Lectionary Readings for Sunday, January 9th, 2022

Lectionary Readings for Sunday, January 9th, 2022

1st Quarter Moon

Book of Inspiration Chapter 5

1. TWO kinds of voices have I, saith Jehovih: The silent voice and the audible voice.

2. All men I created susceptible to one or the other of My voices, and many to both.

3. One man heareth My voice in the breeze, and in thunder, and in music.

4. One man heareth My voice in the flowers of the field, and in the scenery of the mountains.

5. And yet another feeleth My inspiration; and he skippeth up the mountain side, and tireth not on the way.

6. He that neither seeth nor feeleth My inspiration, goeth up the mountain in great labor.

7. In proportion as man is clear in his corporeality and in his spirit, so discerneth he My inspiration.

8. And if he have great purity as well, then he shapeth my Light into corporeal words.

9. These I taught man to call My revealed words.

10. Nevertheless, no corporeal man created I perfect; neither can any man reveal My words perfectly.

11. But I created the way open unto all men, to try to reveal Me.

12. According to man’s approximation to perfect manhood, so reveal I unto him, by My Presence and My words.

13. According to man’s imperfection in manhood, so doth not My inspiration manifest on his senses.

14. Perfect manhood created I possible, in equal corporeal and spiritual senses.

15. Strong corporeal senses and weak spiritual senses detract man from My Presence, and make him infidel to My Person.

16. Such a man denieth My inspiration and the inspiration of My angels. He is little more than a forest tree, which hath a trunk and many branches, but moveth not from its place.

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