Lectionary Readings for Saturday, September 7th, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Saturday, September 7th, 2019

Seventh-Day Sabbath

God’s Book of Eskra Chapter 58

Chapter 58


1. God said: In the name of Jehovih, greeting unto you.

2. Hear the plea of God, Jehovih’s Son.

3. Like one that is whipped and beaten in a great contest, I cry out, because of the
Almighty, whom I serve.

4. What is the fault of Jehovih, that ye have turned away from Him?

5. Behold, I will plead for Him. Was not His name good enough? What name is greater
than the word, Creator?

6. If ye rejoice that ye live, then are ye not beholden to Him?

7. Why have ye substituted other names? Who was to be the gainer thereby?

8. Certainly not Jehovih.

9. What excuse can ye assign, that ye have made other names than Jehovih’s worshipful
on earth and in heaven?

10. Mortals will ask these questions in time to come.

11. Did not the Almighty, before your times, find a way to reveal Himself and his

12. Why have ye persecuted, abused and put to death mortals for worshipping Jehovih?

13. Behold, all ye four profess to be the Prince of Peace; but ye carry concealed daggers,
and ye strike to death those who glorify the Creator.

14. I run after my children, as a father would, to snatch them away from a serpent; but ye
slaughter them before my eyes.

15. I weep for them.

16. In shame, I look upon the earth and the heavens thereof, and I say unto myself: O thou
God, to whom these were given in charge, how incompetent thou art against the flood of

17. And I pray unto Jehovih, that your hearts may be turned to pity. I see, before you all,
certain ruin and terrible hells; and I cry out to Jehovih, to give me the means to save you.

18. I pray, that I may be even unmolested in rescuing and saving the helpless and
distressed, but ye frustrate all my inventions.

19. I am weary with my labor, and with the great kingdoms given into my keeping.

20. Alas, I am shut off on all sides from doing good, and yet, that is all I desire to do.

21. Now, I beseech you, O ye false Gods, make ye concessions unto Jehovih.

22. Save yourself from certain destruction, and Jehovih’s Son from humiliation, before
the high-raised Gods of other worlds.

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