my
heavens a standing army, sufficient to guard my kingdom and my Gods’kingdoms
forever. And no man-angel, nor woman-angel shall pass outward beyond my roadway

6. These things were carried out, save as to the libraries. But there were destroyed four
thousand otevans and other ascending ships; and of the places for manufacturing ships
for the outer heavens that were destroyed, more than seven hundred. And there were
thus thrown out of employment seven hundred millions, men and women! And many
of these were compelled to go to Hored, where they were assorted as to grade, and put
to work, beautifying the capital and Council house and palace of the Lord God, the
false. Others were impressed into the standing army, being allotted seasons and years.

7. After the outward extreme of hada was thus secured in every way, De’yus turned to the
interior. He said: Now will I hide away text-books in my heavenly places, as relate to
higher kingdoms and to Jhovih; for from this time forth He is my enemy and I am His.
Upon my own self have I sworn it; the name of Jehovih and Ormazd shall be destroyed
in heaven and earth; and my name, De’yus, even the Lord God, shall stand above all else.

8. For sixty days, the armies of destruction traversed the lowest heavens, high and low,
far and near; and they hid away many of the records, and books, and maps, relating to
the higher atmospherea and to the etherean worlds beyond; and in sixty days the
work of destruction was complete in these heavens, and there was nothing left
within sight to prove or to teach the higher heavens, or of Jehovih, the Ormazd.

9. The Lord God, the false, said: Let my name and my place, even Hored, be replaced
instead of those destroyed, for I will make the name De’yus to rule in one-half of the
world, and the name Lord God to rule in the other half.

10. The inhabitants of heaven and earth shall know where to find me, and shall behold my
person, and witness the strength of my hands. Yea, they shall know my pleasure and my
displeasure, and serve me in fear and trembling.

11. And the books in the schools and colleges of these heavens were thus made to rate
De’yus and the Lord God as the All Highest, Most Sacred, Most Holy.

12. When these things were established thus far, De’yus gave a great feast, and brought
into his companionship all the valorous fighters and destroyers that had proved
themselves great in fulfilling his commandments. In the meantime, the laborers and
officers in charge had extended and beautified the palace and capital of the Lord God in
Hored beyond anything ever seen in these heavens. So that at the time of this feast, the
place was already one of magnificence and glory. And the order, and temper, and
discipline of the officers and servants, more than one million, who had charge of
preparing and conducting the feast, were so great that the assembled Gods and great
generals, and governors, and marshals, and captains, for a long while, did nothing but
ejaculate applause and astonishment.

13. Besides these, De’yus had provided receiving hosts, fifty thousand, and of es’enaurs
and trumpeters half a million, and proclaiming heralds one hundred thousand; and the
latter, when conducting the distinguished visitors into the presence of De’yus, proclaimed
them, amidst the applause of the Holy Council, such honor surpassing anything that any
of them had ever witnessed.

14. The substance of the feast, being above grade twenty, which was above the animal
region, was, consequently, of vegetable and fruit es’pa from the earth, previously brought
by trained shippers and workers, for this especial occasion. But there was no es’pa of flesh
or fish present on the tables; but an abundance of the es’pa of wine, and this was called
NECTAR (su-be).

15. The walls of the chamber of the feast were ornamented with sprays of colored fire,
and from the floor of the chamber there rose upward innumerable fountains of perfume,
which were also es’pa brought up from the earth, and forced up in the fountains by more
than one million servants, impressed into service from the regions of shippers, which had
been destroyed previously.

16. At the feast, with the Lord God and his Gods, there were in all one thousand two
hundred guests; and the feast lasted one whole day, and the Gods and guests ate and
drank to their hearts’content, and there were not a few who felt the intoxication of the
rich nectar.

17. When the feast was ended, De’yus, through his marshals, signified that he would
speak before them; and when quiet was restored, he said: What greater joy hath
any one in a matter than to make others happy! Because ye served me, doing my
commandments, behold, I have served you. My feast hath been your feast; my substance
have I given unto you, that ye may rejoice in the glory I have received from your hands.

18. Yet think not that the Lord, your God, so endeth this proceeding: I will not so end it.
I have commanded you here that I may honor those that deserve honor from me,
your God. My Gods have also great exaltation in the labor ye have done in my
heavens, for my heavens are their heavens, and yours also. Because ye have destroyed
the ascension, the most worthless and foolish of things, and cleared away the
rubbish of my heavens, ye have also prepared a place for endless glory for yourselves.

19. For which reason, and in justice to you, I have appointed this time to promote you
all, according to your great achievements. Nor shall ye fall back on my promotion,
resting in ease; for I have a greater labor for you, as well as greater honor and glory.

20. Behold, I have commanded the earth and her dominions; and ye, my Gods, shall
subjugate her to my name and power. And ye that have proved yourselves most valiant in
heaven shall be their chosen officers to go down to the earth in my name, with millions of

my heavenly soldiers, to plan and fix the way of mortals unto my hand. As ye have cast
out the names Jehovih and Ormazd in heaven, even so shall ye cast them out on the earth.

21. Remember ye, I am a God of anger; I have declared war against all ungodliness on the
earth. Whoever worshippeth the Great Spirit under the name Jehovih, or Ormazd, shall
be put to death, both men and women. Only little children shall ye spare, and of them
shall ye make slaves and eunuchs and whatsoever else that shall profit my kingdoms.

22. Whether they have an idol of stone, or of wood, or of gold, or of copper, they shall be
destroyed. Neither shall it save them to make an idol of the Unseen; for such is even more
offensive in my sight than the others. For will I leave alive one Faithist on the face of the

23. To accomplish which, my Gods shall select ye who are of my feast; according to
their rank shall they choose; and when ye are thus divided and selected, ye shall receive
badges from my hand, and repair with my Gods to the places and service they desire.

24. And when ye are come down to the earth, ye shall possess yourselves of the oracles
and places of worship, driving hence all other angels, and Gods, and Lords, and familiars.
And when mortals come to consult the spirits ye shall answer them in your own way in
order to carry out my commandments.

25. And when ye find prophets and seers, who accomplish by the Unseen, who have with
them spirits belonging to the kingdom of Craoshivi, ye shall drive away such spirits and
obsess the prophet or seer in your own way. But if ye cannot drive hence the Ormazdian
angel, then shall ye go to the depths of hell in hada and bring a thousand spirits of
darkness, who are foul and well skilled in torment, and ye shall cast them upon that
prophet until he is mad. But if it so happen that the prophet or seer be so protected that
spirits of darkness cannot reach him, then shall ye send evil spirits in advance of him to
the place he frequenteth, and they shall inoculate the place with virus that shall poison
him to death.

26. But if a prophet of Jehovih repent and renounce the Great Spirit, and accept De’yus, or
the Lord God, then shall ye drive all evil away from him, and put a guard around about
him, for he shall be my subject in time to come.

27. And whether ye reach a king of the earth by means of the oracles, or through prophets
and seers, or by obsession, it mattereth not; but ye shall come to him by some means,
either when he lieth asleep or is awake, and ye shall inspire him with the doctrines and
the love of the Lord your God. And he shall rise up in great war, and pursue all people
who do not profess De’yus, or the Lord your God; for he shall be as an instrument in your
hands to do my will.

28. When De’yus ceased speaking, the Gods immediately made their selections, and the
generals and captains were thus allotted to new places. And now the attendants carried
away the tables of the feast, and the Gods, each with his captains and generals, faced
toward De’yus, and formed twelve rows; whereupon De’yus conferred badges, as
previously promised.

29. De’yus then departed to the Council chamber, and took his seat on the throne. The
guests, and Gods, and Councilors, entered the south gate, and went and stood in the midst
of the floor of the chamber; whereupon the Lord God saluted them, W
they embraced in the S
IGN OF TAURUS, signifying, TO ENFORCE RIGHTEOUSNESS, for the image of
a bull was one of the signs above the throne. (And this was called the E

30. These, then, are the names of the Gods and Goddesses, with their generals and
captains, that were empowered in heaven to go down to the earth to subjugate it unto the
Lord God, the false, that is to say:

31. The Gods were: Anubi; Hikas, now called Te-in; Wotchissij, now called Sudga; Chele-mung, now called Osiris; Baal, Ashtaroth, Foe-be, Hes-loo, He-loo, Orion, Hebe and

32. Their generals were: Hoin, Oo-da, Jah, Knowteth, June, Pluton-ya, Loo-Chiang, Wahka, Posee-ya-don, Dosh-to, Eurga-roth, Neuf, Apollo-ya, Suts, Karusa, Myion, Hefa-yistie, Petoris, Ban, Ho-jou-ya, Mung-jo, Ura-na, Oke-ya-nos, Egupt, Hi-ram, T’cro-no,
Ares, Yube, Feh-tus, Don, Dan, Ali-jah, Sol, Sa-mern, Thu-wowtch, Hua-ya, Afro-dite,
Han, Weel, Haing-le, Wang-le, Ar-ti-mis, Ga-song-ya, Lowtha, Pu, Tochin-woh-to-gow,
Ben, Aa-ron, Nais-wiche, Gai-ya, Te-sin, Argo, Hadar, Atstsil, E-shong, Daridrat, Udan,
Nadar, Bog-wi, She-ug-ga, Brihat, Zeman, Asrig, Oyeb, Chan-lwang, Sishi, Jegat, At-yena and Dyu.

33. Their captains were: Penbu, Josh, Yam-yam, Holee-tsu, Yoth, Gamba, Said, Drat-ta,
Yupe-set, Wag, Mar, Luth, Mak-ka, Chutz, Hi-rack-to, Vazenno, Hasuck, Truth,
Maidyar, Pathemadyn, Kop, Cpenta-mainyus, Try-sti-ya, Peter, Houab, Vanaiti, Craosha,
Visper, Seam, Plow-ya, Yact-ta-roth, Abua, Zaotha, Kacan-cat, Hovain, Myazd-Loo,
Haur, Abel, Openista, Isaah, Vazista, Potonas, Kiro, Wiska-dore, Urvash, Ashesnoga,
Cavo, Kalamala-hoodon, Lutz-rom, Wab, Daeri, Kus, Tsoo-man-go, and Le-Wiang.

34. Besides these, were one thousand officers of lower rank; and now, when they were
sealed as to rank and place and allotment, they withdrew; and De’yus gave a day of
recreation that the Gods with their officers might make the selections from the multitude,
as for their private soldiers.

35. And in one day’s time the armies were made up, two thousand million angels, and
they departed down to the earth to destroy the Faithists and the names Jehovih and
Ormazd, and establish De’yus, otherwise the Lord God, the false

Chapter XVII

1. God, in Craoshivi, bewailed heaven and earth. He said: Great Jehovih, how I have
failed in Thy kingdom! Behold, Thou gavest into my keeping the earth and her heavens,
and they have gone astray!

2. Jehovih said: Behold the plan of My government; which is, to come against nothing in
heaven or earth; to seize nothing by the head and turn it round by violence to go the other

3. Though I am the power that created them, and am the Ever Present that moveth them
along, I gave to them to be Gods, like Myself, with liberty to find their own direction.

4. I created many trees in My garden, the greatest of which is the tree of happiness. And I
called out unto all the living to come and dwell in the shade of that tree, and partake of
the fruits and its perfumes. But they run after prickers and they scourge themselves; and
then, alas, they fall to cursing Me, and accusing Me of shortness in My government.

5. I confined them in their mother’s womb for a season, showing them there is a time for
all things. But they ran forward hurriedly, desiring speedy happiness and wisdom, without
halting to observe My glories by the road-side.

6. I said unto them: Even as I have given liberty unto all My people, so shall ye
not impress into your service your brothers and sisters. But the self-assuming Gods
make slaves of their fellows; they build roads round about, and station armies
of soldiers to prevent My newborn from coming to My most glorious kingdoms.

7. They go down to the earth and inspire kings and queens, and rich men, to do the same
things. And they portion out to their servants, saying to them: Serve ye me, and I will do
for you. They little think that their servants will become as thorns, and stones, and chains,
and spears against them in the far future. They build up a justice of their own, saying:
As much as my servants labor for me, so will I render unto them. But I have said unto
them that no man shall serve another but for love, which shall be his only recompense.

8. The king and the queen of the earth, and the rich man, shut their own eyes against Me,
thinking by that means I cannot see them; they flatter themselves that in heaven they will
give the slip to their servants. But I sowed a seed of bondage in My garden, and I said:
Whosoever bindeth another, shall himself be bound. And behold, when they are risen in
heaven, their servants and their soldiers come upon them; their memory is as a troubled
dream that will not away from them.

9. Nevertheless, with these great examples before them, still there are angels in hada that
have not profited therein. For they say unto themselves; I will build a great kingdom in
heaven; I will become the mightiest of Gods; millions of angels shall serve me; I will shut
out the Great Spirit and His far-off heavens; I will wall my place around with an army of
soldiers, and with fire and water.

10. As a libertine stealeth an unsuspicious damsel to abuse her; and, in time, she waketh
up to the matter but to curse him, so do the false Gods steal upon the inhabitants of My
places and carry them into bondage. But the light of My understanding dwelleth in the
souls of My little ones; it waiteth for the spring sun; and it will spring up and grow into a
mighty tree to accuse these Gods.

11. God inquired concerning warfare?

12. Jehovih said: I answer all things by good. To the good at heart I give good thoughts,
desires and holy observations. To the perverse of heart I hold up My glories and the
beneficence of virtue and peaceful understanding. To them that practice charity and good
works unto others, laboring not for self, I give the highest delight. Though they be
pricked in the flesh with poverty and wicked persecutions, yet their souls are as the
waters of a smooth-running river. Amongst them that practice evil, and destruction, and
war, I send emissaries of benevolence and healing, who have plenteous words of pity.

13. These are My arrows, and spears, and war-clubs, O God: Pity, gentle words, and the
example of tenderness. Soon or late, these shall triumph over all things in heaven and

14. Behold, these wars in hada and on the earth will continue more than a thousand years.
And the inhabitants will go down in darkness, even to the lowest darkness. For
which reason, thou and thy successors shall provide not hastily, as if the matter were
to change with the wind. But thou shalt organize a new army of deliverers for My
Faithists, and it shall have two branches, one for the earth and one for hada. And the
business of thy army shall be to rescue My people from them that seek to destroy them.
And as to the spirits of the dead who were Faithists on the earth, provide thou means of
transportation and bring them to thy new kingdom, which thou shalt call At-ce-wan,

where thou shalt provide a sub-God, and officers, and attendants, hundreds of millions.

15. And in At-ce-wan, thou shalt provide the sub-God all such places and nurseries,
hospitals, factories, schools, colleges and such other houses and places of instructions
required, in the kingdoms of My Lords in hada.

16. And when thou hast this matter in good working order, thou shalt speak before thy
Holy Council; in My name shalt thou say to them after this manner: Two hundred
thousand hath Jehovih called; by Him am I commanded to find them; and they shall be
wise and strong and without fear. For they shall be angel-preachers in Jehovih’s name to
go down to Hored, the place of De’yus, the Lord God the false, and to the kingdoms of his
Gods; and their labor shall be to preach and proclaim the Father and His glories in the
etherean worlds.

17. And my preachers shall not say one word against the Lord God nor his Gods;
but rather the other way; by majesty of Jehovih’s love, be loving towards them and
their officers and subjects. For by this means shall my preachers have peaceful dwellings
in these warring kingdoms; and thus their voices shall have great weight. For the greatest
wisdom of a great diplomatist is not to be too opposite or too vehement, but conciliating.

18. Jehovih said: And thy preachers shall travel constantly in the lowest kingdoms,
teaching and explaining My boundless worlds, sowing the seed of aspiration with the
wise and with the ignorant, and especially with the enslaved.

19. And to as many as become converted, and desire to ascend to Craoshivi, thou shalt
say: Go ye to the border of your kingdom, whither the Father’s laborers have a ship to take
ye to His kingdom. But thy preachers shall not go with them to excite suspicion or hate,
but continue on preaching and inciting the slaves to ascend to higher and holier heavens.

20. Then God, of Craoshivi, fell to work to carry out the commandments of Jehovih.
And his Council labored with him. At-ce-wan was established and Yotse-hagah
was made the sub-God, with a Holy Council of one hundred thousand angels, with
a thousand attendants, with fifty thousand messengers. He was provided with a
capital, and throne, and with ship-makers and builders of mansions, one million angels.

21. After that God and the Council of Craoshivi organized all the armies as commanded
by Jehovih. And there were in these armies, all told, seventeen hundred millions, and two
hundred and eight thousand five hundred and sixty, all of whom were above grade fifty,
and some as high as ninety.

22. And it so turned out that these organizations were completed and in working order
two days prior to De’yus and his hosts beginning their war on the earth. But the Faithist
angels were distributed mostly in hada and the regions above. So that whilst De’yus’hosts
of two thousand millions were gone down to the earth, there were of Faithist angels for
the same place but four hundred thousand, save the ashars who were in regular service.

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