Lectionary Readings for Sunday, June 6th, 2021

Lectionary Readings for Sunday, June 6th, 2021

Book of Judgment Chapter 36


1. God saith: Behold, the work of my hand, O man: As thou findest an old house, no
longer habitable, thou sendest workmen to pull it down, and then, thou sendest laborers to
clear away the rubbish.

2. And, afterward, thou bringest builders, and they lay a new foundation, larger and
broader than the old one, and, thereon, they build thee a new edifice, adapted with new
improvements unto the increase and requirements of thy family.

3. Even so, hath thy God labored, for hundreds of years, to prepare unto the generations
of this day.

4. For I saw, beforehand, that man would circumscribe the earth, and that all the nations
and peoples thereof would become known to one another.

5. And I beheld also, that, in the coming time, which is now at hand, the old edifices
of doctrines and creeds and religions, as of the Brahmins, Buddhists, Jews,
Ka’yuans, Kriste’yans and Mohammedans would not fulfill the requirements of man.

6. And now, behold, O man, the wisdom of Jehovih previously: He had permitted
corruptions and contradictions to creep into the sacred books of all of the said
great religions, purposely and with design, so as to make easy the work of thy God.

7. And when I saw that the coming together of nations and peoples would require
a new religious edifice, I perceived, also, that the old ones must be cleared away.

8. And, behold, I, thy God, went to work systematically, inspiring man to accomplish
even what man hath accomplished.

9. I raised up scholars and infidels against these religions; inspiring them to
attack the corruptions and contradictions in the sacred books of all these peoples.

10. And, in the same time, that I sent infidels against the Jewish bible, I sent infidels
against the Hindoo bibles, and against the doctrines of Brahma and Budha and Ka’yu, and
against the Kriste’yans and Mohammedans.

11. And I made the beginning of the work of these infidels and scholars to correspond
with the discovery of Guatama by Columbo, and I kept them at their work for
three hundred years, which was up to the time of the establishment of the republic of
Guatama, which I, thy God, provided to be untrammeled by an established religion.

12. After my workmen, the scholars and infidels, had thus undermined the old edifice,
behold, I sent laborers, under the name of merchants and traders, to commence clearing
away the rubbish.

13. And, because of their desires in money-getting, they considered not the religious
edifice of any people, and they provided comity relations withersoever they went.

14. For a hundred years, these, my laborers, have been at their work, stripping
off and clearing away the prejudice of nations and peoples against one another.

15. And then, behold, I came with my builders, and I prepared a new foundation, broader
and wider and firmer, for an edifice adapted to all the nations and peoples in the world.

16. First, I sent my miracle-workers forth into every quarter, saying unto them:
Whatsoever was done by the ancient Gods and Saviors, do ye even so, and greater. For I
will show, unto all the world, that no man nor God is worthy to be worshipped because of

17. And they went forth at my command, and my angels went with them, doing wonders.

18. They healed the sick, by the laying on of hands; they restored the blind to sight, and
made the deaf to hear, and have brought the supposed dead to life.

19. They have caused writing to come on stone tablets, and on paper, in the light of day,
by unseen hands.

20. They have caused ponderous bodies, without mortal contact to move, and to beat time
to music.

21. A child hath lifted eight full-grown men with her little finger.

22. They have passed full-blown flowers and plants through boards and tables, unbruised
and uninjured, and, yet, there was neither hole, nor opening in the boards and tables.

23. They have made stars of light that spake with audible voices; they have made pillars
of fire by night, and pillars of cloud by day.

24. They have caused the spirits of the dead to appear as if in flesh and blood; and whilst
thus appearing, talking face to face with their mortal kin, who saw them, heard them, and,
by the subject of the discourse, proved them to be the very angels of heaven returned to
their earth-kin and friends.

25. For the time of one generation thy God hath thus kept open the gates of heaven;
working through mortals, by the angels of heaven.

26. My testimony and my witnesses are hundreds of thousands. I hide not the work of my
hand and of my angels in a corner; I extend them abroad over the earth; I manifest in the
cities and country places; I prove unto all peoples, that common men and women can do

the miracles for which Gods and Saviors have been worshipped.

27. Yea, I give these powers unto good and bad men, and unto good and bad women.

28. For I show miracles in order to break down the worship of miracle-workers.

29. For I will have none worshipped but Jehovih. And I have inspired angels to this end,
and to the end that good works and wisdom shall be, henceforth, the means of
resurrection in heaven.

30. And I have shown also, that only by harmony and the union of many, can any great
good come unto the generations of men.

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