Lectionary Readings for Sunday, April 21st, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Sunday, April 21st, 2019

Holy Memorial Day

Book of Cpenta-Armij Chapters XI, XII, and XIII

Chapter XI

1. In the Council of Craoshivi the Voice of Jehovih came to Cpenta-armij, saying:
Behold, the time of thy sun and stars riseth in the Road of Salkwatka. The red star
neareth the fields of Abarom; Great Oteson hath filled the sinks and slues of
Yosawakak; thousands of millions of My Sons and Daughters behold the Feast of Spe-ta.

2. Hear thou thy Creator, O Cpenta-armij! For thou shalt spread broad the table of My
hosts; such like as hath never been before in Haot-saiti. And thou shalt send Obed, God of
Oise; Gavaini, Goddess of Ipthor; Ab, Shriever of Riv-Seing; Raisi, Goddess of Esdras;
Wish-tse, God of Zuth; Harava, God of Yon-yon; Vraga-piet, Goddess of Zoe; and Loochung, God of Ata-bonaswitchahaha. And thou shalt send for the Gods and Goddesses of
the Plains of Cnoe-Chang; and for the Gods and Goddesses of the Chi-ha-wogo Roads;
and for all the Gods and Goddesses in their own Nirvanian fields; and for the Great Chief,
Shoo-lo, of the Roads of Jinihassij, and for all the Gods and Goddesses in his dominions
in My etherean worlds.

3. And yet thou shalt remember of thine own knowledge many Gods and Goddesses;
and thou shalt charge thy companions, Owks, and See-wah-Gon, and Ha-o-ha, to sit
in Council with thee, that ye may remember whomsoever of Chiefs and Chieftainesses,
of Shrievers and Gods and Goddesses, that may be delightful:

4. And thou shalt command them in My name to meet in the Feast of Spe-ta, for it
is the first in this, My new world. Make way for them; make place for them, O My
Daughter! Make wide the roadways in My lower heaven; make My Holy Feast glorious.

5. Cpenta-armij said: Too wide are the dans of earth; too far apart and cumbersome, O
Father! More than two thousand millions and four thousand millions will be my harvest
unto Thee, O Jehovih! Great is Thy wisdom in Spe-ta; the time for the beginning of
quarter ascensions, fifty years.

6. Thy Gods and Goddesses, O Jehovih, and Thy Chiefs and Chieftainesses, will bind
up these loose heavens into wholesome discipline. I will send my swift messengers
into Thy far-off etherean worlds, and bring Thy Sons and Daughters to Thy Feast.

7. Cpenta-armij sent off into the wide heavens, high beyond the earth heavens, invitations
to tens of thousands of high-raised Sons and Daughters of the Great Spirit. Then
she called her surveyors and table-makers before Jehovih’s throne, and said unto them:

8. The end of dawn is near at hand; I will give a feast, a very great feast. Go ye and survey
the ground from Craoshivi to the Lakes of Oochi-loo, in etherea, and for the length
thereof make ye a width in the form of Fete; and the road of the Fete shall be sufficient
for the passage of twelve avalanzas abreast; and the depth of the Fete shall be as from the
surface of the earth unto Chinvat. Within twelve sios of Abarom, and of the height of the
circuit of Bilothowitchieun shall ye carry the border flames; and the flames shall be of
double currents, going and coming, that the food of the feast may be brought from any
region suited to the high-raised grades.

9. And the arc of the feast shall encompass the whole earth, and extend outward to the
belt of Craoshivi, and then downward in two lines, east and west; and the downward lines
shall be like the feet of a compass, one stationary and the other movable. And the light
that extendeth from the arc down the movable line shall rest on the delivered hosts of
Abram, and it shall bear upon his people, that they may hereafter draw Light direct from
the Father’s throne in Craoshivi; and it shall move westward and be as an inheritance of
Jehovih’s light upon His corporeal sons and daughters.

10. But the line that standeth in the east shall be a base line and center, whither shall
descend the Father’s light upon the delivered sons and daughters of the hosts of Brahma
and Po. And because of the arc of Spe-ta upon them, they shall remain in their own
divisions of the earth.

11. And for the deliverance of the harvests of the quarter, the high-raised horns of the arc
shall stand to the four quarters, east, west, north and south.

12. Jehovih then spake through Cpenta-armij, saying: For I will illume the horns thereof,
and My new world, the earth and her heavens, shall rest in the light of My Roads
forever. That no man, having My examples before him, can misunderstand Me.

13. Behold, it is given to a child, only one lesson a day; and to a youth, two lessons a day;
and to a mature man, many lessons a day; so, in the early creation of man, I give few
lessons; then in the youthful age of the race, many more lessons; but when the race hath
attained to full manhood, behold, I lay My light at their feet, that they may take My
lessons every day.

14. In one time I send the angels of the dead to lead man up to a knowledge of Me and
My places; but when man hath attained to think for himself, I set up my arc of Spe-ta; and
it is as a candle in the firmament of heaven, wherefrom My Light falleth upon the soul of

My people, without any interpreter, save Mine Own Voice.

15. For which reason, when one of My worlds hath attained to Spe-ta, I come to deliver
them from kings, and queens, and priests, and angels, and it is as the maturity of a son in
his father’s house, when he inviteth his neighbors and spreadeth a feast.

16. Open wide thy places, O Cpenta-armij! A great joy is upon My etherean worlds; My
high-raised Sons and Daughters shall have great glory in the earth and her heavens.
Behold, I have proclaimed Myself in the words of mortals; four high-raised sons have
learned to know their Father in heaven

Chapter XII

1. Cpenta-armij said: Who can understand Thy models, O Jehovih! Who cannot
understand Thy models, O Jehovih! Thou hast shown to mortals the food of the flesh, and
the source of the substance of the blood. As a symbol before them of Thy es’sean worlds
and Thy es’sean peoples, Thou hast created Thy corporean members; to receive and to
impart, but this is not all. Thou createdst poison, to show man that that which receiveth
not, and imparteth not, is death.

2. Most wisely, O Father, hast Thou provided the degrees of subsistence unto all
Thy creations: To the corporean, corporeal food; to the atmospherean, atmospheric
food; to the etherean, ethe’ic food. Wide will I spread my tables, O Jehovih. Thy
Gods and Goddesses, and Thy high-raised Chieftains, shall sit at the Feast of Spe-ta.

3. The Chieftainess sent swift messengers into the regions of etherean worlds, near the
Roadway of the Great Serpent, five hundred thousand swift messengers. Down to the
atmospherean regions she sent messengers to the Gods and Lords, her laborers, ten
thousand messengers. To her invited guests she privileged each one million attendants.

4. Next Cpenta-armij sent fifty thousand arrow-ship makers in the regions of Cventagma,
in the etherean Itis, to prepare ceremonial salvers and connecting rods, so that all
the thousands of millions, being united, could hear the Voice of Jehovih from her
throne, movable, in her airavagna. Twelve counterparts to these she sent down to
the lowest heavenly regions, so the All Light should pierce the corporeal earth.

5. And now, when her well-skilled workmen, of tens of thousands of years’experience,
had saluted and gone off to their respective labors, the Chieftainess spake before the
Council, saying: Because of my arc upon the earth and her heavens, the Light of our
Father will forever remain with mortals and in the hadan fields. But, behold, even as a
young man, coming to maturity, goeth away on his own account, in great hope and selfconceit of his powers, to meet many misfortunes and great darkness, so will it be with the
earth and her heavens after Spe-ta. Because I plant my arc in these heavens, and say to the
Gods thereof, Ye are free! Behold, there shall rise numerous false Gods of great power.
And as a young man going forth is puffed up with conceit, so will the atmospherean Gods
believe they know all things, and so bring great darkness and misery upon their kingdoms
and upon themselves.

6. But the Light of my arc shall stand; shall grow like a small seed planted; and in time to
come, both angels and mortals shall understand that there is but O
NE ALL LIGHT, a very
center, to Whom all Gods are but as small diadems. As a young man of the earth must
have experience of his own to realize his own shortness, so must even the Gods of these

lower heavens be left to run with a loose rein, for the glory of Jehovih, and for themselves
in final deliverance. For which reason, hereafter, the bondage of the discipline of the God
and his Lords shall be as nothing. Only hells and knots shall they longer cast out with fire
and water; only by persuasion, and the example of practice, shall they hold dominion in
their respective places.

7. As in the early days, a king ruleth with a rod and with tyrannous laws; and as, in a riper
age, the king and his armies give way to a power vested in the people, so shall my arc be
the giving of the lower heavens, and the earth beneath, into the keeping of themselves.
But my arc, which is the foundation of the Father’s upper kingdoms within the lower
heavens, shall stand forever.

8. I go, now, on my journey down to the earth, in my airavagna, to receive and deliver my
four Gods, Os, and Vishnu, and Yima, and Ela-elia, God in Chief.

9. Thus saying, Cpenta-armij descended to the foot of Jehovih’s throne, and the light fell
upon Thale, and he rose up from the throne and descended, taking her hand, saying:
Arise, O Goddess, and hear thou the Voice of thy Father, Creator and Ruler! Behold, thy
labor on the earth and her heavens is near the end; and because of thy steadfastness, I am
honored in thee, My Daughter.

10. Whilst thou art delivering My Gods, behold, I will be with thee, and whatsoever thou
desireth of Me I will give unto thee. My Sons and Daughters shall receive the visiting
hosts from the high heavens, and allot them places in the feast; and My Sons and
Daughters shall receive and adorn My Brides and Bridegrooms; and My trumpeters shall
proclaim Me in My works, from the surface of the earth to the farthest places in
Salkwatka. Yea, My Light-makers shall plant the staff of My holy fire in the throne of
Craoshivi, and the foot thereof shall pierce the earth in the land of Vind’yu, to receive and
deliver My earth Son, Brahma.

11. Go thou, O Chieftainess, Holy one, of Great Wisdom and Power; it is the Voice of thy

12. Cpenta-armij stood aside, and then said: To ye, my beloved companions, Owks, and
See-wah-Gon, and Ha-o-ha, when the staff of the Father’s light hath descended to the
earth, come ye then to me quickly in my arrow-ship of fire, for it shall be a signal betwixt
us that in that hour I will raise up my Gods from the corporeal earth; and I will open the
earth and bring forth the bodies of my son, Brahma, and his wife, Yu-tiv, whose youngest
son holdeth the leaven of the Osirian law. And I will have there assembled the hosts of
my ten Lords, and I will deliver into their hands, for their successors, the fulfillment of
the Divan laws.

13. Her companions responded: In Jehovih’s wisdom and power, we will be there.

Chapter XIII

1. The Light of Jehovih now spread over Haot-saiti and lined the Road of Salkwatka, in
etherea, extending from the Orian Banks of Loo-che-wan to the Oixanian Spars of
Ochesu. The Cross Roads, Chi-ea-wha-chong, and the plains of Sha-tumatz, were as
seas and worlds of crystal fire. And in the piercing light, the old-time Gods, of millions
of years agone, sped forth in awful majesty, in answer to the prayers of Cpenta-armij.

2. And there rose over the earth and her heavens, farther than Chinvat, a trident arc, broad
as a world, of shimmering light, the countless rays of ethe, as mortals see the glimmering
air in a summer’s day; but the ethe was of every color, hue and tint, reflective and
brilliant, the clear soul of things separate, the very breath of Jehovih. It was the beginning
of the form of the arc of Spe-ta, the deliverance of the earth and her heavens into a new
condition; to give, to bestow it upon itself, ratified by the ceremony of a festival for the
Gods and Goddesses of that neighborhood, hundreds of millions of miles around about!

3. Meanwhile, their high-raised companion, Cpenta-armij, known and loved in hundreds
of etherean worlds, was down on the low earth, laying the corner-stone for Jehovih’s
everlasting kingdom, whereon should fall, presently, from out the arc of Spe-ta, a shaft of
fire, the feast for the purified Chieftainess, who had for four years subsisted on the coarse
provender of the lower heavens!

4. And, touched by the hand of Immortal Light, was Brahma, long trained to look toward
Jehovih; for his angel wife rose upward, leading his vision toward a realm amongst the
Gods and Goddesses, whom he beheld in countless numbers receiving her most royally.
Thus gazing on the glorious scene, the great man in soul came forth, leaving his corporeal
part stretched on the ground. And Cpenta-armij and God took him; received the soul of
Brahma, and held, in obedience to the sacred purpose, his place in the sacred circle with
mortals three days.

5. Then, on the fourth, the Chieftainess signaled her swift messengers; and they
touched the currents along, till they ran high beyond the earth’s vortex, where the
stationed Gods of etherea fastened on the ethe’ic wave, extending to the great arc over all.

6. It was the signal for the shaft of light; of which mortals have a weak and coarse symbol
in the electric currents which tear things unmeaningly and without judgment; but the
ethe’ic current is not so small and purposeless, but mighty, and a tool from Jehovih’s
fountain of All Power, with skill, and learnedly directed by such high-raised angels as
have had millions of years of experience, who know well what prayers deserve an answer
from the Immortal spheres.

7. And Cpenta-armij’s name, and word, and wisdom, had long been in fellowship with
mighty works on many worlds; and her well-trained thought, so tuned to the Creator’s
purpose, kept ever in concert with the ethe’ic foundation of the place and administration
of thousands of Gods and Goddesses.

8. And when the signal shot upward, and the shaft of light began to pierce the earth’s
vortex, making way for Craoshivi, it was also the signal for Owks, and See-wah-Gon, and
Ha-o-ha, to fly instantly for their arrow-ship and make all speed for Cpenta-armij; the
which they did now, even as a flash of light darteth forth, guides and directors of
Jehovih’s flame to the grave of Brahma and Yu-tiv.

9. As Cpenta-armij, standing by her ship, saw the shaft descending, she flew forth to the
center of the circle; her hand pointing to the graves, she said: There, O Jehovih! Come
forth, O earth! Earth, in Jehovih’s name! ‘Tis I command!

10. And down fell the bolt of light, piercing the new disturbed ground, rich with mortal
tears, and thus made powerful to the soul current; and as a breath of wind would move a
heap of feathers, so did the light, by the wave of Cpenta’armij’s hand, blow the earth
away, and lift up the buried forms of two dead lovers, Brahma and Yu-tiv, and marched
them full before the mortal audience, newly animated, and lovingly, hand in hand,
triumphant over death.

11. Then spake Hog, the youngest mortal son, an Osirian in belief, seeing the resurrected
forms: It is, it is! The very Brahma! And Yu-tiv! My father and mother!

12. The great Brahma, now quickened in Cpenta-armij’s arms, and God’s, spake from
Jehovih’s throne, a few words, to the loving sons and mortal concourse, then took final
leave. Cpenta-armij seized the folds of the shaft of light, as a mortal would the ropes and
canvas of a toy ship, and wrapping the earthly part of Brahma and Yu-tiv about securely,
then wheeled in line her own ship and raked in the etherean current from high heavens.

13. Tossing up her hand, the known signal to the great workers in the trident arc above,
the exchanging currents of the traveling flame began, and now raised up the whole
etherean hosts and the bodies of Brahma and Yu-tiv, the which had not raised a mile
before they were etherealized, scattered and gone, and the souls of the two sweet loves in
cognizance and fellowship with the millions of Jehovih’s Sons and Daughters now swiftly
making way for Craoshivi.

14. Cpenta’armij’s work was done. In the arc of light and companionship of her compeers,
the feast was open, and the thousands of millions in rapport sat along the series of tables,
hundreds of millions of miles, to relish soul food brought from more than a thousand

15. Meanwhile, God, to finish his labors, resumed his throne in Craoshivi, just in time to
receive the twelve avalanzas sent from Yuckowts’factories, in Abarom, in etherea, to
receive the four and twenty thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms in Jehovih’s name,
who were to take the degree of third resurrection and be raised beyond the earth’s vortex
and emancipated in the etherean realms of Hoat-saiti.

16. Chue-in-ista, Goddess of Oambuyu, chief commandress of the fleet, having been
apprised of the number of initiates, had prepared twelve thousand rings, a thousand for
each avalanza; and the fleet in turn was in a ring, and the ring extended sufficiently wide
to encircle the holy capital and throne in Craoshivi, so that when it had descended to its
place, God and his officers, and the Holy Council of heaven and earth, now thirty million
members, were in the center of the audience. On every side, far as the eye could see,
stood the Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih, arrayed in spotless white, fearless before
the Light and ceremonies.

17. When the fleet landed, Chue-in-ista, the commandress, came forth from the
east, facing God on the throne. She said: Thy voice, O God, hath called the name of
Jehovih. Behold, I am His Daughter, sent by Him to know thy will and Holy Desires ?

18. God said: Behold, I am His Son! Thou art my Sister! Hear me, then, in our Father’s
name. I have here a harvest of four and twenty thousand million angels brought up out of
the earth, pure and holy, for Jehovih’s emancipated kingdoms.

19. Chue-in-ista said: In His name let them answer before me, that I may witness their
wisdom and power sufficient to dwell in All Purity. My Father and I are one; my hosts
have crossed the Nirvanian pastures; they no longer feed on substance rising from below,
but on the Light emanating from etherean realms above.

20. God said: I know Thou hast provided me, O Jehovih!

21. Then here responded the hosts of Brides and Bridegrooms, saying: By Faith I know I
am safe in Thy kingdoms, O Jehovih. Take me to Thy emancipated worlds; give me
scope and power and wisdom for greater works.

22. Then followed the full ceremony in the usual way of the third resurrection; and when
it was completed, the which had been witnessed by Cpenta-armij and other Chieftainesses
and Chiefs above, who were at the feast of the arc of Spe-ta; and when God had said: O
Jehovih, give me crowns for Thy Sons and Daughters, Brides and Bridegrooms for Thy
etherean worlds! there were cast down by Cpenta-armij and her hosts, four and twenty
thousand million crowns; and they alighted on Jehovih’s Brides’and Bridegrooms’heads.

23. And now God turned to Thale, who was to be his successor for the next two hundred
years. God said: In Jehovih’s name, to thee I bestow the crown of earth and her heavens.
And to thee also do I bequeath the triangle, symbol of these regions and the inqua, and the
trident, the latter being new in these worlds, and symbolical of the arc of Spe-ta; and the
interpretation of the trident shall be The Three Lights, Jehovih, His Son, God, and the
Star in the mortal soul, emblem of resurrection.

24. Thale said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, will I be God of earth and her heavens till the
next rise of dan! Be Thou with me, O Father!

25. Thereupon, he that had been God laid the crown and jewels on Thale, saying: Hail, O
God of earth and heaven! Hail, O God of earth and heaven! Hail, O God of earth and

26. Thus ended the ceremonies. He that had been God descended to the foot of the throne
and sat down; and then God, who had been Thale, came down and took his hand, saying:
Arise, O God, and go thy way! And he rose up and prepared to depart, for now had the
ceremonies lasted one full day.

27. Cpenta-armij, seeing it was finished, signaled the hosts for the close of the festival,
and with her airavagna passed over and above the fleet, and gave Chue-in-ista,
the commandress, the sign, whereupon the ascent began. The tens of thousands of
millions of angels entered their respective places. The music of the es’enaurs and
of the trumpeters sounded, and resounded, to the distance of a hundred worlds.

28. Upward rose the fleets; downward fell the showers of flowers and perfumes to those
left behind. Higher and higher the great world of lights; higher and higher, till soon they
passed beyond the earth’s vortex, the boundary Chinvat.


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