Lectionary Readings for Sunday, January 12th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Sunday, January 12th, 2020

Book of Sethantes Chapter XV, Chapter XVI


1. Ha’jah said: With the exaltation of Moeb, so shall my places be exalted before Jehovih.
Let the enumerators of the communities of heaven send representatives before me. The
communities of manufacturers who produce food and clothes for the es’yans, the
communities for hospitals and nurseries, the communities for education, the communities

for training messengers, and all other communities.

2. When the representatives came, according to the instructions of the marshals, and were
before the throne, Ha’jah said:

3. The toilers shall not be always toilers; the physicians not always runners after the
sick. Whosoever is proficient will I exalt. He that can walk shall no longer crawl.

4. Many are wise and strong, and some have passed beyond the boundary of self-desires
for self-sake.

5. A child may not have self-desires, but then it lacketh wisdom and strength. A full
grown man or woman may have wisdom and strength, but lack in the abnegation of self.

6. I will make every community a double from this time forth, and one shall be called
Maga, and the other shall be called Minga. Maga shall be my promoted laborers, who are
being prepared for the second resurrection.

7. And Maga’s labor shall be in concert with Moeb, the house of Jehovih. But Minga’s
labor shall be as heretofore, even with individual affairs and the organizing of new places
for the delivered es’yans, who are the fruit of the Lords and their kingdoms on the earth.

8. Let my marshals select judges to carry out these my decrees, in the name of Jehovih.


1. From the founding of Hored until the instalment of Ha’jah, was one hundred and thirty
years, and at that time the lower kingdom of heaven was fully organized according to the
decree of Jehovih.

2. And the kingdoms of the Lords on earth were also fully established. And at that
time the earth had passed into Hon’she, in the etherean space, where dwell
the Osirian Shrevarhs, to whom the swift messengers from God had reported
the condition of the earth’s surface, with the tablets of Grade and Ingrade of mortals.

3. The Shrevarhs said: The earth hath not attained her fullness. The gases of her low
regions must be purified to make more places for mortals.

4. So it came to pass there fell upon the earth, by command of the Shrevarhs, by the
will of Jehovih, fire and brimstone and iron and phosphorous, and the shower
thereof reached into the five divisions of the earth. But ere the fall thereof,
God was apprised and he apprised the Lords, and they informed the ashars,
and they impressed such mortals as were in rapport with heavenly things, and
the chosen marched away from the places of destruction, so that not one perished.

5. But many of the asu’ans were consumed in the fire.

6. But God sent extra workmen, and surgeons and physicians, from heaven down,
to such spirits as were falling into forgetfulness and dissolution, and commanded
that they be engrafted on the surviving asu’ans for pity’s sake; and this
was accomplished through the Lords of the earth and their servants, the ashars.

7. At the end of two hundred years God enumerated the people in the lower heaven, and
there were, besides the spirits of the Fetals (many of whom were doubtful as to
everlasting life), two hundred and ninety-six millions of souls. Of this number there had
been raised up to the grade of Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih more than thirty
millions, who were the first of the earth’s production.

8. And now was the sixth generation of the seed of the fallen angels delivered, and this
was the fullness of earth bondage for them.

9. God summoned the house of Moeb for the revelations of Jehovih on the first day of the
first year of dan of Hon’she. And when they were thus assembled, and had chanted to
Jehovih appropriate anthems for the times past, the All Light came upon God, and he

10. Behold, the time of dan of Hon’she is at hand. Ere three days pass by, the hosts from
the etherean heavens will descend to accomplish the resurrection of my hosts to the
regions whence they came two hundred years ago.

11. Summon my Lords of the earth, and my people of heaven; proclaim my words unto

12. Ye that peopled the earth with everlasting life, give ear; the harvest of the new year is
ripened, it shall be gathered into the heavens above. Let my people rejoice, for the glory
of deliverance is at hand.

13. There awaiteth, full of hope and love, in Osirian fields, hosts of angels and
archangels, to receive these, the first fruits of the new earth.

14. Clothe them in quietness with the rays of light. Make ready; for etherean Gods and
Goddesses are setting sail in the regions above to come and deliver us.

15. Proclaim my words in all places in the name of Jehovih. And add unto them, saying:
And to as many as desire to ascend, come ye to Moeb, in the name of the Son of Jehovih!

16. Messengers went forth, both in heaven and on the earth, and proclaimed as had been

17. And on the third day there assembled in Moeb and Hored ninety million angels,
to witness the descending and ascending of Jehovih’s chosen. And the archangels of
Hon’she sent a hundred thousand Gods and Goddesses to guard Moeb and Hored around
about, to dispel and keep away the clouds and sunshine, so as to add glory to the scene.

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