Lectionary Readings for Sunday, December 13th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Sunday, December 13th, 2020

Holy Memorial Day

Book of Jehovih’s Kingdom on Earth Chapter 20

1. And there volunteered, and went out of Shalam, two hundred adults and more than
three hundred children, of whom more than a hundred were infants.

2. And they went into another part of the country, and came to a place called Busiris,
which was unoccupied. And they purchased the country there, and settled, and called the
colony Illaem, signifying, healing waters, for there were mineral springs on the place, said
to contain great virtue in healing the sick.

3. Now, in a similar manner to Shalam, so did Illaem, building and improving the place.
But the people of Illaem had less hardship, for they drew supplies and assistance from

4. Nevertheless, they had also many hardships and trials, for several years.

5. And Jehovih prospered Illaem also; so that it came to pass, that it was established in
great perfection.

6. As to Shalam, after the first swarm departed, the inhabitants sent back to Uz, of their
women, whose allotment it was, and collected yet more infants, castaways and orphans,
and brought them to Shalam, and raised them in the same way.

7. From this time onward, every year, a goodly number reached the age of fourteen, and
they were also liberated from infancy, and admitted as brothers and sisters. And, nearly
every year, a swarm departed out of Shalam.

8. In addition to the infants admitted into Shalam, there were also admitted many adults.
But these were examined after the same manner as were those at the first founding of

9. And none were accepted save those, who were Faithists in the All Person, Jehovih, and
who were willing to work.

10. But there came many of the poor of Uz, seeking membership for charity’s sake.

11. But none of them were admitted. Jehovih had said: The laborers, in establishing My
kingdom, shall not do for charity’s sake. Their labor shall be to provide a way to prevent
poverty, not to alleviate it. Behold, I will have a new race of people in the world, and they
shall not waste their substance on those that deny Me.

12. But the poor were fed and sent on their way.

13. Now, it happened that many lazy people from Uz, having heard of the beauty and
peace in Shalam, sought also to become members, being willing to make any covenant
and to swear any oath, for sake of living in idleness.

14. But the Light of Jehovih had also made this matter clear; so that they were suffered to
remain a while in Shalam at work, and to attend the schools of discipline, that they might
be judged; and, if found worthy, they were admitted, but if unworthy, they were rejected.

15. But it came to pass, that many who came with no thought of self-resurrection, but
came for a home, to be cared for by others, were entirely changed in their habits in a few
months, being converted in truth from worthlessness to industry and self-improvement.

16. And many of these became zealous in purification and in good works, even above the

17. But nearly all who applied for admittance were poor, or misfortunate, or discouraged
with life, and with the ways of the world in particular.

18. Neither came many who were rich; hence the saying, the difficulty for a rich man to
enter the kingdom of heaven.

19. For, having corporeal comforts, they took little concern as to the spirit, and especially
as to affiliation.

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