Lectionary Readings for Sunday, July 18th, 2021

Lectionary Readings for Sunday, July 18th, 2021

Book of Jehovih’s Kingdom on Earth Chapter 23

1. In course of time, the first heirs of Shalam came to maturity and to marriageable ages.
And since they had been guarded as to diet, and as to controlling their passions, they were
unlike Uzians in their general characteristics.

2. Because they had never known to say: This is mine, and that is thine, they were without
selfishness or selfish desires; looking upon all things as Jehovih’s, and on themselves as
laborers to render good unto others.

3. They said: We were created in order to help rescue the world from darkness, and to
rejoice in our own lives, because of such good as we can do unto others.

4. Behold, we were orphans and castaways; Jehovih wedded us to all the world.

5. Having, therefore, wisdom and purity within themselves, and, withal, having sufficient
association to choose from, they did choose and wed for love’s sake.

6. Nor did any worldly ambition control their choice, or influence them in hope of any
gain as to their wedded partners.

7. And it came to pass that the offspring begotten of these were indeed a new race
in the world, as to wisdom, love, purity and spirituality, and new also as to
beauty and shapeliness, the like of which had never been before in all the world.

8. And they were by birth so developed in su’is, that, when they were grown a little,
education came to them without books. To see and to hear, either corporeally or
spiritually, was all they required in order to accomplish wisely all things required unto

9. And, with them, the heavens were as an open book; the libraries of the heavens as the
sound of voices full of wisdom.

10. And the angels of ancient and modern times came, and stood by them, and walked
with them, revealing the past and the future.

11. And, now, the fame of Shalam and her people were spread abroad, and, lo and behold,
colonies were springing up in the east, west, north and south.

12. Hundreds of forest places and unoccupied lands were purchased and put under

13. The wisest and best people began to depart out of the cities of Uz. Many of the
Uzians, lawyers, preachers and priests and physicians, gave up their callings. And they
went forth, saying: Alas, what good have I produced in the world? O Jehovih, teach Thou
me the way to work in one of Thy kingdoms.

14. And some of the rich gathered up their means, calling: Come, O all ye poor and
helpless! Behold, I have purchased land; come hither, and build a colony unto Jehovih.

15. And judges and governors gave up their callings also, and went and joined the
Faithists, founding and practicing Jehovih’s kingdom on earth.

16. And kings and queens and emperors deserted their thrones, and went and dwelt with
the poor.

17. So, colonies of Faithists in Jehovih spread in every direction, becoming the chief
foundation of the state and of the world.

18. And, yet, none of these colonies were bound by written laws, nor had any of them
leaders or masters, nor any government, save the Light of Jehovih.

19. Nor was one colony bound by the customs and commands of another colony; but all
of them lived by the highest Light that came to them.

20. Nor owned any man, woman or child anything more than the clothes he or she wore;
but all things were Jehovih’s, in care of the keeping of the colony.

21. Nor was there buying or selling between the colonies; but they exchanged with one
another according to production, and without any regard to value.

22. And whosoever came and joined a colony, bringing gold or silver or valuable goods
of any kind, donated them to Jehovih, and not to the colony, to be distributed according to
the light thereof for the Father’s kingdoms.

23. Neither labored any one for the colony, but for Jehovih; nor did any colony hire any
man nor woman nor child to work for them.

24. Such, then, was Shalam and her example before the world, of the Father’s kingdom on


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